Criminal Syndicate Pt.1

    Lester Drynedi

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    Criminal Syndicate Pt.1

    Post by Lester Drynedi on 25th October 2017, 4:07 pm

    Lester Drynedi D Rank Guildless

    Criminal Syndicate Pt.1

    He just had to look into it, just had to get a few little bits of information and then drop it on the police's door step. There had been no mention of fighting and the police wouldn't put out a dangerous request to the public. A nervous chuckle had escaped him, right right yea it was a public request he would be safe. It still sounded ominous though, a criminal organization had practically gotten their creepy fingers into every crack of fiore! It had now been deemed bad enough to release information to the public.

    No specific person had been listed to go for incase of taking up the job, this one seemed to be more of an open ended job. The assumption had been confirmed correct when the local magazine store had come into view. It had always been the new guys, the youngest. He felt a pang of empathy for the young cop but that was overridden by the curiosity for the information which had been advertised. Outside the main magazine store of each of the three town where officials had gone missing a little table and chairs had been erected. From the looks of it the newest cop had been assigned to give out information pamphlets to those interested. It seemed like a pitiful job, police had been viewed by children as heroes who protected the people. To have joined and be assigned to this.

    The pamphlet felt a little a light to Lester, both physically and mentally. It had the front page covered in a police logo, the reward money and what looked like the logo of a committee for community action. Well whatever it had meant it lacked information inside as well. "Hey you're around my age right?" the words had been imbued with curiosity. What other paths could he had taken in life? As the youth slipped the brochure of mostly useless words into his pocket the wind caught his pale hair. Tugged out of place Lester's hand had moved to flatten the fluffy tufts.
    "Yes, I'm new to the police."  Lester had been right, the other youth looked a little more vibrant than before. Had this been the first conversation all day?

    "Is there anything else that you can tell me? I really want that reward but there must be more clues that the police haven't released the public?"
    His voice sounded happy, but it had been a long shot. A junior police officer had no chance of getting higher classed information. The other youth had simply looked a little disappointed and shook his head. Ah well.
    Stretched out his back arched whilst he stretched his arms up.  The had reached noon, streets had been bustling and a restaurant had to be open.
    The information had revealed a restaurant of which a police officer had gone missing in. It was that institution that Lester had started wandering over to. A restaurant known for its location in the center of the shopping district, not a bar type place and he had only heard good things about the food.

    A purse which had been significantly lightened and a handful of bags on his arm indicated that Lester's travel through the shopping district had not been without interest. Someone there had been selling the cutest wee socks, with little flowers and plants embroidered on them, basic supplies were cheap here and well, to put a reason to it he could have said that a hungry lunchtime shopper needed food.
    Slouched back into the single booth his bags spilled out under the table. It had a nice feel, the restaurant had been decorated like one of those places with dark wood and leather, with single booths for one or two and larger eating areas.
    The staff seemed to be nice, a polite young lady had given Lester some water before taking his order of a pulled pork noodle broth.   "Thanks ma'am! Say, do you guys run any entertainment here?"  It may not have seemed major to the server. With a little thought she produced an answer. Tomorrow night would be sort of singing night, a few nights after that would be a fun quiz.
    It all sounded like a very family friendly place.

    Whatever, his food had arrived and all he had to do was listen. the superbness of the pork with the smooth noodle broth had made his mouth implode in on itself. It had felt amazing to eat, almost like pure joy, he felt as if the food was stripping him of any worries. Had he not been in public Lester would have cried out in joy. The pureness of this food was spectacular.
    It had been a distraction of the tastebuds to the highest extremes, such a distraction that it had been hard to notice a large amount of people leaving. One had left, then two as a pair. A trio after that had left which had been followed by a single well muscles fellow. Seven fighters had left within a span of 10 minutes, coincidence?

    Lester finished his broth a while ago, and had spent some time mulling thoughts over a drink. But the time to act had come. With a fake stretch and a few coins left on the table, bags in arm the polite young lad had meandered out the restaurant with a wave. Thugs had left just a moment before, it was far too easy to blend in with the crowd whilst unpackaging and repacking the few items he had brought earlier in the day back into his own bag. The crowd had surged and swirled around the male, it had been a mission at first to find one's way through the lurching masses. After a while he had gotten used to it and moved with ease as he followed the thugs.

    It hadn't been too hard, pretending to know someone here, stopping to buy something there, it had not been hard at all to find a rustic house which looked perfectly normal. Barred windows weren't odd for a property in the shopping district and the wooden building had a quaint Grandmother like feel to it.
    As he dropped his bags and jacket inside a crate Lester's eyes had flicked over it all. Those thugs had only gone in for a while before coming out then splitting off on their own. Had this been a base? Was he even in the right place? The youth's mind went to worse areas, what if he was killed or something? The outcomes looked grim, but the thugs had left, there might not be many people in the building and oh gosh what if his life ended here, would the flowers covering his grave be beautiful?

    Some king of aeration vent had been left unlocked, the lock had been looped through a chain but didn't properly click in. Sliding down into it the young man stared out at the darkness, at least he hadn't been particularly muscular or plump. Hands branching out they had felt the corners, the dust, a few books had been sitting on it too. He had crawled out into a storage room perhaps, which explained the dust and darkness. A slight shudder had run down the length of his back, darkness, Lester was okay with the darkness, the risk of death had been low.
    Leaping down had been awkward, the mage had been unsteady on his feet due to not knowing where the ground was, but once he had come down the light from the other room lit up the uplifted dust.

    Not much had been stored down on this level, well, if you counted a hardly moving human being as nothing much. Holding back his voice Lester had wanted to call out, had he made a sound a sleeping guard may have woken up. After a few seconds he had adjusted to the dampness and the dark, why had a police officer been brought here? Here of all places and not well, dumped in a gutter?  
    He had slipped his fingers under the guard's belt and lifted the keys, the action had been made easy yet harder by the plump male being surrounded by the empty bottles of alcohol from which he had presumably consumed the contents.

    "Mister, hey Mister" The mage's voice had been quiet, the only other sound had been the slight clicking on the keys as they turned the pins in the lock.

    He had only gotten some information out of the cop after both males were slumped outside in an alleyway, Lester had trouble getting Klaas Amstel out of the building due to his weight. But with the right technique one would carry someone many times their weight, just like a big sack of potatoes.
    From the hunk of blue police uniform a cracked voice, "The chief tricked meh, its him its him there ain't no question 'bout it" A few coughs had followed the dry words.  The police chief had caused this, so why hadn't officer Klass Amstel been killed?  No matter, Lester had to wrap it up fast before a new horde of thugs came along.

    The officer had been left in the care of his doting daughter, his shopping left at their house Lester had stepped out the door ready for a fight. There had been no question about what needed to happen next.

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