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    Law of nature


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    Law of nature

    Post by Mari on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:43 pm

    Primary Magic: Law of nature
    Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
    Caster or Holder: Caster


    Even though men like to change many things in the world, there are some things that must beat men's desire for change, one of those things is the law of nature. Law of nature is one of the oldest and most common forms of magic. It is magic capable of manipulating nature itself, as well as allowing the user to create and rapidly accelerate the growth of plants, or strengthen their future growth. Most mages use this magic to accelerate their garden's growth and to make it more pretty, but magic as such can have a much bigger purpose. The law of nature allows the caster to use not just plants and trees, but also life itself. It is magic that can kill and heal, make and break, help or hinder, but one thing is certain, in the right hands it can be very powerful.

    Mari learned her magic in secret, as she was forbidden from learning it, it was not ladylike, but that never stopped her. She practised as much as she could when no one was around. Mari always loved nature and plants. Nature never acts, nature never lies, nature is always what it is, and Mari loves that. Helping plants grow and covering the world in a large forest is Mari's goal. To do so Mari would need to kill a few people, but won't be a problem. Even though Mari is not physically one of the strongest people, intelligence is where she dominates. She likes fighting from afar, so her delicate body and clothes don't get stained with the blood of her enemies. She uses trees to crush, leaves to cut, roots to restrain and many other things nature gives us when fighting. She is very versed in all the poisons plants can make, and loves using them to hinder her targets. Her attacks are always thought out and calculated. She never attacks impulsively or rather tries not to do it, but if someone is destroying nature, she can not be held accountable for her actions.



    • Versatile.
    • Can use poisons.
    • Almost everywhere.


    • Needs plants to work.
    • Does not control the plants, only helps them grow.
    • Weak against fire.
    • Not as effective in close combat.


    Conqueror's Courage:
    Description: There once was a nameless conqueror who sought to rule the world. However, in his days much land was left unexplored and filled with dangerous creatures man had never faced before. The nameless conqueror was the first to gather a large group of followers and to lead a conquest into those dark lands. Until long ago many people were still unsure about how he managed to convince so many men to follow him. Most believed he had used some form of magic. The only one who ever came back from the conquest was the conqueror's son who explained that all other conquerors had been killed. The conqueror's son eventually joined the military and showed that he possessed the same leader skills as his father, his war cries and morale boosts had resulted in many victories. The descendants of these conquerors today also retain the same abilities as their ancestors. To boost the morale of their companions, and to resist the war-cries of the enemies.
    Ability: Can deliver War-Cries. Gains a signature spell of user’s rank(Max A-rank) and a spell of their rank(Max S-rank) that always affects all allies within at least 100meters of any other ally.  This  War-Cry are magically enhanced and can heal, boost ability,  encourage regeneration, ect...  They're always supportive and can't cause harm to anyone directly. [/size]

    Usage: Gains a signature spell slot(Max A-rank) to make a War-Cry and a spell of their rank(Max S-rank) to make another War-Cry.  War-Cries are dependent on spell creation.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Pheromones
    • Can understand plants.
    • Seed mark

    Spell Template

    Name: ( Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Duration:(How long does the spell last?)
    Cooldown:( How long does it take for the spell to be usable again? Usually one post extra than your duration.)
    Description: ( How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. Make sure to get into detail. You are required to list a given Speed,  Range,  Area of Effect,  and any applicable measurements (such as the size of a created barrier).  All of these are as appropriate.  Some spells wont have a speed,  some wont have an AoE. But include all that apply. Please make sure that all of these measurements are easily identifiable)
    Strengths: ( List all the positive aspects of the spell Like above, list all of the strengths of the spell.  You must have at least three strengths. Remember to separate each individually and bullet point them. These strengths much represent your spell, and not the over-all strength of the magic.)
    Weaknesses: ( List all the negative aspects of the spell and all the weaknesses like above as well. You must have at least one more weakness than strengths. Remember to separate them individually and bullet point them. These weaknesses must represent your spell, and not the over-all weakness of the magic)

    List of Spell Fusions:(Locked until B rank)(List your Spell Fusions here, name them, category them, have them make sense, and most importantly make them shiny!)

    Name Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Fused Spells(What Spells Went into the Fusion and their Ranks?)
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    Re: Law of nature

    Post by Desirée Blooms on Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:10 pm


    A crystal reflects the light that shines into it.
    If you shine light upon the world, that light will shine back upon you.
    - Lee Horbachewski

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