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    Warriors should suffer their pain silently.


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    Warriors should suffer their pain silently.

    Post by Blank on 27th September 2017, 12:01 am

    There was a man named 'Nanashi' that had been drinking sake at the local bars all over the town of Rose Garden. It had come the time for him to try once more to find someone to fall in love with but his chances weren't to great. Mostly do to the fact that when he drinks to much sake, he can get extremely out of control and has been known to black out. This would have been one of those nights that he had blacked out. Those this time when he woke up he was on a train! "Why am I here? where are we? whats going on here?" Nanashi had been yelling in panic because of who knows what happened the night before. All that he would remember was a blur and the smell of sake on his clothing. The people all around him on the train just looked at him crazy and tried to help him claim down. Finally at the moment his hand had bumped against the handle of his swords he did seem to claim down. This is due to the fact that when ever he is dreaming he never has his weapons with him. Lead to Nanashi having to find a way to sober up and find some why to clear his mind, this lead him to get off at the next stop on the train line.

    "Now arriving at Oshibana Station!"

    Nanashi quick got to his feet giving him self a head rush, so he had to lowly walk out of the train so not to fall over onto the ground, floor of the train, or onto another person. He was quiet lost at to where he could go to sober up at. He stumbled around the station for a bit, then he finally noticed the office and walked towards it. "Hello, is there some placed that I may find something good to eat that has a lot of bread?" It was a very odd question for the place to have bread but that is a trick Nanashi picked up a while back to help sober up. "Why yes sir there is, just go out the doors right over there and it will be the second shop on the left just right in front of this station." A very lovely and beautiful woman that told him where he could find such a place. "Thank you, you wonderful young thing you." He had replied to her with a smile on his face and then took off towards the place. There was no dough in the world that Nanashi was extremely bad at talking to anyone while he was drunk.

    As Nanashi had made it to the place the beautiful woman had told him about he went inside quickly. Didn't take any time at all to get sited and to have some food with lots of bread to eat. While he was eating away and sobering up, he then noticed that he was once again in a bar and he quickly finish the all the food. So that he could get out of there fast and find out what to do an how to find a way back to where he was the other day. "Thanks for the food!" Nanashi yelled out as he put a large about of money on the table to cover his bill and left the bar. Now as he was just outside of the bar, he felt a little at easy because at lest no one he knew had seen him like this. Because something as shameful as letting your self get blacked out drunk on sake as a samurai warrior and a master swordsmen to behave in this way. Taking time to think of what to do next while he pasted back and forth in front of the bar. Before drawing a blank on what to do, so he just headed back towards the train station.

    Then he stopped right as he got to the front of the station to check and how many money he had left. As he had checked all of the places where he could keep money on his person and began to freeze in place. There wasn't any left after eat all the food a few moments ago and whatever the amount he spent the night before. The samurai rushed into the station and up to the counter where they sell tickets for the trains to ask them if there was any kind of job in town he could find to make enough money to take the train some where. Lucky for him it was the same beautiful woman from before so she understand fully what was going on. "There is a big board right over there that has a few odds and ends that are small jobs for those that need help and don't mind who is that does it for them." The woman told Nanashi as she pointed to the left at a large sign of wood that had papers hanging from it. "Thank you so much again my fair maiden." He had replied to her as he quickly took off towards the left but this time he had made the woman blush a bit those not really noticing it had happen at all.

    Now that Nanashi is standing in front of the place where all the papers and flyers are hanging up so that one can find some from of work at. He had skimmed over them all quickly, those there was on about half way down that had cough his eye with the label of 'Honorable Combat'. The man had quickly grabbed and taken down the paper at once to read it more carefully. After a few moments it was clearly a job to due battle with a warrior to the death. Those it does seem that his warrior was not that of a samurai but none the less still was a warrior that wished to pass away in battle. This was something that he had wish to happen one day for himself due to not being able to remember anything about his own self or of his passed other then that of being a samurai warrior. So this was something that he couldn't just let anyone to do battle with a veteran warrior as of the one that filled out this paper in his hands. Those it didn't seem to say where to go at all on the paper. He had started to walk towards the counter yet again but before he could reach it he stopped dead in his tracks. As he had just flipped the paper over and there was a very simple map on the paper that showed him where he was and where he needs to be to find the warrior. Nanashi darted out of the station and took off as fast as he could following the map on the paper.

    It had taken Nanashi quiet some time to get to the place of where the warrior was, due to it being just on the outskirts of the town its self. It seemed to be a small home that had be long abandoned due to all the nature growing all over it the building. It was hitting right in the middle of a bed grassy meadow with a small lake not that far from it off to the right a bit. While off to the left is that of a dense forest that you hear the animals that life within causing all kind of noises to bonce all over the place. Other then the normal sounds of the wild life it could be one very peaceful and lovely place to call home. Then all of a suddenly an elderly man stepped out of the house for a moment and had noticed Nanashi standing there looking around. "Who are you?
    An what have you come to my home for?!" The elderly out make yelled out loud the best he could before starting to cough a bit due to the strain on his voice for having to yell. "My name is Nanashi and I have come here to battle with an honorable warrior!" He had quickly replied to the old man as he had drawn his katana out with his right hand and held out the paper with the map on it into the air with his left. The elderly man quickly went back into his home only for a few moments, when the elderly man returns he has a plain kite shield in one hand and a double-edged long sword in the other.

    "So the time has finally come, Let this be a glorious battle!"

    Both of the men had came rushing towards each other with the intend to fight to the death. At first contact their blades had clashed with one another as sparks begin to fly from the force of their strength be hide the blades they wield. This happen quiet a few more times as they where basically just testing enough others strength. Those without warning the elderly man deemed it was time to fight with all his might, because he seem to believe that Nanashi was worthy of battling with at full strength. Just after that very next clash of their swords the elderly man had lend in to push Nanashi's blade away, so that he could strike him with his shield. The strike had impacted onto Nanashi's shoulder and with great force send him stumbling back some. Those this hit didn't break or shatter any of his bone it did hurt like hell. "Not bad for an old timer!" Nanashi yelled as he came rushing up to slash his sword at the elderly man but this time his blade come in contact with the elder's shield. The swing of his sword with force enough to push the shield and the arm of elder against his own body. "Right back at you! But it will take more then just raw strength to beat me youngster!!" The elder had yell out as was still blocking Nanashi's sword with his own shield and then started to swing with his double-edged long sword. There was no time to dodge the elder's swing but there was time for one thing. With Nanashi's free hand he quickly grabbed his handle of his Wakazashi and pulled it out in time just parry the elder's sword. Those he did stop that one swing but now he no longer has his second weapon. Due to at the same time Nanashi started to parry the elder's weapon he had noticed and slightly moved his sword to act like it was parried. But in reality it was simply changing the way he was swinging it to send the smaller sword flying out of Nanashi's hand and into the on of the first tree's that line the dense forest to left of his home. "Good reflexives there youngster but you still have a way to go." As the elder was busy talking, Nanashi took that one slight chance to jump back and try to make some distant between them.

    Nanashi begins to grin happy as he is starting to enjoy this battle of mightily warrior spirits clashing with one another. "I like your style old man, lets get the real battle started now!" He yelled out loud while starting to laugh as he charged at the elder man. Now just before getting close enough to swing with his katana, he switch hands with the sword so that his swing would be aimed at the side of the old man with the sword. This bough cough the elder off guard for a moment but his reflexives are still fast enough to block the sword with his own. An quickly made a counter strike with his shield once again just like before, but this time Nanashi was ready for it and his grin turned into that of a big smile showing his teeth as he pulled back his free hand. Then swinged it with as much force as he could into that of the elder's shield, as the metal of the shield come in with Nanashi's fist all you could hear was cracking. Now to the elder's surprise the cracking sound was coming from both the shield and the Nanashi's fist. The shield had an imprint of a fist right in the middle of it as well as cracks from the imprint outwards to the edges of the shield. Now the shield wasn't broken but it was damaged but not without the cost of breaking the four fingers of Nanashi's left hand. They both jumped back a bit before they both started to grin as they came rushing back at one another clashing with blade to blade and shield to fist. This keep coming so much that all one could see from Nanashi's left hand was blood shed and what looked like dis-formed and broken hand. But no matter what Nanashi wasn't back down and kept coming at the elder with all the strength he had in him. After a while of this clashing going on and it seemed like the battle had no end coming, the elder came up with an idea that the next time their blades clashed that in stand of clashing he would block both Nanashi's blade and fist with his shield. Those this was a risky play it would give him a little bit more time to come up with how to counter strike. On impacted with both Nanashi's sword and fist caused the shield to completely shatter. A long with the sound of bones breaking as now not only was his left fist completely shattered like the elder's shield but now his left arm was broken too. The pain caused Nanashi to close his eye for just a single moment and cry out in pain but by the time he had open his eyes. The elder had taken advantage of the moment and releasing the handle of the shattered shield and grabbing his double-edged long sword with both hands. Then quickly swinged it at Nanashi's left arm, this action had completely slashed though the flesh and already broken bones cutting the arm off. Which caused Nanashi to cry out in even more pain but also sent him into a rage to defend himself from losing another limb. Unlucky for the elder that at that same moment he left himself completely open just like Nanashi had down. Then without a moment to spare Nanashi had raised his katana up into the slashed the elder's chest from the front of left shoulder down to this right lower side next to the stomach. An spun his body an kicked the elder with his leg right in the center of his chest. This caused the elder to be knocked back quiet some bit away and on to the ground.

    Nanashi wasn't done yet with his enraged and pain flowing though him he had quickly stealth his katana. Binding down to grab his arm that was cut off and charged once more at the elder once again. The elder wasn't able to get back up fulling yet but he was sitting at an angle where he could still swing his sword if need be. The elder had saw Nanashi charging at him and got ready to block what ever attack was coming his way. Nanashi pulled back his own right arm as if he was about to punch at the elder, the elder angled the blade outwards as in tending to made it so if Nanashi punched his fist would be slashed open. But little did the elder know that Nanashi had his other arm within the grip of his right hand. So he swinged it like a base-ball bat and hitting the sword on the flat side which knocked the sword out of the elder's hand. Nanashi was still rushing and quickly pulled the arm back up into the air, letting go of it so it would fly into the air. Formed a fist with his right hand and smashed into right into the elder's chest with as much strength as he could. All that was heard was that of cracking bones from the elder and Nanashi, the elder's cracking was that of his rib cage as the bones where breaking and the cracking coming from Nanashi was that of his right fist completely breaking. At the same time that the elder's rib cage breaking one of the broken peaces had broken off and went right into his heart killing him in combat. As well due to the amount of blood lost Nanashi stumbles around for amount before blacking out.

    There was someone or something didn't which for Nanashi to die just of yet that was watching from the forest had came and picked the blacked out person off towards some where. Once the thing had gotten to the front of a guild hall that belonged to that of Infinity Hydra. It had just throw Nanashi onto the ground right into front of the doors while he was still bleeding out and completely blacked out. As for way the thing or being had taken Nanashi to this place was unknown and will he live though to fight again one day...

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