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    We Start With Stars In Our Eyes ★ Private, Job


    We Start With Stars In Our Eyes ★ Private, Job Empty We Start With Stars In Our Eyes ★ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 26th October 2017, 1:17 pm

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    We Start With Stars In Our Eyes ★ Private, Job Empty Re: We Start With Stars In Our Eyes ★ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 3rd November 2017, 3:28 pm

    Mei has always been a believer of the theory that if you do one charitable event, the favor would then turn in your favor. To give is to receive after all. If one gave good into the earth, that good was sure to return. The same for the bad. Karma, in other words, was prominent in the girl's life. But it was only natural when the trial she was currently being tested on was based around that concept. Her ancestor had done his job, and given back to the earth when his home was being threatened by dark forces. In return Terra revived his home with each good deed, and eventually allowed the bear to become a demigod under her name. Her whole existence was basically based around the concept of giving and receiving. So when the young brunette heard a charity was in need of a way of earning more money? She leapt at the chance. Not like she was currently doing much anyway. Mei, being from a tribe within the jungles of Joya, was not use to the advanced lifestyle that most would have grown up having here. So most of her time was spent trying to get used to such a big culture shock.
    How did these people get water to just suddenly appear from these tap things? And how did they start fires so easily in these tiny metal boxes? The more the chief-to-be explored, the more questions she had than answers.
    But, she supposed whatever magic it was, those answers would be eventually found. Right now she was more focused on her trial, and these jobs were her best shot at achieving her goal.

    At the beginning of the day it had been slow. She stood next to this big red bucket, yelling into the crowd to give their jewels up for charity. Little to say, it didn't really work. Every time someone did donate, it was only a few measly jewels.
    The brunette sighed with dull violet orbs, resting her voice after a few minutes of straight shouting. No wonder they were having such a hard time getting money. The people of this town were stingy. Seriously, didn't they know about karma? If they wanted more out of their lives couldn't they spare a couple of jewels? Heck, the more jewels they gave the more good they could earn themselves... Of course Mei could have donated any time she wanted, but the jewels she earned from the sweet old lady in the potion shop was all she had to live off of. And she already had enough good deeds done to balance out her life. She was good for a while. These others however... If she didn't have enough restraint she would start shaking the jewels out of them herself. She found it sickening that they would carry around so much jewels so casually while others were suffering. In the tribe everyone was equal. But in this society? You were only as equal as the amount of riches you had.
    Mei slumped back, seemingly disappointed in Fiore's standards.
    She leaned her back against the brick wall of the closest building, casting a glance over at the other side of the bucket, where Bao was currently sleeping, curled up in a big pile of black and white fluffy. Her stare lingered for a moment, before a sudden idea popped into her head...

    A few minutes later, said panda was boasted away, and forced onto a big earth-made ball. The bear's stubby legs wobbled and flailed, barely able to stay on the object that was constantly moving out of his grasp.
    "Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on the one and only Bao! Watch as this big oaf of a panda stays atop of this giant dirt ball!" Mei's cheerful voice filled the area, using a earth-made microphone to make her voice spread out a greater distance. Bao grunted in discomfort, whining every time he almost fell, but magically somehow we was able to stay on the ball anyway. Mei ignored his discomfort, and continued shouting. "For one hundred jewels you can feast your eyes on this lovable dork, and even try and force him to fall! Go ahead! Give it a try! It's a steal!"
    But it worked. People lined up, throwing their jewels into the bucket by the dozens to try and push the bear off. In no time, the bucket was practically overflowing. And even now, no one had managed to throw the bear off. Probably because it was almost impossible to actually force a giant earth ball one way or another. But still, it the the impossible task everyone want to accomplish... But she wouldn't admit that now, would she?

    Yes, in a town of stingy humans she had managed to bring more attention to herself by using stingy means. When it Rome, do as the Romans do. Though in this case, it'd be when in Hargeon, do as the assholes do.

    WC: 832/750

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