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    Housekeeping // Solo Job.

    Yves Riyoshi
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    Housekeeping // Solo Job.  Empty Housekeeping // Solo Job.

    Post by Yves Riyoshi on Sat 30 Sep 2017 - 6:52

    Making there be 5 enemies for this thread, 4 flies (weak) and 1 Dog (strong).


    "I don't think anyone is going to answer, Cherry. Perhaps they found someone else?" Faye asked Cherry, as she was in ladybug form and hiding under Faye's Koropokkuru leaf. "No, they have to answer! After all, they sent out help requests to all the legal guilds!" Cherry responded, as she began to crawl to the center of the leaf and close her eyes while they waited in the rain. As they waited for another 30 seconds, the door slammed open and a middle-aged man stood there and looked around. "Damn, I think I was ding-dong-ditched. I wonder when my housekeeper will get here.." he said, as Faye looked up toward him while he began to go back inside. "Hey, wait up!" she screamed, as he turned and looked around his porch once again. "Down here." she said, as he looked and gasped. "A small lady and a leaf!" he exclaimed, as he squatted down and inspected the girl. "A small lady from Lamia Scale. May you lift me up?" she asked him, as he lowered his hand and she hopped into it.

    "Watch out for Frank, he's the neighbors dog that always finds a way in somehow, as long as you keep out of sight, but find a way to stop him from coming back without killing him. Also, there's a pesky fly problem. And finally, I have a leaky roof. Good luck!" he exclaimed, as he quickly set them down on a door-side table, grabbed his bags, and darted out the house while shutting the door. "Well then, I guess we should go looking throughout the house for food." Faye told her ladybug, as she popped into a floral flash of light and then into her humanoid form. Here, she was wearing her typical humanoid clothing, which consisted of a mask and a ladybug-print bodysuit. Faye was wearing a red and white dress, matched with brown heel-boots and her hair tied with a clip.

    As they navigated across furniture in the small house, they had came across a table with a plate full of cheese. It appeared to be molding, and therefore attracting house-flies with it. "This is gross, Faye!" Cherry exclaimed, as all the flies turned towards them and glared. "Well, I never anticipated a fight here, but anything is possible." Faye said, as she gripped her Koropokkuru leaf and began to conjure a flaming orange stem of flowers out of it. The flames then engulfed the petals, causing them to circulate through the slightly-pink flames. "Hiyaa~!" she heard Cherry scream, as she was blasting through the air toward two of the flies. She kicked two of them in their faces, causing them to collapse onto the table. "May the flames of Gladioli engulf you.." Faye said, as the long stem shot out of the leaf completely and engulfed one of the remaining flies in flames, causing it to also collapse. Out of fear, the remaining fly flew away at a rapid pace to avoid also being harmed.

    As they made it to the kitchen and were feasting on an array of cookies spread out across the table, it had appeared that a noise was now trekking throughout the kitchen floor. As Faye looked, she realized that a doggy-door was swinging and a white Chihuahua was sniffing around the floor. "There he is, Faye! No wonder he can get in, there is a doggy-door right there!" the ladybug girl exclaimed, as she pointed towards the door and crossed her hands. "This man is a rather interesting man..." Faye told her ladybug, as she glided down to the floor to meet the dog. As she landed in-front of the dog, she was met with a rather confused gaze of a large animal in the small girl's eyes. "Please go back out of the door, you are not permitted to be in this area right now." she told the dog, as it tilted its head. Cherry met them there, and the dog began to pant and appear as if he had hearts in his eyes.

    The dog began to run after Cherry, knocking over a chair in the kitchen near the door. "Eeeeep~!" Cherry screamed, as they began to run through the house in fear of being eaten. After finally making it back to the kitchen after doing multiple laps around the house, Faye finally thought of an idea that was worth trying. Faye began to twirl her leaf around her and slammed it into the ground, causing a large wave of water and lotus flowers to flow right toward the dog. The dog was alarmed by this, and began to run toward the doggy-door. He hopped out before the strike, and Faye evaporated the water. After they had removed the dog from the house, they pushed the fallen char up against the doggy-door to prevent him from re-entering, scaled the kitchen counters once again, and returned to their feast of cookies waiting for them on the kitchen counter.

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