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    Poor destiny for the bandits that got in the way of a wondering swordsmen.


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    Poor destiny for the bandits that got in the way of a wondering swordsmen. Empty Poor destiny for the bandits that got in the way of a wondering swordsmen.

    Post by Blank 25th October 2017, 9:20 am

    There had been absolutely no reason what so ever for Nanashi to be in the town of 'Hargeon'. He was told to get some rest for the last job he did well on by his guild master none the less. Those not tired and wishing for another being to due battle with. So legit Nanashi just started walking around aimlessly, then before he know it that's how he ended up in this town that seemed as if it had just been crashed by something and was still being rebuild at the time. While wondering around the town he thought to him that he should leave because if a battle breaks out here there will be more that needs repaired. But, there was this odd feeling as well like there might be something or someone here that is worth to due battle with.

    A matter of a few moments later, right as Nanashi was walking passed a building that one of its walls had been busted out from the inside. Out from the dust and dirt of the wall being broken an hitting the ground came ten odd looking people. They all had been carring big bags that was hanging over their back as they 'tried' to run. Try being the word of choice because they kept on falling over and running into one another like a bunch of clumsy idiots. Nanashi slowly jogged over to them those they noticed him at first. "Man it has to be you guys unlucky day because I'm sure that none of that belongs to any of you." He said out loud to the lot of them as he had kicked the one close to him with enough forced for him to go crashing into another one as the chain reaction just kept going till they all had fallen onto the ground. "Ahhh!" They had all yelled out as they fell over. Not giving them a moment to try anything he rushed over and grabbed the same one he had just kicked by the ankle. Using his abnormal strength picked him up and used him like a human weapon smashing him head first into another one's spine. All one could hear was screams of pain and the sounds of bones cracking. The impact had the one being used as a human weapon to black out but isn't dead those he might be close to it. The sounds of the other two got all the others worked up in fear and they all tired to hurry an run for it. But, yet again and worst then before they keep running into each other and falling down on their own.

    "You all are just making this no fun at all!" Nanashi had yelled out while dropping the one that he just had used as a human weapon. Quickly grabbing the arm of the one that had just been hit in the spine by the human weapon's skull. He started spinning around quickly to send the man flying at the group of them trying to get away. As the man that was thrown just now crashed into the group with forced that knocked him out and knocked them all over once more. This gain Nanashi in a moment that he used to catch up to the lot of them while laughing at how clumsy they all were. "Dam it!" One of the clumsy fools had yelled out from the ground. By the time he had gotten right be hide the group of them once again they had all gotten back up once more. Those this time they didn't run but they did drop the bags as they each pulled out either two knives or a long sword. "Time to kill him before the boss get here!" One of them cried out in battle as if it was a war, they all charged at Nanashi. "Oh! This will be fun after all, hopefully you fools know how to use those weapons you all have there." Nanashi said now fully ready to enjoy this battle finally as he pulled out his katana and charged at them all. Sounds of blades clashing with one another and sparks flying all over as he easily was able to fend of they weak and unskilled moments and slashes of their long swords an stabs of their knives.

    Nanashi was very disappointed they didn't have any skill or fight really to them. As if a way to spare them all and himself from getting board, he desired to use their unskilled fighting in combat and clumsiness against them. As he would make a blow to each one of them in a way that made them run into one another with their own hurting each other. Slowly one by one they had been taking out one enough till there was only one last of them standing before him. "So do you even want to still fight? If not, you better drop those knives now!" Nanashi had yelled at the man standing before him. The man had dropped the knives the second after he had spoke to him. Then just as he thought that it had been over with, he had finally heard the footsteps of others be hide him. Before Nanashi could turn around or react in time he had been stabbed in the back twice by two different knives. "Ah! You are gonna die for that!" Nanashi finished turning around and slashed at the one who had stabbed him those it wasn't a killing blow. He had cut off the fingers of one of the man's hands forcing him to drop one of the knives and cry out in pain.

    Now standing before Nanashi was five more enemies those it does seem that they are faster and more skilled then the other clumsy fools. This all coming from what he could tell from how the first one that hit him and got away from him before he could get rid of the man. "Who are you? An why have you attack our crew mates?!" The five of them yelled out at once towards Nanashi. "As a warrior of battle it is only right that I tell my enemies that will die by my blade what my name is. I am Nanashi the Blank!" He had yelled back at the five of them as he noticed they they have bags just like the others right be hide themselves on the ground. "An I attacked them for the same reason I will attack you because none of those bags belong to you all!" Once more he had yelled back at them before he resheath his katana and took it a whole from his side where it was tied to him at and with one hand one the handle of it. He stared at the one that got away, then after a moment and within a blink of an eye Nanashi dash forward at high speed at the man. Those none of them knew what was going on because all they could see was a blur in the wind. Within the dash, had quickly pulls the katana out and makes three strikes at the man, one of them landed on his neck, another one land over his stomach , and the last one just barely grassed his foot an barely getting away from it. Nanashi then appeared just be hide them five of them as he had re-sheathed the katana then blood came shooting out from the spots that where hit and the man fall over dying from the slash to his neck.

    Without a word from Nanashi or the other four enemies that he was facing after taken down of them so quickly. Had them fly into a fury of rage as they did battle one against four those unlike before against the clumsy group of ten. There was much more clashing of blades and blood flying as both sides where taking hits and blocking some of them. The fight of them had went on for quite some time and you could hear heavy breathing from both sides. Slowly those Nanashi was about to get the advance again them by using 'zone' against them by applying magic power into his hands, feet, and weapon so that he could move and strike at a faster spell then most other ever could. One by one they had each fallen before the wondering swordsmen that they had so unluckily came a crossed this day. Two of them had fallen over due to being stabbed though the neck, one had fallen over due to messing his feet an hands, while the last one was stabbed though the head with Nanashi's katana. Those most wouldn't approved such an act of killing from a legit mage but he had to defend him self in a life or death battle against these thieves. Then just like before once he had finished off one group another would appear in it's place, he could tell by the sound of other running out towards him those this time he was ready and stud there waiting for them to show up.

    After a few moments they had finally came in view of each other, these four men had to be the odd balls of the groups because they were in the strange clothing and hats with a few birds flying around them. Those once they had seens their allies that all up one of them passed out or bleeding out on the ground they pulled out their curved swords. At that moment Nanashi knew what kind of men he was dealing with because he at once fought others with swords just like that. He quickly pull out his wakazashi as well so that now he was duel wielding both of his blades with a grin on his face. "Lets go!" Nanashi had yelled out while charging towards them while grinning away. He knew that if they where the same as those from long ago that this battle should finally get fun. "You're gonna die here and now for doing this to our crew mates!" All four of them had yelled out as they rushed towards him as well. Yet again all those around them could was the clashing of blades and the sparks of metal coming in contact with each other over an over at a fast rate. Unlike before it seemed that Nanashi was taking more of the damage then the others and due to that he had to step his fighting style up a bit an had to do it fast. Within the next three step moments, he moves faster then before while parring the blade of the four them better. Then once one the third step he a stab hid katana into one of their throats and slashing out of the side of their neck as he jumped back quickly. Without thinking all three of the others flow more into a rage from seeing one of their fellow crew mates be killed right in from of them. Thinking was over the three of them where no more then mind less berserk warrior that only one thing and that was for them to kill Nanashi. All three of them swag their swords at Nanashi's left side as he laugh while even more sparks flow as their blades had been met with his metal arm. Then applying force with his metal arm forcing all three of their swords and from selves off of them an back up a little. Nanashi had made three fast steps towards the one in the middle of them an stab him in the area right between the mans eyes with his wakazashi. Then yanked it back out just barely in two to blood the their swords on each side of him with his own weapons. While they where all locked blades forced against each other, the man that had just be stabs between the eyes had when falling down onto the ground and blood came rushing out of his forehead as he died right there in front of the other two. Once again using his strength to force the push their swords back and then throw his left metal fast right into one of their stomach which sends them backwards and fell over onto the ground. The other one gets a clean slash onto Nanashi's right arm as he yell out in pain before turn towards the one that just hit him. Within a matter of just a few moments he had taken three step moment while moving sideways to the left. Then one the final stab he had slashed man's hand forced him to drop his weapon weapon. Then he drops his katana and quickly trades the wakazashi to his other hand while grabbing the man by the shoulder with the hand that had the sword before. Then pulling hard on man's shoulder fast making them stumble forwards while thrusting the wakazashi into their chest having them fall onto. The impalement of the sword into the man had went straight into his heart and killed him. Then while getting back on and on his feet to fight with Nanashi again, he had enough time to re-sheath his wakazashi and pick up his katana. "Looks like its just me and you now." Nanashi said as he pointed his katana towards the one he had just stabbed thought the heart with a grin on his face. "You will pay for all that you have done here!" The man before Nanashi had yelled as he once again flow into a rage. While he came rushing at Nanashi, he took a defense stance called 'shirahadori'. As the man had got close enough to him, he simply grasps the man's blade with his metal hand and gripped it with all of his strength that the man couldn't free it. As the man began to panic Nanashi quickly slashed the man twice with his katana in his right hand causing an 'X' mark to appear on his chest as blood rushed out from it. Then letting go of the blade the man fall to the ground as a pool of blood formed just used him as he die from blood lost.

    With the last of his strength he re-sheath his katana and walked over to the only one not knocked out or dead from battle. Grabbed him up with one hand and then went around grabbing up all the bags of things that were taken out here by them all into his metal hand. As he slowly walks up to the building that had the busted out wall and throw the bags all in front of it. "Now you are going to tell to whom ever you see next what all you fools did and that Nanashi of Infinite Hydra had stopped you all. As that they need to clean up the dead bodys and arrest the others that are still alive." Nanashi said towards the man while death glaring at him, then he had punched the man in the face and left him on top the bags. He headed back towards the guild after all was said and done, just barely making it back just to pass out in front of their gates.

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    Poor destiny for the bandits that got in the way of a wondering swordsmen. 42hKQJw

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