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    Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika

    Jiyu Kazehime
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    Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika Empty Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 1st October 2017, 7:55 pm

    She had sent a letter out to Golden Pheonix a few days before, the note read very simply. Dear Astrid, I'm going to the mall in Iceberg and I'd like you to come with me, From Jiyu. She couldn't write everything she wanted to. After the Inugami had meet Mint once more, so many questions had flowed into her delicate brain, an overload of information coursing through her and she couldn't really be sure of almost anything. Normally? She would handle things on her own, but this was a situation she could not possibly fix on her own. Right now, she really needed her childhood friend because she had so many questions about if she had really made an incredibly big mistake in the past. Kazehime would have loved to stay in Peace Village growing up, running away was extremely difficult on her because she did love her siblings and family. However, she had been under the belief that remaining in Peace Village would mean being entirely unable to practice magic, become a mage which at the time was the only thing she wanted in the world because magic was the only connection she had to her mother! Expect seeing Mint was a mage and knowing Astrid was also a mage, it started making her question herself and what she had decided. Right now, the wind witch needed to be validated and the only person that she thought may be able to do that and actually make her believe it, was Astrid. The young goddess remembered clearly when they were younger that Asty had always been the most supportive of them, and the best headed, although Mint was smarter and she herself was more intuitive. Without the pale-haired girl there? She and Mint likely would have killed each other.

    Upon arriving in Iceberg the female had paid for a hotel because she arrived a few days before the appointed meeting day. This morning the canine had dressed in a white bikini top which was barely able to contain her enormous chest alongside a pair of heart-patterned daisy dukes that were actually girls brief underwear. Jiyu was somewhat Anxious as she had not seen Astrid for some time since their reunion, would it still be weird for the female to see her in this canine form? The girl twirled her ebony hair around her finger the orange tips brushing her pale skin, though to her optics they appeared to be golden as she was red-green color blind. Normally the wind user was cockily confident, but today she was so afraid that she would be told everything she'd done was a mistake. Kazehime took a breath, managing to calm herself with a giggle as she levitated outside the hotel window, waiting to hear or smell Astrid since she sure as hell couldn't see her. Everyone walking around looking at the woman as if she had lost her head because instead of warm clothing she let her hair and tail wrap around her to protect her from the outdoor cold until her friend could pick her up.


    Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika Miku_chibi_by_kenneos-d4l2s2w

    Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika H6NcPbM Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika H6NcPbM Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika H6NcPbM Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika H6NcPbM


    Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika Empty Re: Tell me I'm not a screw up? No, Alright...Astrid/Jiyu/Erika

    Post by Guest 1st October 2017, 9:20 pm

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    The letter from Mikka had been sudden, and unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome. The two had not talked to each other since their reunion at Izayuki and Elyx's wedding, due to both not really having each other's contact information or time to chat and catch up. As a guild master Astrid was very busy these days, and as a ace she would expect the same for Mikka.
    Despite this with her busy schedule, Astrid managed to clear the entire day for this trip the canine planned for them. After all, for a couple years the silvernette had assumed to girl was dead. Or at least, that's what everyone in Peace Village kept telling her, so eventually she too began to believe it. But she was not. Her friend turned out to still be alive. Though still unsure of why she suddenly disappeared and why she looked so different or even what she had been doing all this time, the slayer could look past that and just be happy she was still alive and bothered to keep in touch with her. After all she too looked different, due to certain circumstances. A touchy subject, as probably the same was for Mikka. So she would not push the girl into saying what she didn't. Instead, she would take this time and accept the invitation gratefully. The only problem is, there would be an unexpected third wheel tagging along with the two childhood friends... A certain egotistical dragon lady.

    The slayer leaned her head against the car window, staring out into the cold abyss simply known as Iceberg. Why was it Iceberg? She didn't know why Mikka chose such a cold place to simply go to the mall. They had a mall in Magnolia, she couldn't understand why the canine had specifically chosen a mall in a country which had never had a day above freezing point in their life. But well, if it's where she wanted to go Astrid would not argue with her. She had never been to Iceberg anyway, it would be a nice experience. Even if the person tagging along with them had kind of forced her way into this situation. The mall just better have good heating... She could already feel the frost beginning to tingle on her nose and finger tips, and she wasn't even outside yet.
    Growing bored of watching the icy landscape repeat over and over again on their way to pick up the dog girl, the slayer's purple eyes glanced over to the blue haired woman driving. Honestly she didn't know Erika could drive. But then again, what couldn't Erika do?
    She should probably get a licence of her own some day, so Erika wouldn't have to keep carting her around everywhere. But when you ran at the speed of light, transportation wasn't necessary. Plus all it did was give her motion sickness. The only reason she wasn't throwing up right now was sheer willpower alone, as to not make herself look like a fool in front of Erika. There would be a bump in the roar every now and again, causing her to almost bring up her entire breakfast. But before she could she always managed to swallow it back down. Little to say, this wasn't a fun ride.
    "Are we there yet?" The wizard saint would ask, a slight smile twitching onto her lips. "How about now?" she would ask a couple of seconds later. "Now?"

    "How about now?"




    Either she really was curious, or just trying to piss Erika off. Or perhaps both. A little payback for even making her ride in the car in the first place. Seriously, didn't she have portals or something? She could have gotten them both to Mikka's hotel in a blink of an eye. But nope, she insisted on bringing a car.
    It was her own fault.
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