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    Armored Fiends (Tau'ri, C-rank)

    Madame Astrid

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    Armored Fiends (Tau'ri, C-rank)

    Post by Madame Astrid on 5th October 2017, 11:32 am

    Job Title: Armored Fiends
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 3,000 words, have a passport. Can be from any guild or guildless.
    Job Requirements: Beat the boss, save the village.
    Job Location: Tau'ri
    Job Description:
    Creatures known as Skags are a common enemy in the land of Tau'ri. With their tendency to breed like rabbits and their never ending hunger if a village is unlucky enough to have an infestation of these it isn't uncommon for them to be wiped out in a few weeks or even days.
    As it just so happens a small village in Tau'ri has been hit hard with these creatures, most likely due to the intense shift in weather lately. Unarmed and unprepared to face them the villagers have sent out a plea for help to any and all who would listen.
    It is up to you to either kill or drive out the Skags. They will only listen to their alpha, so defeat the alpha and the others will listen as well.

    Weak: Skag Pups x5:
    The smallest and weakest of skags, usually only a few days or weeks old. With their underdeveloped armor and teeth they are nothing more than angry Chihuahuas. They can each be taken down in 1-2 hits and deal half D-rank spell damage per bite. They are normally seen in groups of 5.

    Normal: Skag Whelps x2:
    Though not as strong as adults, Whelps are a little more troublesome than pups. Their reckless behavior and more developed armor make them dangerous, yet foolish and seseptible to more powerful attacks. They can be taken down in 4 hits, and deal full D-rank damage per bite.

    Strong: Adult Skag:
    Time for the more serious enemies. If a Skag reaches adulthood they tend to be more smart and powerful than the rest, learning how to scratch and kick as well as bite. Their armor is very well developed, making it almost impossible to pierce unless you use a very powerful attack. The best way to attack would be to aim for their unprotected parts, the legs of the insides of their mouths. That is, if you can even land a hit as adults tend to be the fastest of their kind.
    Adults deal full C-rank damage per hit, and can take up to 8 hits to take down.

    Boss: Alpha Skag:
    The dog to rule them all, the alpha. This is the Skag who runs the entire pack. Defeat him, and all the others will leave. But it will not be easy.
    Its armor is so advanced nothing at all can pierce it, making its legs and the inside of its mouth the only thing you can attack to deal damage. It kicks, scratches, bites, and even uses its long tongue to attack, and is able to leap great distances to dodge your attacks.
    The alpha deals B-rank damage pet hit, and takes 12 hits to take down.

    6,000 jewels.

    -- credit to your lord and savior


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