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    When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius]


    When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius] Empty When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius]

    Post by Guest on Sun 22 Oct - 23:15

    Job Info:
    Job Title: When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder
    Rank: A
    Player Requirements: Lucius and Astrid only
    Job Requirements: 14,000 words
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description:
    The Foss sibling's bond is quite unbreakable. But it was not always so.
    Who would have thought that a coldblooded assassin and a warmhearted violinist would have ever formed such a strong chemistry with one another. But such a form does not happen without hard work.
    Over their childhood both siblings faced any hardships. This, it only but one of them.

    On one dreary afternoon Astrid has seemingly lost her hearing aids. Can she find them with the help of Lucius, or will she have to live the rest of her life truly as deaf?


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    When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius] Empty Re: When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius]

    Post by Guest on Mon 23 Oct - 22:28

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    "G... Gib tem bac!" the silvernette pleaded, almost on the verge on tears. Her small arms reached up towards the gray hearing aids bundled up in the taller boy's grip, standing on the tips of her toes to try and at least scrape the bottom of them. But each time she was close, he would only end up lifting them even higher.
    The boy's almost toothless grin curved into a sneer.

    "I told ya, you gotta say it properly. Like a lady." He leaned backwards, inching his grasped hand more into the air until eventually her short height was obviously no match. But even so she continued to try, jumping in an attempt to reclaim her snatched plugs.

    "Please, gwanpapa will be ups... up... mad if i woose tem." She pleaded the best she could, trying to enunciate each word carefully to appease the boy. But it seemed as though he was not content quite yet.

    "Sorry, i can't understand what you're saying. Do you not want them back?"
    It had been like this for the last couple of minutes now. The boy would tell her to ask for them back, knowing full well she wouldn't be able to do so since she wasn't able to hear him. There were no witnesses around to help, only the birds that sat upon the branches above them and whatever other wildlife found comfort in the forest at the back of the old school. It was late in the day, after school. The kids would be out playing around the village and the adults had other places to be. There was no one else near the school this time of day. Not until tomorrow when classes were in session once more. Meaning they were both alone. The silvernette had been back here, reading her newest purchase from the book store. Why here? Well it was quiet. Like stated before, no one came near the school when it wasn't in session. And while her home was more comfortable she found her grandfather's hammering and drilling to be most distracting when trying to do anything. So what better place than a place where no one bothered her? Well, didn't bother her until now.

    She knew she wouldn't be able to reach it. No matter how much she jumped or how high she stepped she wasn't getting any closer to the boy's grubby little hands. She was getting tired, and frustrated. Her grandfather had told her when she received these aids that if she lost them it would take a great amount of effort to make new ones, and she wasn't about to let him down on her promise to take care of them. She couldn't put that stress on her grandfather, not when he already has done so much for her by taking her in and giving her the chance to hear like regular people.
    Wet sapphire eyes flashed a bright crimson, her expression fueled by a sudden and sharp anger. Feeling her muscles constrict and cramp together with frustration she reach forward and pushed with all her might, sending the wide boy down onto the ground. He fell over with a muffled thud thanks to the grass, but certainly still had the wind knocked out of him. He looked up at her in surprise for a moment, and she stared back, both of them breathing equally as hard.
    "Gib tem bac! Nao!" Astrid demanded through clenched teeth. The boy blinked, before he narrowed his eyes. With a flick of his wrist, he threw the hearing aids into the forest, the gray circles of magic and plastic disappearing into the thick shrubbery.
    Blue eyes widened, turning from angered to pure shock as she stared into the forest.
    The boy stood up, wobbling. He grinned once more.

    "Good luck finding them now, lispy. You lucky it's ya ears that are busted and not your eyes."
    Still somewhat out of breath and holding onto his side, he left the girl who was still staring into the forest until she was once again all alone.

    A couple of hours had passed by now. Though that was hard to tell since storm clouds covered the sky. But it at least felt like it. Astrid searched without rest for her hearing aids among the shrubs only to come up empty. She fell her her knees a while ago and began to look under the dirt, figuring a messy dress was nothing compared to the wrath of the old man. She searched and searched, clawing away at the earth. But there was nothing.
    A drip fell onto the back of her neck. It was cold, and wet, but it did not stop her. The threat of rain was one she knew, but not one she cared for. If she stopped down she would be doomed. Not only would the rain bust up the hearing aids themselves, but it would also just make it harder to find them. She needed to get them. Now.
    Loose silver braids hung over her face, causing her to swipe them away, only to end up leaving a trail of dirt across her cheek. A sniffle sounded from the young girl, but she held back her tears. She needed her sight for this after all. Not like her hearing had any help here, or lack there of.
    This was not how she was planning to spend her day today. Out in the forest, covered in dirt, on the verge of tears looking for the very things she needed to help her survive in this world.
    But she was.
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    When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius] Empty Re: When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius]

    Post by kittykool75 on Tue 24 Oct - 21:17

    Lucius Foss Peace Village
    A n d   t h i s   c o n f i d e n c e   I   f a k e   o n l y   m a k e s   m a t t e r s   w o r s e

    Unlike Astrid, Lucius didn't go to school, this is due to the fact he has no tolerance to be able to survive school. Well more like he doesn't have enough tolerance for school so others wouldn't be able to survive. Currently the boy didn't have much self control on in the department of, if it annoys him he will try and kill it. With the exception of the silvernette and her grandfather, Huestis, who gave him a place to live along with some decent tasting food (not that he was ever a picky eater), and if he killed them he wouldn't have that anymore. That and Mikka of course, she wasn't as annoying as Astrid was but still slightly irritating. Though I guess every human on earth was annoying to the assassin. Mikka acted weird compared to everyone else, sort of like himself. So he kept her around for now, if she got to infuriating that might not last. But at least he could keep her as company without getting angry to fast, and she actually tried to keep up playful and sarcastic banter, which wasn't that bad to deal with. He was a very sarcastic and snarky child, so someone that spoke his language was likely to be able to survive around him, unlike the previously mentioned violinist.
    Oh there was so many things about her that enraged the boy about her, makes you wonder how the heck he hasn't tried to kill her yet. First of all she isn't the smartest little thing and can be slow to grasp some things. She is deaf, using a hearing aid to hear, so her speech level is way below what one would be at her age. Or maybe he thought that because his was more advanced then kids his age, it was hard to tell. Another thing, she is naive, and he absolutely hates people that are like that. Though it is common to be like that when you're just a child, but being one like Lucius who had to grow up rather quickly, doesn't have time to have any sort of hopeful and optimistic thoughts that normal kids have, especially someone like Astrid. Someone with a heart of gold that wouldn't want to do anything to harm anything, well at least that what it appears to be like in his eyes. He hasn't known her that long and has tried to spend the least amount of time as possible around her, and though he excels at reading people, it's sort of hard to analyze someone when you are also trying to avoid them.
    So back to the topic at hand, since he wasn't at school, where was he? Well he wasn't at home, or at least the house he lived at, he wasn't sure if he could quite call it 'home' yet. He wasn't quite sure how he felt about Huestis, he did have the decency to take him in. Though he wasn't sure if the elder man did that because he was a good person or for some other reason, he never really asked. So he didn't really want to be alone at the house with him, not that he really wanted to be there when Astrid was there, but he knew how he felt about her and was in a way more comfortable around her. Even though he absolutely despised her. He didn't know how to treat a more fatherly, or in this case grandfatherly, figure. Though he had a father, he didn't act like one, and he was pretty sure this guy wasn't going to abuse him and teach him how to be an assassin. So if he wasn't going to do that, what was he going to do? What was the point in caring for a child when they weren't going to be useful in any sort of way. His brain was twisted so much by his previous experience in being a part of a family, and just naturally by being born with a broken mental state.
    So Lucius was where he often was, in the forest, the woods that was on the outskirts of most of Peace Village. He'd taken a book with him to read, and had been reading it for a while now, but now he was done with it. Finishing the entirety of the thick book that was well over one thousand pages, just during the time that he'd been out in the forest. He couldn't really see the sun through the canopy of the trees, so he wasn't sure at what the time was, but first before anything, he was hungry. So he set the book down on the grass, at the base of an old tree, which he could tell it was old purely by it's height and width. It was so much bigger then the rest of the trees in the forest, who knew how old it actually was though. Only way he'd be able to find out is by cutting it down, and he didn't want to do that. Because one, he didn't care how old it was, he just knew it was that. Secondly, he usually read underneath the extensive shade of this tree, so it would be sort of upsetting if it was suddenly gone.
    Pulling his switchblade from his pocket, he got ready to hunt down anything that may be close by. Though he could just go home and get food from the fridge, but he didn't feel like doing that, he felt like waiting out on seeing Astrid. If she was even home at this point, he didn't know if school was out, but it felt like it might be around that time. So he was just hunting instead, he didn't really hate doing it, it could be tedious, the tracking part of it. But the actual chasing down, seeing their hopeful looks as they think they are going to escape, right being he strikes and they become unable to move. He also loves catching them by surprise, the pure shock on their stupid animal faces as they realize they are going to die. It isn't as good as when killing a human, but he still gets some pleasure from killing them, just not as much. How he wished he could kill another human being again, but he felt he would be kicked out of the house he'd been living in for a little while now if he did so. And I previously mentioned why he didn't want that. So for now, he had to settle for animals, and speaking of such he found tracks. Rabbit tracks, even though they are small, it would have to do.
    Tracking it to a large clover patch surrounded by bushes, he was completely silent, watching it with a cool and calculating blueish green gaze, given better vision with some glasses. By now dark clouds had settled, covering the blue sky that he could see slightly through the leaves. Glad he found his prey before the rain started, because then he would've lost the tracks or any kind of tracks, and would've been very upset that he couldn't get any food without having to go back to the house and have to deal with Astrid, and to a lesser extent Huestis. The boy readied himself, holding his knife so he would easily be able to strike it when he decided to strike. Slowly, so he didn't make and noise, positioning his body so he wouldn't have much trouble when leaping over the bushes. And right before, literally right before he was about to do so, a bush across from him rustled. Causing the rabbit to leap away, the boy grit his teeth, looking over at was caused the disturbance he saw silver hair.
    He swore under his breath before swearing not under his breath "Dammit Astrid, I swear, I'm going to stab you you little fucktard" he spat to Astrid, standing behind her holding his knife threateningly as he did. She didn't respond, didn't turn to look at him, didn't even appear to notice him behind her. Like she couldn't hear. He looked at her ear where her hearing aid usually sat, it was gone, of course she lost it. It was so like her to loose something so important, she was bad enough as is with the ability to hear, now he had to deal with her actually being deaf? This was great. Though he assumed that was why she was down in the grass on her hands and knees, digging through the dirt. The tall boy leaned down and landed a solid flick to the back of her head "Hey Shitstrid" he said, combing her name with 'shit', though he knew she couldn't hear him speak. That was what the flick was for after all, to get the girl's attention because she couldn't hear him.

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    When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius] Empty Re: When Silence Speaks Louder Than Thunder • Private, Job [Lucius]

    Post by Guest on Fri 10 Nov - 12:03

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    Normally when someone had a disability such as being deaf, their body had a way of trying to make up for the lost sense. When you were blind, your hearing worked twice as hard. When you were deaf, your eye sight tended to be better. But even more so than that, your sense of awareness became extremely sharp. Have you ever wondered how a deaf person hears their doorbell? Well, they don't. Most of the time they use flashing lights strewn about their house to make them aware of when they have a visitor. But what about of they're asleep, a time when they can't look at the lights to see? Well it's pretty simple. They can feel the light, just like normal hearing people can, except their sense is a little more extreme due to their hearing loss.
    So known that, Astrid should have been able to feel Lucius' presence right behind her. Well, the keyword being 'should'. But no, like usual Astrid had a one track mind. If she was doing one task it wasn't easy for her to simple do or change to another. Right now the most important thing in her mind was finding the hearing aids, so all of her concentration was on that. Nothing else around her mattered. Not even the threat of rain.
    The silvernette dug into the earth, by this point coating her entire hands in a thin layer of earth. If she cared enough, she'd also notice it was under her finger nails. Normally, she would care so much about her appearance. How there was mud and tears covering her face, how her hair was getting tangled with dirt and sweat. Her appearance and how she carried herself was pretty much all she cared about. So to see the girl in such a horrid state, it would be foreign to anyone.
    The musician only stopped when a sudden flick to the back of her head snapped her back. She squeaked, surprised. She looked to the back of her, seeing Lucius standing there looking slightly annoyed. Oh gods, did he know? He knew, didn't he? Was that why he looked so annoyed?
    He said something, but being able to read lips she didn't know. But she could imagine, and she could only imagine the worst. Was it a threat to tell her grandfather? Or maybe to tell the entire village? Maybe it was worse and it was him saying she'd never find it. To be humiliated for loosing such precious items... He knew, and his knowledge held power over her. She was no longer in control of her own situation.
    Tears began to threaten her sapphire orbs once more, watering as small whines escaped her quivering lips.
    "D-Don tew gwampa" she pleaded. "I weel find dem, i swea!"
    She went back to her digging, except this time with more ferocity. Her tears dripped down into the dirt, only making it more wet and clumpy as she clawed away at it.
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