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    Criminal Syndicate, part 1


    Criminal Syndicate, part 1  Empty Criminal Syndicate, part 1

    Post by Guest 5th October 2017, 1:22 pm

    Job Title: Criminal Syndicate, part 1
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Minimum is D rank, (max 3 D rank, 1 D rank and 1 C rank or everything from B rank and higher have to do this solo.),  Good, Dark, Neutral
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Requirements: Find the missing officer of x town and uncover the truth.
    Job Location: Hargeon Town, Talonia or Cedar
    Job Description:
    There are rumours of a powerful criminal organisation all over Fiore and the police force and even the Rune Knights tried to investigate the rumours but without success. The disappearance from three of their officers, who were on the job to find them, made them conclude that the rumours are true. But they are afraid to lose more men, that is why they are asking for any information about them. They asked the public to help them with their search and published the information about their disappearance.
    (Their backgrounds can be made up by the player.)
    *Hans Shoffel, a Rune knight had gone missing in Cedar.
    *Klaas Amstel, a police officer in the town Hargeon disappeared after visiting the restaurant. They aren’t sure whenever he visited the place for dinner or for his research.
    *John Luck, a Rune knight went to the Talonia Arena and hasn’t returned ever since.
    Your job is to go to either one of these towns to uncover the truth of their disappearance. Once you found one they will tell you that the local police force is corrupted and that they were responsible for their disappearance. The local Police chief runs is involved and the NPC asks the player to put him out of commission and interrogate him. They can’t help because they are unable to (in part 2). In which state, you find them and exactly where is to you to decide.  


    Rewards: 3k jewels, D rank experience and access to part 2.

    -- credit to Berggeit

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