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    A City in Fear(Open)


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    A City in Fear(Open)

    Post by Sol on 29th September 2017, 7:04 am

    In the town of Cedar the people were becoming very fearful and for good reason, for the past few nights people had been going missing only to turn up in the late hours of the morning in pieces. However no one could find the cause for this and the local military was scrambling to find the culprit before another attack happened. In the shadows though two red eyes watched the shaking masses with glee, Sol had learned recently that Poison dragons enjoyed having their prey scared and fearful before devouring them since it made their meal taste that much better.

    From the busy streets a young girl suddenly caught sight of something in the alley where Sol was before she decided to turn and looked around inside the alley , when she got to where Sol was at he suddenly opened his eyes and they glowed red for a moment before the woman fell down in fear but she couldn’t find the will to scream as the poison dragon approached her and then bared his fangs and decided to make her even more afraid, he grinned wider before he suddenly seemed to reveal two more sets of razor sharp poison fangs before he got ready to devour her.

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    Re: A City in Fear(Open)

    Post by Yuiisai Today at 4:42 am

    Yuiisai had recently just finished a job within the town of Cedar and had decided to move onto the next one on their list. They had no idea what was going on but since joining their current guild it seemed trial after trial, like they had to prove their worth if they hoped to remain in the employ with them. Being as it was a dark guild it did however stand to reason that only the strong survived and those who out their use or had been deemed weak perished. They where far from useless and though seen as a delicate blossom was more like a rose hiding thorns when irritated, but then they were content to play the delicate flower following how they where raised when not needed to do things for the guild. For now they wore a white victorian style dress with baby green ruffles with a matching bonnet even if he was to take a male form he would still easily pass as a female, even if they didn't they would have no qualms in dressing in such a manner they lived to please after all.

    After a moment they stopped and sniffed at the air smelling a familiar scent and headed to the ally only to see the events unfold "Do dragon's often play with their food?" they asked crossing their arms moving forward her milky jade eyes looking to the poison dragon slayer. The other knew that every slayer type had their own qualities and scents, they had managed to hide their natural scent from other slayers due to using their own homemade incense. Their clothing, hair, body was always scented with these incenses but knew that wouldn't fool the slayer before them due to being in constant contact with them. "Or is that something only you have come to do?" they finished asking with a sigh, one of their hands going to their head "Are you the reason this town in an upheaval about missing people?" they sure to hell hoped not because right now it was going to be a pain in the ass just to get out of the place now due to it.

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