Enter the Stowaway-Thief

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    Re: Enter the Stowaway-Thief

    Post by Starstruck XD on 19th December 2017, 8:15 am

    ...Time to move on...

    Whatever Haia saw made her shudder. It was vile and disgusting but she did not retaliate the choice. Something deep down told her, this was the truth of that night and whatever happened. Now she understood why Johann did not sit down. It may not be her experience, but it felt almost too realistic. The chair beneath her disappeared as she stood up once again when the world returns back to their lovely ship, the soft rocking of the ship back as they came back to the waves that bobbed them up and down.

    Haia knew nothing of Ruvel's powers, but this was his doing. The crumpled body right before her captain. Haia never ever saw anyone break down emotionally like this. It pained her to see this seeing how she faced troubled times as well. Right now however, time to do something much more lighter.

    "Boss mind bringing her to the bar once you are finish with her?" Haia stretches herself, faking like that whole ordeal just now did not affect her. "I'll get our good old chef to make some food and the drinks, got to live up the spirits ya know Boss!" Haia left for the deck and to do what she said. Time to liven up the mood and drink till the sun rises the next day.


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    Re: Enter the Stowaway-Thief

    Post by Johann on 19th December 2017, 10:18 pm

    Johann watched in horror as the stowaway's real past unfurled before the groups eyes, infernal flames rising around what was a house just moments ago, engulfing the stowaway and her family, a dark, shrouded figure laughing like a madman in the background. Johann couldn't help but turn away, visibly uncomfortable. His own trauma was just too much, the girls past too close to his, and her cries, the smoke, the heat, it all made him feel the pain and the hate again, pieces of his own memories flashing before his own eyes. He had trouble holding himself back at the desperate pleas coming from the emerald haired girl, but he had to, for her and everyone else's sake.

    Their surroundings shifted one last time, the group now returning back to the ship they were on before when the group first encountered her, the girl sitting before the CEO, her face pale and wet from streams of tears. Johann knew how it felt to deal with the twins all too well, and he knew there was nothing he could do for her himself when Cirven offered her his advice and kindness. He was surprised by the sudden turn of events, but he knew that the CEO wouldn't make an offer like that to anyone, and he knew it was the best for her in the situation she was in as well. Still, he had seen enough, excusing himself with a simple "Guess that's that" , making his way out of the ship and back onto the docks along with Haia, still feeling a burning rage in his heart, something that he was unable to rid himself of since the day he had lost his own family, and out of his empathy for the stowaway, whether she would like it or not, he promised himself.

    He promised that, should she indeed stay with the company, he would have no peace in his heart until the day he had dragged the one who had done this to her before her feet himself so she could have her revenge like he had had his, an expression of pure hate and contempt on his face.



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    Re: Enter the Stowaway-Thief

    Post by Cirven on 25th December 2017, 6:40 pm

    Cirven's face formed into a welcoming smile to the emerald-haired woman he then nodded to her while still holding that smile. "Don't worry. Stuff like what happened in your past is something I aim to prevent here. Sometimes we even avenge those harmed." His voice had changed to her now. It would probably make her realize that the person she was fighting earlier wasn't exactly the same person she was talking to now. "By the way, I am Cirven Mizune and like I said earlier, I am the CEO of the West Fiore Trading Company, meaning the ship you are on is owned by the same company I run." He pointed around the area they were in as he explained things to her before his hand then pointed at Yona. "And you are an interesting woman. I'd like to have more around like you who can sneak onto a ship with so much security around and counter measures. This job will allow you to have a steady income and allow you to get stronger. who knows, maybe that income could help you find out who set your home on fire and the work could make you stronger to face them." He spoke out adding to the flames that he knew was burning inside her over wanting revenge. He knew the feeling all too well and because of that he wanted to help her but he also wanted to be smart about helping her.

    "For now, I will show you to your new quarters at our HQ and I will handle getting you signed up for the most part." He let out a sigh as he thought of more paperwork he would have to do for her joining. "Even if I hate all the stuff I have to waste away with signing when I could be out training myself more." He looked away and let out another sigh before looking towards her again. "Either way, welcome to the WFTC."


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