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    What are FROGslayers?

    Vox Nihili

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    What are FROGslayers?

    Post by Vox Nihili on 8th October 2017, 11:09 am

    I earned a Frogslayer Lacrima awhile back, and never really did anything with it since I was waiting to use it with the saber I got. But, seeing the Halloweenfrogs I thought about seeing what I could do to polish it off until im allowed to use my saber.

    Not much info had been released about it, but i'm assuming that since it is a frogslayer and these new critters are HalloweenFROGs, I could make the lacrima based around the adorable (totally not invasive) critters that may or may not be plotting to take us over and use our species as cattle.

    When aiming for a the halloweenfrogs as the slayertype, some things need to be answered.

    1: Type?: What type of slayer is the lacrima? It can't be dragon, due to the species difference. Would it be considered a God or Demonslayer, or even a mixture if its in regards to these critters?

    2: Element(s): Halloweenfrogs are sentient pumpkin/cat/tentacle creatures according to Kitty, which makes sense given the info given about them. Their attributes point towards a nature/water type affinity, water due to tentacles and nature due to the pumpkins relation.

    Their ability to seemingly pull candy outta thinair could be thought of a usage of nature magic to craft it, along with altering the terrain around them to a Halloween theme. Changing the biome of the nature around them.

    3: Force: How would one enter force if its allowed. Eating pumpkins, plants, drinking water, etc. Such as pumpkins give full bonus, and then the plants and water give reduced ones akin to the mixed slayer in the october store.


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    Re: What are FROGslayers?

    Post by Madame Astrid on 10th October 2017, 3:58 pm

    1. I'd assume it would be treated the same as a mythical lacrima, so probably none of those and it would be it's own thing. Like if you got a mythical lacrima and just decided to go with ''Insert' slayer''. It would be a new thing completely on its own. You could give it properties of god, dragon, or demon slayers if you wanted. But why do that when you could be unique and be king of the frogs

    2. Once again due to the vagueness you could pretty much do whatever for the element, as long as it's frog-related i guess??? So like water and nature could work.

    3. They would enter force like any other 2nd gen slayer would (which is in the slayer rules). The lacrima already says they eat frogs to gain MP, and therefore that would be your main element to enter force.

    I'm probably no help at all but that's just my onion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    If it doesn't specify specifically you can do whatever. I assume it was vague like that to allow the holder some freedom.


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