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    Jaleh Nasren

    Jaleh Nasren

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    Completed Jaleh Nasren

    Post by Jaleh Nasren on 16th September 2017, 2:48 pm

    Name: Jaleh Nasren
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 04/22
    Sexuality: Gay
    Special Characteristics: Aside from her guild mark, nothing really special going on here.

    Personality: Outside of a battle, many people would assume that Jaleh wouldn't really be the type to fight, given that she always at least attempts to defuse a situation, rather than escalate it. Usually it works, due to her own calm and compassionate nature. Of course, she also is very much a confident and cheerful woman, due to being raised in the shadow of the Sabertooth guild. As a whole, she really seems to be a very easy person to get along with. Being a person who is fine with just sitting and listening, even if it puts her at odds with her own excitability. Of course, she has her negative traits, as she very much is an impatient person, wanting results as quickly as possible. She also is very much driven by emotions rather than logic, leading her to sometimes take on tasks she can't fully handle in the name of helping someone else, or protecting a person who needs it.

    That being said, Jaleh almost seems to be an entirely different person when a battle begins, falling quite silent unless spoken to, doing her absolute best while also trying to keep those she considers to be her friends--usually extending to any and all people within the guild as well as bystanders--protected at any costs, even if it means that she has to put herself in harm's way. This of course has led to her taking a few advanced courses in the school of hard knocks, but at the same time, she will never claim to regret such things, always worrying more about the person she was trying to protect than she would about herself. In a sense, she seems to view her own life as meaning very little compared to the lives of those she could protect.

    As a leader, this aspect becomes quite prominent, as she will actively change orders if someone is put into a situation that they cannot handle on their own. This is driven by a mix of logic and emotion, as she both wants to make sure that everyone comes back from a mission alive, and is deeply terrified of the thought of being responsible for a life lost. However, as a leader, she becomes much more serious and vocal, seemingly being the opposite of what most people would ever see her as. She still is very compassionate, but at the same time, her choice in words can become much more harsh. She has never been one to sit back and let others fight for her though, and will always be at the forefront of any battle that she is in, either as a leader, or under one. Luckily for her, she becomes much more logical as a leader, able to make actually viable decisions without things blowing up in her face. Of course, she still is swayed by her emotions, occasionally causing her to give up something that would further her own goals--or even the goals of the guild--for the sake of saving a member of her team.


    • Alcohol: "The great drink of bonding. It might not always taste the best,
      but one can guarantee that a drink shared with friends can lead to closer bonds than before."

    • Sweets: "I know this is childish, but there's just something about sweet things that makes me feel happier."
    • Sunsets: "..What? You'd have to be crazy to not enjoy watching the sunset."
    • Stargazing: "I know that there're people out there who don't like looking at the stars because of some kind of personal stigma, but I like looking up at the night sky and seeing all those lights shining above us."


    • Dark Wizards/Guilds: "Those people and organizations give those of us that would use magic to keep others safe a bad name."
    • Extreme Weather: "It's difficult to deal with, uncomfortable as hell, and most importantly an extreme hazard. Not fun."
    • Bitter Foods: "For the life of me, I'll never be able to understand how anyone can like bitter food. It's literally an assault on your sense of taste, and bitter things just..well they just outright taste like poison.
    • 'Imposters': "I see that look your giving me. I mean people who go to excessive lengths to pretend to be something they aren't for their own benefit. The most annoying of those kinds of people are the random Wizards that just pretend to be part of a bigger guild to boost their own name and popularity."


    • Friendship: "Yeah yeah, laugh at this all you want, but I really do believe that a real measure of a person's worth is in the company they keep, and what those people have to say about them. I trust my friends, and hope that they can say the same for me."
    • Protecting Others: "I mean..protecting people was my reason for learning magic in the first place. I'll always hold that above everything else. Hearing the thanks from people I protect is always a reward in and of itself, and it always drives me to do better."
    • Becoming a better Wizard: "Well, I couldn't really get away with not being motivated by the idea of getting better at what I do. After all, it gives me the ability to protect people. With that being the basis of what I do..I'd damn well better improve with it.


    • Arachnaphobia: "Spiders are creepy crawly nightmare bugs, and they must be kept as far away from me as possible, otherwise VERY bad things will happen."
    • Losing People: "...If I lose anyone that I am protecting, then I've failed as both a wizard and a person. I..I would rather not say more about it than that.
    • Losing Control of Herself: "I've seen what Take Over can do to people..it can make them do things that they'd normally never do. God only knows what other kinds of magic there are out there that can do that. It's also a big reason why I try to watch how much I drink. I..I just don't want to lose control of what I do. It terrifies me.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 92 lbs
    Hair: Blonde. For her hairstyle, it is usually kept in a messy ponytail, with her bangs framing her face. Of course, she'll occasionally let it down, revealing that it's about shoulder length. In this hairstyle, her hair is very messy, but still frames her face with the bangs.
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Tone: Light, but she doesn't seem to burn very easily.
    Appearance: Standing at a meager five feet tall, and weighing in at only ninety-two pounds, Jaleh isn't exactly an intimidating figure. But, then again, she isn't meant to be. What with her hair always messy and almost always kept in a ponytail, one could assume that the light skinned, green eyed woman is just a citizen of any city she's in. Of course, her slim, somewhat childish figure tends to make people underestimate her age, treating her like a child--to great annoyance from her.

    Her clothing tends to help break that assumption though, as it it exceedingly varied. However, her favored articles of clothing seem to be a red jacket--almost always worn unzipped--a white tube top with black hemming, and a pair of denim short shorts. This is usually what she wears when she's just hanging around, as it gives her a great deal of flexibility, and is usually about all she needs to wear given how she tends to frequent places known for having nice weather. Of course, she's willing to wear more clothes than that, as she has been spotted wearing a man's formal suit on more than one occasion. Really, her clothing can be anything from jeans and a T-shirt, to a full on formal suit. The only real constant in any of these outfits seems to be both the color red and the necklace she's always wearing.


    Guild: Sabertooth
    Tattoo: Located on the left side of her hip, the Sabertooth Guild Tattoo that she has is a dark red in color.
    Rank: D
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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    Completed Re: Jaleh Nasren

    Post by Salrynn on 16th September 2017, 2:58 pm


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