For a good cause


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    For a good cause

    Post by Aspen on 10th November 2017, 3:53 pm

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    It had been a couple of days since Herakles had arrived in Fiore, more specifically in Hargeon Town, and , after he had obtained a passport, he got a hotel room. The culture of Fiore was completely new to him, and although he had lived in a coastal metropolis all his life, this one was different from everything he had seen so far. The architecture, the food, the weather. Everything was strange when compared to Desierto. At least magic was still a thing both places had in common. Herakles sighed while lying on the bed on his hotel room, staring at the ceiling. He was in Fiore now, but he had no idea where to go or how to start. He would have to start travelling along the southern coast of Fiore until he'd reach Mountain Village. But until then, he'd enjoy the local culture a bit more. After all, he was travelling for his own sake, and before starting to work again he would get more accustomed to Fiores culture and it's people.

    Herakles got up and looked in the mirror, and he was glad that his journey brought him here. He smirked, and looked outside. It was still broad daylight, and he guessed that it was around afternoon. The perfect time to get a snack, and from what he could gather Hargeon was famous in Fiore for it's great seafood. With that, he left his hotel room and went looking for a restaurant. A small while later he found a small cart at a street corner that was selling fried fish, and he was intrigued by the simple, yet tasty smell of the food they sold, and thus he bought a portion. He was moving to a nearby bench to sit down and eat when on the other side of the street he spotted another cart. It seemed like they didn't try to sell anything however. Herakles was observing them for a bit while eating his meal. It looked like they, a man and a woman, were handing out flyers and tried talking to people, but most turned them down and went on with whatever they were doing. He sighed, finishing the last bits of his meal and throwing his trash in a can.

    He got up from the bench and slowly made his way over to the two, who, as soon as they noticed him, started lighting up with excitement. "Hello, young sir" one of the two approached him "Are you interested in donating to the local childrens hospital ?". He seemed a little pushy and desperate, and Herakles concluded it that they didn't have too much success so far. He would've loved to donate, but given how he had spent his last jewels on paying his hotel room and food, he had nothing left and was admittedly rather broke. He took out his wallet nonetheless, making the man before him smile only to see his face change to a disappointed look when he revealed the contents of his wallet : a whole 20 jewels. He handed them over anyway. The other gave him a depressed "Thank you" and was about to walk back to his cart when Herakles addressed him. "Haven't had too much success so far, hm ?". The man stopped walking and turned to face him, he looked sad "Not really, no ... we can't seem to attract too many people, and the ones who come over usually don't give too much ... not that we don't appreciate it, but the hospital is in a dire situation as it is, and now that most people spent all their money on repairing their homes and businesses after we suffered some ... natural catastrophes" the man sighed "people aren't really in the mood to give away what they've earned anymore. We really need help. If only we could somehow attract people ...". Herakles gave the man a smirk. "I think I got an idea".

    About two hours later the spot where the cart was standing was crowded with children and their parents and everyone wanted to get a chance to ride the winged horse that people were talking about. Herakles had summoned Pegasus who, against a small donation, would let people ride on it's back and fly them around for a minute or two. Herakles' idea was an amazing success, and an almost literal wave of jewels was given to the hospital each hour. They did this until the late evening when the people started becoming less and less and after a while the last child was flown around. Herakles sighed, he was tired from using his magic for such a long time, but since his summon was only moving around it hadn't been to big of a deal. Still he had a bit of a headache. The man who he had talked to before was almost crying with joy, thanking him profusely for his help and offered a reward, but Herakles was swift to turn it down. "Instead of handing me money give it to the children. I'm just glad I could help".

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