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    ILac HYPE!


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    ILac HYPE! Empty ILac HYPE!

    Post by Nadarr on 5th October 2017, 9:36 am

    As they got off at a station in the neutral grounds Clearance looked around then back at Coco. “come now” he said walking.  She followed close by feeling uneasy to a degree.  As they walk Coco walked up next to him.  “master...Do you feel uneasy without your magic...being able to be used?”  She asked looking at him as they walked to the store.  “No not really...might be different since i'm a holder type mage but I feel normal.” He sighed looking around.  “This city had so much more technology compared to where he was.   He was used to seeing most if not everything ran by magic or magic devices,  But here there was none, a true glory to the name Neutral ground.  Though he started to wonder why magic didn’t work here...Was there a device or maybe there was a magical item itself.  Clearance would definitely like to know but that wasn’t the purpose of this trip however,  This trip they were getting a Ilac,  some new type of communication device.  He had ordered two a while back so he could keep in contact with Coco,  just incase they got separated.  As they continued it the streets were bustling and people were working hard.  He was amazed at how much the did without any type of magic.  Using tools instead of spells,  made him stop and look at his evoker in the holster.  He shook his head and kept walking, Coco giving a quizzical look but saying nothing as they eventually get to the shop.  He walked in with her looking around as a voice greeting them.  “Yes hello?” a man said behind a counter.  The store looked like they had a few different models of ILac and quite a  bit of different technology inside it.  Everything from watches to radios,  this store seemed to sell.  It was a impressive assortment of stuff. “Clearance walked over his hands in his pockets as he looked in the display case briefly then at the man. “I have two IlLacs on order,  Under the name Clearance Auburn” he said in his melo quiet tone.  The man stopped looking around through some papers eventually pulling two out “Ah yes here you are” he said taking two out of the display case,  with a few papers with details of use.  “Coco took them looking at the man nodding.  “Thanks” he waved leaving the shop with her a hand out as she placed a ILac into it.  He looked at the device.  I turned on easily and he tapped a few button looking at coco. “Come on we can mess with them on the train” He said walking putting it in his pocket. “Yes master thank you” she said as they walked.  “You don’t need to thank me” he said not stopping.  “Just ...make sure you do a good job paying me back for it…” he said not stopping sighing.  His odd way of saying she earned it.  She simply nodded walking “of course master.” She said following him to the train so they could set up there new  ILacs.

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