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    Jiyu's S Rank Exam

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Jiyu's S Rank Exam

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Wed 25 Oct - 6:14

    1,266 of 7,000 words.

    So everyone else would have been contacted by Makoto, she would have told them basically that Jiyu was hired to find a lost child and wants their help because she believes the child is somewhere deep in the cursed lands. We're gonna do some real search partyish stuff and cool stuff, just respond as the character normally would your fine to assume some thing's, I'll detail when a part that should be entirely left to Jiyu for her exam is coming up, but a good part of the exam is her trying to get through this with everyone acting as they normally would, while not revealing its actual link to her past, her real name nor her assertive face. (Which we can guess she will fail at one or all of those and grow for it, which is P-l-o-t)

    And your wc's don't have to be anywhere near mine.

    She still did not fall asleep very easily, it had been a symptom of her life since those three year's she spent bound and blindfolded. Falling asleep, instantly meant putting herself at risk in a world where she still had a hard time trusting people were good. Living within her own realm of Solace was always an option, but that realm was born because of her, she was not born within it, she was born within this one and wanted to live within it. The morning light was always her saving grace no matter how lightly tinted gray or pink the sky happened to become, the first traces of light always made her incredibly happy as the rest of the brightness followed soon after. Jiyu liked thing's much better when it was bright, and luckily thanks to having the light-sensitive vision of a dog, it didn't take much extra light to begin quelling her fears. Kazehime was always swift to leap from bed when the morning overtook the world of earthland, almost never did she cling to her bed in slumber like most people. Though she always did wake with just one problem, rather it be a weird habit or the wind establishing a further connection with her, she always awoke in nothing but her birthday suit and a blanket. Luckily she didn't really share a room. Even if it was very little the wind user was always dressed by the time she went down to the Cafe, which was good since public nudity was frowned upon by humans.

    Most of the time if Jiyu wanted something interesting to happen in her day? She went rushing off to some job or the other. However, the Wind Mage had been having a good deal of excitement recently. Having been drained of a good deal of the energy she used to maintain her shapeshifted forms? Kazehime had taken to allowing herself to have extra downtime, considering the effects being low on energy like this could have on her. Even if she wanted to live in Earthland it was not actually the Realm she was meant to reside in on her own, a contract would help her sustain herself easier but she had dealt with those already, Jiyu didn't want to do that again. Trying to sustain herself considering her requirement to feed on negative energy and attempting to remain in the state people liked her in? Directly contradicted each other, her natural instinct was to seek out the suffering and consume their pain before she aided them, but it went deeper than such a simple issue. If thing's had been simple as that? It would have been simple as reminding herself that taking negative emotions and consuming them was actually helpful. No, the problem she was dealing with and had been dealing with for some time as becoming alright with herself again after what had happened.

    "Miss Jiyu? This came in the mail for you." the wind user looked up from her nearly permanent trance. When she took days off, these days it seemed that Kazehime just sipped some random drink in a corner booth while staring out the window. Though she still did spend a good deal of time taking care of Makoto, but that was something everyone could assume happened easily. Slender clawed fingers took the envelope the delivery girl had brought for her, turning the object over a few times. Sure, she traded writing with a few people, most namely Leila, but this didn't look as if it was one of their letters. The container for the letter itself? Was old and slightly yellowed in that peach sort of way, it smelled like moths and the seal was red wax with some sort of stamp on it. "I didn't think I missed any event's on my calendar." she did try her best to keep up with event's before she received a letter, mostly because at one time she had never been around enough to receive the letters. Releasing the letter she let the wind cut the envelope open for her, the revealed letter falling into her open hand. Now, all she had to do was read it, so her mismatched eyes began going over the fine hand-printed words. Luckily the contents were simple.

    Dear, M-Jiyu

    The only people who would start a letter to her that way? Were Astrid accidentally forgetting she didn't go by Mikka anymore, or someone trying to prove they had known her since she first became a runaway and sometimes messed up on giving her own name.

    You know you're incredibly hard to track down still right? After all this time I don't think you'd still be a minor, do you even count as a run away anymore, why are you still so hard to find girl! What did you do lie about your age too, little troublemaker? Anyway's I still don't care about your past, nor who you really are. I'm sure you remember Acer and his wife Sofie and their daughter, Emily. That little girl is just a little older than you were when I found you half starved to death. Sofie and Emily were moving to another town so Sofie could work in a seamstress shop, they were attacked by bandits in bad weather, Sofie was found alive but she has since passed from her wounds, before she died she managed to say that Emily got away. It's now been two months and we haven't found her, many people have stopped looking. However, I can't give up on her, especially after seeing you, but we know I'm too old to find her. Please, go find her, who better to find a scared running child, than the woman who likely still remember's what it was like to be that frightened kid.  

    "I was never scared, Oldman Harrigan." Her cheeks puffed up slightly reading his letter. Even though the eighty-something-year-old fisherman had forgotten to sign it? She knew who he was, it was the captain of the first boat she worked on, one of the boats she frequently went back to over her years as a runaway. She also knew Emily very well, Sofie and Acer had let her stay with their daughter several times over the years when they found out she often just slept in alleyways, on the boat deck or somewhere in the forest. That girl, had been 3 or 4 the first time they met, that met Emily was now somewhere just about to enter her teens or in her early teens. "But she certainly is." that girl was the image of a girly girl, the kind to wear pink dresses and pigtails! Emily wouldn't last much longer on her own if she was still alive, and she didn't really want to attend a funeral for both Sofie and Emily. "Maka, put together a search party to meet me at the cursed lands." the cursed land's were not too far off from the place the attack had to take place, it was likely that Emily ran there in an effort to keep the bandits from pursuing her and then became lost within them unable to find her way out alone. Jiyu was quick to pack everything required to run a search party and hire someone to take everything to a location just adjacent to the cursed lands. However, she jumped through Solace to get there swiftly, not wanting to waste any time, she wanted to be ready to set up camp the second everything got there, ready to start searching the second her help arrived.


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