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    Returning to the Past... A Painful Closure.




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    Returning to the Past... A Painful Closure. Empty Returning to the Past... A Painful Closure.

    Post by desirée 10th October 2017, 8:10 pm

    Desirée Blooms
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    Knocking could be heard from the back door of the house, as Desirée's heart pounded endlessly in her chest. "Desirée, it's meee~! Hurry up, the ship isn't going to take off by itself!" the voice knocking exclaimed, as the woman speaking stood upon the back porch. "I... I don't know if I can, Kiwi!" Desirée cried, as she prepared to turn from her garden room to lock herself in her bedroom. "I know I am usually one to joke, but this has to be done, Des." Kiwi, her bio-luminescent organism, told her with a solemn tone. "The stylist is inside the ship, as are your belongings and accessories. Let's hope you will not have to use your hoop today, as it is not planned." he told her, as she opened the wooden door and was greeted by a warm gust of fresh air. Desirée's dress fluttered in this gust of air, causing the white bottom of the dress to swirl the yellow and blue flowers as if they were green. Her blue hair was down and un-brushed, however this would change after she entered her spaceship. "Desirée!" Rachel, the woman knocking exclaimed, as she hugged Desirée in a tight embrace. She was a tall woman, with a short pixie cut of the color blonde and wearing a captain uniform.

    As they walked out, Desirée would notice that the normal setting of the backyard was completely different than it usually was. The typical setting of the backyard was a calm area, filled with beautiful trees bustling with bird and wild animal life and fresh flowers blossoming from the bushes that lined the exterior of the fences. There would be trails leading over a large hill leading into a field of flowers, benches lining these stone trails in relaxing places in order to relax, small rivers cutting across these gentle fields in winding shapes. Now, these sights were all blocked by a massive aircraft in the yard. It was pink and white, and sprawled across the side in a bright decal were the words "The Bird of Paradise." The ship was currently in its traveling stage, and the doors were slid open from the side to reveal the entrance quarters of the ship. There was also a cloth of white stretching from the back-door to the doors of the aircraft, making the grassy ground harder so Desirée would not fall due to her heels. She was dressed very elegantly, all except her hair of course. This blue mess had tangles, knots, and was fairly oily, signalling she was going through a type of stress in the previous days to the point where she would not wash her hair. Luckily, she had Rachel pick up a stylist of hair in order to fix it while also making it look drastically different than it was in its previous state.

    "We should get going on the way there, I was browsing the internet and I read that they were having a family gathering... how fitting." she told Rachel, as the pilot began to pat her head as she walked behind her. "You have nothing to worry about Desirée, for it is a necessary cause as to the reason you are returning to your home that you were abandoned from thirteen years ago." Rachel told her, as Desirée turned and met her happy and smiling face with a face of fear. "You are right, but it is still so nerve wracking..." she told her, as they stepped upon the metal paneling that was the ramp to board the ship. As the ship doors closed behind them, they were met with a room which had a stage-like ground, followed with ballet-bars on the sides of one quarter and a microphone on the next. Stretching across the other half of the room were vanities with makeup and clothing accessories sprawled across them, as well as two neatly organized vanities situated by themselves in a separate corner. On each wall was also a set of sliding doors, which lead into separate rooms such as the pilot area as well as bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

    Standing at one of the vanities was a man with long hair, which had a bow on the top and was wearing fairly tight clothing and had a comb in his hair. He was standing aside a chair that faced away from the vanity, as well as a mechanism attached to the chair which consisted of a giant arm with an opaque-pink dome with sprayers and other mechanics on the inside. "Hiiiya, Desirée Blooms!" the man said in a flamboyant tone, as he patted the chair to signal that she should sit. "You do remember our deal, correct?" the man asked her, as she nodded. "Since I am getting this one installation done for free, I will have to speak of your brand in a social media post promoting your styling. These typically go for thousands to millions of Jewel, so I should be lucky." she told him, as he winked. "Why yes, you got the idea spot on! Have a seat while I mix the dyes." he told her, as he turned to one of the cleaner vanities and began to pour vials of liquids and powders into a giant pitcher with ribbons tied around it. This vanity was standing opposite to a vanity with the words "Desirée Blooms," stretching across the top of the mirror, which was neatly organized. This was Desirée's vanity that she used before performances, which was why it was typically neater than the bunches of vanities used by the backup dancers and other performers she leased this ship to whenever she was doing mage jobs.

    "All mixed, mawma! Time to get your jush~!" he exclaimed, as he poured the entire pitcher in an open hole inside the arm of the machine. The dome lowered to above the head of Desirée, and it began to produce a scent of fresh flowers and earth. During this period, the ship could also be felt lifting in the air and preparing to warp to the region in which Shirotsume was located in. Due to the ships magical properties, it was able to warp anywhere in seconds, as well as travel at rapid speeds through the fabric of time itself. Desirée shut her eyes and the dome slammed down onto her head, and she shuttered as she could feel different liquids coarse through her hair.

    What she could feel felt like pure magic, which felt nothing like any type of haircut she had felt before. She could feel what felt like sensors and tubes swirling through each individual grouping of her hair, coating it in a thick liquid which slightly stung her scalp. "This much be the bleach.." she thought, as Kiwi sat among her lap in anticipation to see what would come of this haircut. The machine then switched into drying mode, causing Desirée's hair to begin swirling once again in different tubes which pumped warm air into the dome. It then all stopped, and the dome quickly rose up and returned to its state sitting at the top of the arm. The man then quickly turned back to Desirée and began to comb her hair, tying it into two side-pigtails with white puffs on each side holding the hair in place. "All finished~!" he exclaimed, as he turned the chair toward the vanity mirror. Sitting in that chair was a different looking Desirée completely, as her hair was now platinum white/silver instead of the vibrant blue that it had been for the past eighteen years. "I... I love it!" she exclaimed, as she hugged Kiwi tightly against her chest. "Just remember that this is permanent, and getting your hair back to that vibrant blue will cost you millions of jewels!" the man exclaimed, as he packed up his belongings and sat among a vanity while beginning to scroll through his iLac.

    "Now in Shirotsume, I am opening the pole exit in which you will be descending from onto the yard of your old manor. Stay strong, Desirée. I believe in you." Rebecca said over the intercom, as the floor opened slightly to reveal a large pole which would function as a quick exit to their destination: The Blooms Mansion. "Kiwi, you are to stay inside me at all times during this event. I will be able to handle all of this on my own, and I do not want them to know anything about my personal life." Desirée told her companion, as she scooped all of her belongings including her hoop into her purse and slung it over her shoulders. "Aye!" he exclaimed, as he hopped into her soul and snuggled up inside it with warmth. After he jumped into her soul, she hopped onto the pole and quickly slid down it as the wind blew through her newly white hair.

    Upon landing, her eyes widened as they fell upon the mansion. It was just like how it was when she was a child, as a set of hedge gardens lead up to the front door of the giant manor. Designer cars were parked in the driveway, signalling that her entire family was most likely there as well. "Well... here goes nothing.." she said, as she slowly walked through the hedge gardens and onto the front doorstep. The hedge gardens were beautifully trimmed, as if they were up-kept every single day along with the flowers lining the edges of the stepping stones that lead to the giant door. When she stepped upon the porch, she could hear what appeared to be laughter inside as if they were doing a fun type of family event. Desirée took a deep breath as she approached the door, pressing the doorbell and waiting a few feet away from the glass that was hard to see through. "Hold on, one moment." a voice could be heard from the inside of the house, as the conversation went silent as the female voice began to walk toward the door.

    It was Lyra, the smaller twin of the Blooms sisters. She had came before Desirée along with Suzy, and was one of the more quiet types among the twin girls in the Blooms family. Desirée could feel the door unlock, and standing there was a blue haired woman which appeared to be about 23. The woman smiled, but it was soon turned into a gasp with widened eyes. "De... De-" she began to say, as Desirée kept a stone cold face the entire time. "I'd like to speak with father, where is his current position in the household?" Desirée asked her older sister, as Lyra shakily pointed behind her to the giant red set of doors above the large staircase of the mansion. "Now, if you don't mind.." Desirée told her, as she stepped inside and began to ascend the giant stairs of the mansion. As she gazed through the set of two hallways reaching across each side of the mansion, she noticed that her room's name had been switched from "Desirée" to "Jami," which she did not understand. It infuriated her even more, but she kept a straight face as she walked alone up the stairs. The mansion was beautifully decorated, as red banners and bouquets of flowers stretched across the walls and tables with fancy cloths with the family crest upon them.

    As she reached the large set of doors, she turned to look once again at the entrance of the mansion. Lyra was still standing where she was when Desirée entered, and hadn't moved a muscle since. The door was still wide open, and her blue hair was gusting through it as small tears could be seen leaking down her face. "That is unimportant." Desirée told herself, as she pushed open the red doors and walked into the office of her father. Stretching across these walls were the same banners, followed with two giant aquariums of multi-colored fish covering the walls where these banners did not. Down the red carpet that stretched from the red doors was a desk, as her father stood looking out the window at the pink and white ship levitating above the backyard of the manor.

    "Father.." Desirée said softly, as her voice echoed through the dim room. The only light radiating into the room was through the windows and from her, as she glowed a bright green from Kiwi radiating inside her soul. Goody Blooms turned from looking out the windows and gazed upon Desirée, gasping at the sight of her hair. "It isn't blue.." he said, as she reached into her purse and pulled out a sheet of paper which was inside a separate folder. She then walked toward his desk and put it on it, causing the table to shake at the force present. "Please sign these forms... they are to legally and officially separate myself from the Blooms family. The only thing holding myself to you will be my last name." she told him, as a disgusted look came from his face. "How are you not dead.." he said in disgust, as he spit on the papers upon the desk.

    "Sign the papers." she ordered him, as he shook his head with a smirk. "No. I want you to suffer for your actions. Killing my assassins, not succumbing to death alone in the woods.." he said, as Desirée began to quiver. "You killed my friends... how can you live with the feeling that you took the breath of unwilling people trying to live their lives in peace?!" she screamed, as tears began to leak down her eyes. "They weren't the targets..." he said, as he bent down and reached into the left-side drawer of the desk in which he was standing behind. "You were." he said, as he revealed a gun which was loaded in his hands. "Father, don't.." she told him, as he pointed the barrel toward her skull. As Desirée dropped quickly to the floor to avoid the gun, a bullet flew through the air and planted into the doors which were as red as blood.

    "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Bismuth and Celestite!" she screamed, as she gripped onto two worry stones present in the grip of her fingertips. Goody gasped, as two beams of light shot from the ceiling and produced two women wielding swords of wind and glass. The two Crystals both gasped at the sight of the man in which they knew was her father, as well as the gun pointed where she was previously standing. Bismuth shot across the room and sliced the gun in half, causing the other two bullets to rain from the chamber. Celestite hopped across the desk and tackled the man, holding him by his shirt as well as her sword of wind against his throat. "Sign the papers, or you will meet your end. This is not a game, this is life or death." Desirée told him, as she picked up a red pen from his pen organizer and slammed it on-top of the paper.

    Goody Blooms quickly signed the paper, and Celestite threw him against the wall behind the desk. "It didn't have to be this way, father. However, now that it is, there is no turning back. I am no longer your daughter, and never want to see you or the rest of the family ever again." she told him, as he quivered in pain against the dent of the wall that he had caused from being thrown so hard from Celestite. Desirée picked up the papers and slid them back into the folder, sticking them inside her purse as if nothing had just happened. "Good... Goodbye.." she told him, as her and the two summons sprinted out of the house in tears, using the Crystals as body-guards for anything that would try to come their direction in a negative aspect. Standing around the doors of the entrance of the house was the rest of the family, as the doors were wide open for her to leave. They were all sobbing, including the two Crystals and Desirée.

    "It didn't have to be like this..." she said softly, as she ran out of the house and was escorted home in painful tears.


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