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    A Small Reunion (closed/Kiki)


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    A Small Reunion (closed/Kiki) Empty A Small Reunion (closed/Kiki)

    Post by Aoi on 26th November 2017, 12:50 pm

    A loud yawn echoed in the room as the small figurine and started to wake up from her slumber. Getting out recently was nice, and after she’d gotten comfortable and more mentally positive, Sakura began to go out of her way to do things she normally had found a little harder to do. She no longer seemed to be saddened by the little tasks that presented a challenge to her, but instead she had learned on her own to embrace the enjoyment of it. It seemed to have also reflected nicely onto her mother’s attitude as well, which was more encouraging to her to try her best to be more positive. With the sleep rubbed away from her eyes, she looked on at her room in a very distanced point of view. Having her small stature in a room like this had given her a little nostalgia of being in her real body, even so much to look on toward the side of her bed where she could remember her mother helping her every morning from her bed to the wheelchair that now sat folded up in the corner.

    The want of nostalgia seemed to wanna be very desirable to Sakura. The dresses? Not really this time.. she wanted to be in something a little more casual for a change, just for once. Though she fixed a black headband into her hair that seemed to always fit with her normal black dress, she had adorned it more of habit than anything but had no real care to change it right now. Her room was littered with bookshelves along her walls, all bare from posters and other more human things. She didn’t want them, but not for any reason related to this, but it was just a choice of her lack of an interest in things like bands and shows. She’d always loved to read, and in losing the ability to do most things, she found she could enjoy being lost in a book to be relaxing and an overall enjoyable time killer.

    The floor littered with several open books, all novels and stories with hundreds of pages, while she herself had been dressed to the most extreme of relaxation for her reading marathon; A red tracksuit with a small double white line doing up the sides of the arms and legs. The doll herself had laid out on her stomach her her hair draped out over her and some that slid off to the sides, leaving strands like a directional trail almost. Beside her sat a bag of potato chips that she munched on every so often when the craving to taste one hit her mind while reading since her requirement to eat or drink didn’t exist, the taste still seemed to be all the more tantalizing to her to enjoy while it may last, just in case that may be the next feeling she loses.



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