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    Wine Tasting Again


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    Wine Tasting Again Empty Wine Tasting Again

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 10:50 am

    As they walked through the streets of Rose Garden he looked down at a piece of paper he held in his hand with an address to a restaurant he was asked to visit. He looked back at coco briefly who was calmly walking looking around the city. He let out a sigh putting his hands in his pockets. As they walk they eventually find the restaurant they look for looking at the sign nodding a bit. “Master what business do we have here, we hardly have the money to be eaten out.” she said calming but those words hit Clarence like a ton of bricks. A noble not even being able to even afford dinner for two...hit him in his pride but it would recover, or so he hoped. “We aren’t here to eat...someone is asking for a wine sampling,he requested volunteers.” he said shaking his head. “Besides i wouldn't eat most cooking if you don’t make it so let's go” She just nodded walking in the door of the establishment. The interior was very fancy, it was clearly a very ritzy place. It was the kind of place the’d go eat at for meetings when he was a noble, but that was sometime ago. As they stood there looking around a man walked over “welcome Welcome, what bring you here?” he asked curiously. “We don’t open for another two hours” he commented. “I received a invitation for-” Before he finished the man burst out “oh yes welcome!” he practically shouted “please please have a seat” he would say leading them to a table, coco pulled clearances seat out for him and stood at his side her hands folded in front of her. “Please just a moment” he runs to the back. Clarence just looked around then up at Coco. “you can sit you know?” he said curious why she was standing. “No thank you master” she said simply. “Clearance sighed. She wasn’t going to sit, To Clearance this was a show of force, that she would serve him and no one else. It was a odd gesture but she was determined though she didn’t show it. “Eventually he walked out with a wine bottle and glass. He seat it on the table pouring him a glass. Clearance took it looking at it giving it a smell. It had a strong, but nice smell to it. Eventually he took a sip letting it sit in his mouth, the man looked like he was on his toes with anticipation. He swallowed smiling “Amazing, a great wine indeed” he said the man looking happy and filled with joy, “though my suggestion for the future to improve it is let a few bottles sit, i promise with age it will improve” he said nodding. The man nodded thank you thank you for you kindness sir” he said happily looking at them. “Can i get you anything?” Clearance thought for a moment. “Can we get some food for our travels?” The man nodded and went to the back, Coco followed him to gather the food. Clearance looked at them both and leaned back a bit finishing the wine in his glass. His life was so rough.

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