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    Adolonius Pakks
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    Felodius Empty Felodius

    Post by Adolonius Pakks on 17th November 2017, 4:06 am

    Name: Felodius
    Rank: NA
    Species: Cat
    Type: Noncombat pet
    Felodius Leafpool_by_athousandpaws-d3cix9k
    -Felodius is an ordinary run of the mill cat. He does what he wants, where he wants, whenever he wants. Felodius has a fascination for finding rosemary, and when he consumes it displays a knack for cooking for a short period of time. Felodius follows his human wherever he goes. He does this to ensure that no harm comes to the human, Felodius' source of food and rosemary holder. He doesn't help prevent harm from befalling his human, just helps them recover from it.


    -Rosemary Detection: Felodius can literally find rosemary anywhere, even in a desert, and will bring it to his human for them to hold on to.

    -Rosemary Consumption: When Felodius consumes rosemary he can for a period of an hour gain the knowledge how to blend flavors together. While this knowledge would be helpful if a meal needed to be made, Felodius has no means to do anything with the knowledge he gains, as he cannot talk except for to other cats and cannot cook for himself.

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