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    May I?


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    Public Re: May I?

    Post by Yuiisai on 16th November 2017, 6:15 pm

    Yuiisai lifted their good hand to start making spiritual and shadow orbs, in the hopes that they could feed enough to their friend so Aio began to not only heal but become full and get back to her senses. The motions for this was much more difficult only using one hand so had only managed to create one before they where dragged away by their good shoulder, it was true that tears of blood where still streaming from their eyes but how couldn't they? Yuiisai was still in agonising pain "Wai-" they managed to get out of their mouth as they was dragged the orb dropping on the floor dispersing, without even checking to see who it was holding them back they struggled to try get back to the one who injured them. "Let me go! I won't let her be harmed for something that was my fault." they demanded, their voice showed pain but it was full of concern for the girl that had attacked her "I need to get back to her! This wasn't her fault... She didn't want to!" they pulled away by changing into shadow but winced as they reformed their hand going to their injured shoulder.

    Seeing what happened next their eyes widened as they stood up their, hand going to their head as they felt light headed due to the loss in blood, not even taking notice of what Sol had created "I'll be find Sol, but you acted an idiot! When the visor is off she's more aggressive." their eyes glaring for the first time to the one whom owned their contract "I told you I vouched for them, even now after what happened I would vouch for them!" their words cold as they moved to pick up Aio's visor placing it back on the woman's head moving to hug her though she needed to use her good hand to help to move the damaged one "I'm sorry Aio... I really am, I didn't mean to betray you like that, but then I never thought someone would ever obtain my contract, regardless I deserved the anger you showed me. Do you forgive me?" they asked burying their head into the woman's neck for a moment before looking at both guild masters. "Aio can't give you what is no longer hers to give, but I can and do." they explained taking a deep breath before falling to their knees feeling faint.

    "A lung has no power if it doesn't hold its soul, the same can be said for her kind." she muttered bringing out a small necklace holding a shadow pearl within it. "Her loyalty lays with me, and I bare her no ill-will. She was angry with me for thinking I abandoned her and is likely hungry from the elements she eats so didn't act rationally." they said with a sigh wondering at this point if any spirit or dragon acted rationally, though ther eyes narrowed at Aio "You ruined my clothing for the second time in as many years and do need to be handled for that... maybe another training session with Aguya will refresh your memory about destroying my wardrobe!" their voice was weaker than normal but it was clear they weren't happy "Submit to the guild Aio... this is my home, so should be yours too." a small smile on their face. "This way we won't be separated again, and don't tell Aguya... look what happened last time." they commented before laying on the ground, she no longer cared about the clothing being messed up, it was already ruined.


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    Public Re: May I?

    Post by Aioai on 19th November 2017, 2:41 am

    Blind devotion, empty notions. Like a roaring ocean slowing motion, we'll merge into the masses. At once all race and classes. Return me to stardust, we'll burn ourselves to ashes, flare up in gleaming flashes 'cause smoke lingers after fire. Fading, breaking down, but we'll rendezvous at: the end, my friend and light. The darkness left behind. Return me to stardust.. Smoke lingers after fire. Lay down your troubled mind..>/div>
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    Futile. Yuiisai’s words were. Within her own personal space, she found herself pleading with her own darkness. Futile as well. The voice of a friend couldn’t bleed through the enraged and feral nature that unraveled Aioai as a dragon—Ferociously biting into Yuiisai’s shoulder, the damage had one done and with the lack the gentle and quiet nature that was the spirit, replaced by a fierce and vicious temperament. Clapped down upon the shoulder, through the flesh and bone with the lock of their jaw, the hues Yuiisai stared to with their pleading words and for a fleeting moment, the dragon held an expression of pain or sorrow deep within their hues, their tangled soul—Be it Erebus or Aioai, the familiar pained look held resentment towards betrayal or abandonment with forgotten words of the past. Scared, pained and alone; a spirit with regret and lost control. Her tangled soul revealed all that held itself buried behind her visor. An untamed and uncontrolled protection held aggressive as one of many masks that are woven and worn.

    Emerging from the floor below the dragon known as Aioai, the magic that Yuiisai had called upon to restrain their friend. Coiling around the dragon’s frame, these tendrils bound them like vines—Pulling it from their victim, inflicting a more severe wound by ripping flesh and muscle awhile binding the dragon to the floor.

    Hissing and growling, flesh mixed with crimson dripping from the stained teeth and mouth, mocking in a way with its whiskers. The fiendish ways still hadn't been hindered with their expression of disgust to the very words of Yuiisai—Disapproval being an understatement with internal weeping hidden behind agression. Being one’s own worst enemy, the alter ego was indeed their own shadow and was always things unexpressed and unbottled in the worst of ways. Wiggling within their bindings, the dragon fought its hardest to break out of their confinement, struggling more with the orbs aimed as weapons against them and for a moment of their aim. The dragon had stopped wiggling to release a deep growling roar fading into a pitched scream as the orbs compacting against the creature—Like a shell or an egg, the form shattered in the likeness of the crystal that cased it.

    Among the shadowy cloud dispelling with the impact, lying upon the ground within a massive puddle, the familiar feminine blonde covered in a liquid both glossy, glittery, silvery and ebony—Reverse flowing back within her body, the liquid held like her version of blood began to re-enter her body as her wounds began to mend by the shadows that circled beneath her, along with her clothes that seemed to be the first to instantly repair itself.

    Murmured from her lips, sobbing in the very sense of the words with her face planted against the cold ground and her own blood—“So sorry. I am so sorry...” She spoke a tune only Yuiisai was close enough to hear, appearing to be her normal self as her shadow, that shadowy shape of a dragon found itself disappearing from sight since the detransformation. As those words graced past her lips, it seemed someone interjected, pulling Yuiisai away with their offer of healing dropping with their tug. And for a moment. Breaking away. It was Yuiisai who voiced themselves in the spirit’s stead, which caused a frown to appear of her lips. Despite being contracted, even attacking them, their care hasn’t faded and their heart held itself still willing to care for the spirit. Defending her with tooth and nail regardless of the damage she caused.

    Taunting her. Within her shadow. She could hear the tempting words of a voice speaking, telling her to open her eyes and just let go, don’t mind not having control. Placing her palms against the floor to shakingly and weakly almost push herself from the ground to tilt her head up as well sit up. Her visor found itself back over her hues, she felt the grace of Yuiisai, wrapping their arms around her neck as they apologized for what happened, after vouching for her once more against Sol, speaking up for her without a different thought or swaying on the matter—“I-I.. I am.. I forgive you. Please forgive me.” She said in a whisper, a murmur of words as in her voice broke. Expressing the highest amount of shame for her actions to a dear friend.

    Within the moment Yuiisai found herself letting go, to look to the masters of the guild. Another presence of magic coiled around her body with a sharp and tight grap pulling her up from the ground with the intention of holding her with no room to escape, with intent of crushing her if she tried to use anything against them. The person known as Sol, being quite the unhappy sorts stating quite a few things that she wanted to voice up against. Presented to everyone with peering ruby hues staring directly to her, her hair a mess and her lips sealed with not a single word to express, ignoring the temptation of that voice and of speaking—It was once again, Yuiisai who spoke up for her. In place of loyalty and what she was to say, even stating these place to be home if she was to submit, with little murmurs of her ruined clothes to add to the request of her submitting. For the situation, she felt like Yuiisai was attempting to be a bit light-hearted in the weirdest of ways. Without a doubt, for a moment. She expressed confusion to the name Aguya, possibly, her memory had been faded a little bit.

    Nonetheless. Answering not to Sol, but Yuiisai who voiced their version of the request of submission, the spirit’s lips parted as she spoke up with a small frown as the grip loosened its hold to her body. Low-toned. Her soft voice spoke out with her answer. “I submit. Along with humbly apologize for my aggression in magic.” She said simply with the humblest of apologies that held itself meant. Her face facing the direct direction of Sol as she spoke.

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    Public Re: May I?

    Post by Sybil on 21st November 2017, 6:41 pm


    Die A Hero, Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

    The guild master crossed her tattooed arms and gave a little roll of those icy eyes. Of course, Sol had to show off a little, Famine thought as she blinked up at the black silhouette that swiped up the...hostile girl with a crushing grip. How else could they hope to scare anyone into submission without showing they meant business, real business. It was for the preservation of Famine’s business she disagreed with Sol’s methods. Submit. He had ordered. Words were not enough to satisfy Famine. Even had the little dragon girl not become aggressive...Famine would have gone to more drastic measures to guarantee their submission and their devotion to her creed.

    Famine twisted her head shooting a narrowed gaze at the shapeshifter who had been wounded in the assault. “Vouching isn’t a factor in this guild hall. I don’t care what your history was together. I don’t care if you're friends. I’m the one who decides who dies here or who can stay here.” She inhaled, catching her breath as her tone became bolder and even more irritated “--Do any of you remember what the consequences were last time we allowed ourselves to be betrayed?” A shadowy substance like black ink dripped from her clenched fist and shaped into a dagger. “ One more mistake puts this whole fortress at stake and everyone in it.” she grunted, azure eyes flickering past Ahote and quickly away. “You're wounded, Yuii. Go to the infirmary. Now. It was an order. That was clear.

    The Basilisk queen raised her shoulders again. Seeming little rigid, she turned back to Aioai. Famine waved her hand at Sol, gesturing him to order the massive figure gripping Aioai to lower her-- which it evidently did. Her pale hands fidgeted and the ebony dagger that had formed between her fingers pressed at Aioai’s neck, lifting the blonde’s chin while Famine’s other hand gripped around her wrists, shackling them with a pair of shadow-make cuffs she created around the girl’s hands.

    “We have a lot to discuss....” Famine breathed through her lips in a tone that was akin to a hiss. She pulled the blade back to her side and looped her fingers around the shadowy chain that kept her wrists bound. A harsh yank tugged her out of Sol’s artificial grasp. Without so much as another word Famine was pulling the girl along across the fortress lobby, disappearing down a stairwell who’s archway had been decorated with cobwebs; the wall with unlit torches. Even if they had been burning, their light couldn’t possibly spare Aioai from the dark force inside Famine.

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