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    Chairty hype


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    Chairty hype Empty Chairty hype

    Post by Nadarr 5th October 2017, 10:03 am

    The Duo were standing in hargeon in the street looking around. There job today was as simple as they come..Raise money for a charity that contacted him. The problem with this was that Clearance didn’t consider himself a showman of any kind As he watched people walk by he tried thinking of a away but came up with nothing. “Coco...I have no idea how we are going to pull this off…” he sighed leaning on a wall his hands in his pockets looking up at the sky. “What..you mean raising money for charity with your magic?” she asked confused. He looked at his evoker then her sighing. “Most people don’t take kindly to people shooting themselves..” she shakes his head. “Besides my magic isn’t for parlor trick...it's meant to make a difference it the world…” he shakes his head as people pass. “With all do respect master getting money for this organization would change there world.” She said simply. “Clearance didn’t respond knowing she was right but still his magic wasn’t to flashy and hers...well maybe they could do something. “Fine but you have to help me” He got up walking his hands on his pockets. “Of course master” she said following him closely. He saw some crates and sighed hopping up on them she stood near by. A few looked but didn’t stop. Clearance wasn’t about to raise his voice or anything so barbaric. He simply took his evoker out and shot it in the air a few times, Coco unphased at all. Suddenly all eyes were on him.”Hello everyone...My name is Clearance Auburn, Today we are here to..put on a show for you viewing pleasure...on behalf of the Mages association, any donations would be appreciated but please sit back and enjoy. Now he had a bit more of a crowd and they looked curious. Clearance looked down at coco holding his gun. Today our we will be featuring an escape act” he says holstering his Evoker. “My assistance coco will seal me in this create the suspend me into the air, I will then have thirty second to come out before she drops it, no magic shall be used in this to prove it my assistant Coco here” He tosses his evoker to her, now she will shoot the wires and drop the create...hopefully with me out.” he said, the crowd grew larger and more egar which made him more and more unsettled that they were happy he was getting dropped by it was all a show. And it that he looked at her as she helped him in the box nodding to her.” she sealed it by wrapping wire so it couldn’t be opened then was suspended into the air. She then lifted him into the air and pointed the gun at the box and then ask the crowd to count down from thirty. He sould hear them chanting careful not to move a inch though they grew skepticaly then he heard the gunshot a i jerks they create fell. The box smashed to pieces and the crowd looked worried. “He then walks to the shattered box his hands in his pockets The crowd looked amazed as he walked through it wonder what happened since they saw nothing happened with the create. “thank you” he bowed with Coco as the crowd clapped and cheered. He stood next to Coco nodding “Thank you if you’d be so kind as to leave a donation that be lovely, thank you” he said in a higher tone. Later on after collecting the charity's money he took his evoker back walking out sighing a bit. They managed to collect about two thousand and five hundred jewels plus a few lifetime backers which was more then he thought he’d get out of this so he’ll call it a win...even if he did cheat. “Master...don’t you think having me shoot you in the head to activate your Arcana is cheating?” she asked confused. To this he shrugged and started to walk thinking how the bullet was to hit him and the wire snapping was her doing. He sighed a little. “maybe but it worked out and they are none the wiser.” he said sighing. “Of course master...when's the next act?” she ask smiling a smile he could feel. He stopped looking at her “you just want to drop me again..” he said before walking again. She said nothing but smiled as he gave a small chuckle. It turned out alright so he couldn’t complain but...it would be awhile before he let that happen again.

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