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    Navarre T'Saan, The One of Many Faces.

    Nevarre T'Saan

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    Navarre T'Saan, The One of Many Faces.

    Post by Nevarre T'Saan on Thu 14 Sep - 5:56

    Name: Nevarre T'Saan
    Gender: (Eunuch Male)
    Age: (21 Years of Age.)
    Birthday: (7th of the First Moon- January 7th.)
    Sexuality: (Any|N/a)
    Special Characteristics:
    Eunuch: Well, that's self explanitory. (They can't reproduce, since they have no organs to do so.)
    Masked Intentions: They're always wearing a mask. Literally. They won't take off their mask.
    Effeminate Form: They can easily fall on either side of the male or female spectrum in form. (They can have breasts, but they need to gain a little bit of weight.)
    -Navarre is the strong, silent type. Self explanatory, but needing a little more, Navarre is nearly the perfect assassin. They talk when they are talked to, they are good secret keepers, and they can be anyone or anything. They won't try to be your friend, since they don't need to. They can pretend to be your friend and make you go along with it, without making you do a thing. They're the ones you need when you want information, or want someone dead. However, if you FINALLY got past the metallic exterior of Navarre, you'd find a person more like a child of a person, yet a genius. They have a child-like fixation on their own personal redemption through bloodshed, and yet, their mind is lightning quick in combat, subterfuge, and death-dealing. They're almost too quick. They're sociopathic in their lack of emotion towards the killing of enemies. However, they're good at what they do and their willing to use any means to meet any ends set before them. When it comes to Navarre, never expect them to come to your aid. He means to find the shortest path to whatever victory he seeks. If that means leaving you behind as he jumps forward after an enemy's throat, he will. If you stood in between him and a target, if you decided to try and defend Navarre's target? He would slit your throat instantly. He would jump through hell itself, just to meet the ends he was given. Despite his ever growing existentialism, Navarre doesn't let emotion drive him, or even bother him in the slightest, unequally focused on whatever task he'd been given. Be grateful that he's on your side in any situation, as even though his mind isn't the strongest in the bunch, nor is his magic, but when it comes to becoming the demon that stalks your fears and hunts your dreams to extinction? He's the best. He's also a decent chef, so if you need someone to kill your enemies, or make a decent Eggs Benedict, he can do both.
    -In-Combat, Navarre is a hit and run combat artist, using misdirection, deception, and cloak & dagger type attacks. They'll change who they are, what they are, and how they seem, just to fit in their latest attack from the shadows. They dash in, using one face, hide in the crowd, change their face, and come back for round two. No person could really know for certain who they are, since they're masters of disguise, but those who do know will find out soon enough that just in the time that realizing who they are, makes them a second too slow to react. When cornered, Navarre will do his very best to either confuse the enemy in their entirety with finding something that makes them tick, or by trying to fade into the shadows, only to regroup, and get ready for a second strike. Navarre is a truly deadly combat machine, all while being mainly supportive of their actions with their magic, being low on offensive magics.
    -Navarre is a weird mixture of Leader and Follower, strangely enough. When he's not given an order, he's following behind whoever has his allegiance, but with an order, Navarre takes his own path to complete the contract. He still won't lead any others, but he will do his own thing to get the job done.

    -Contracts: Means he has a target, and something to live for.
    -Bloodshed: It's what he's good at, you know?
    -Maintaining a Facade: Doesn't ever try to show his true colors.
    -Oathbreakers: Those who break the contract that they signed will be forfeiting their life, so be warned.
    -Being Known: If someone that hasn't formed a contract with Navarre knows who he is, or his face, he will try to kill them, if need be.
    -Failure: On his part, or someone elses. Either way, there's a mess to clean up.
    -Redemption: He tries to redeem himself through his actions, but they just end up dead anyway.
    -Completion of a Contract: Will do anything to complete this or any contract.
    -Vengeance: Whenever Navarre is wronged, Navarre seeks revenge with ruthless, and fatal efficiency.
    -Acceptance: Those who know why he's so good at disguises will never speak to the light of day, since they will find Navarre's blade in their back.
    -Losing a contract to another: If another takes his contract, he will kill them and take their place.
    -Being Useless: I mean, if you're fighting a big bad monster, he's just one person. It doesn't help him to be able to shift his form.
    General Appearance

    Height: (5' 9")
    Weight: (160lbs)
    Hair: (Long, straight, Raven black hair.)
    Eyes: (Steel Grey)
    Skin Tone: (Fair)
    Appearance: (Wearing leather armor, red and black doublet overcoat, and a white mask, he wears two swords on his right hip, one short, and one long, and yet, this is their combat gear. Outside of combat, they can wear anything, and be anyone. Just know, they always wear a mask of silver-white.)


    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: (Silver-Lower Back tattoo.) (Looks like this: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f6/79/dd/f679dd01ad7829348f9c986740c0c1ed--gothic-crosses-celtic-crosses.jpg)
    Rank: (D-Rank)
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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    Re: Navarre T'Saan, The One of Many Faces.

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