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    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura]


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    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura] Empty Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura]

    Post by Duck 8th September 2017, 8:18 am

    Job Information:

    Duck feels that it was time to finally start messing with someone in the guild, other then that one bath that was a bunch of chaos which was fun but not really the way it normally does things. This time it had to get the being alone some where and enjoy it's time for as much as it could. The duck had spent hours waddling around the floor of the Silver Moon Inn trying to think of a way to get someone singled out and how to lure them away. Then it hit the duck, I mean legit it had just hit and landed on top of it's head. "Quack!" Duck always quacks without control when touched, hit by anything, or squished in some way. It shook it's head as the paper flyer had when sliding of and landed on the floor right in front of it. Slowly the duck's eye rolled all over the new found flyer and read everything it had to say. There was a lost puppy some where in a forest that was labeled 'Spooky Forest'. But that wasn't all, it seems that the part of the forest that the puppy was lost at was known to be filled with these 'Vulcans' which were large humanoid ape monsters. This make the duck happy because not only could it mess with someone but could also fix its slowly growing hungry to need to eat a being once more.

    The duck took the paper flyer into it's mouth and had took to the air with it's wings in search of the one it was to mess with. Then it had stopped someone in a black hoodie, it flow over to this being and landed on the being's shoulder. Now the duck just had to some how communicate without shifting forms because it wished to save that for later. After a few moments of just standing on the being's shoulder, the duck finally got an extremely silly way to get the message though to this being before him. While still having the flyer in it's mouth, it had began to slap the being with this paper for at lest twenty times. Then it had taken to the air again and dropped the flyer on top the being's head. "Quack! Quack!" Duck had quacked twice at the being as in its way of saying "Come on!". The duck then took off though an open window heading straight for the Spooky Forest. While it was thinking two things; First being that it had hoped that the being would get the message and come along with it to have some fun. Second being that due to the chaos of before why do they keep leaving windows open, but then again it just give the duck more chances to have fun so it didn't really care if they ever learned to close the windows.
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    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura] Main

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    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura] Empty Re: Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura]

    Post by Itazura 8th September 2017, 11:34 am

    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura] GGfYIph
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    The weasel was squatting on a bar seat, rolling an empty glass on the bottom edge. He yawned, bored, he had absolutely nothing to do. Well, he most likely had work as the Ace of Spades to do, but that was boring work, he likes doing work that was fun. Hanging out messing with people, chasing and killing and most likely eating monsters. Even if he eats, he'll always be hungry, he prefers human flesh or yokai flesh, because they would keep him fuller her longer, but he would take any kind of meat really. As long as he got to eat something, he hated the constant feeling of being starved, he digested his food to fast. His hunger was more constant then any other creature he has met, and he has met a lot of different species. The only person that had a comparable appetite to him was Black Rose's resident goddess, Irina. Who would devour all the food if she could, and she probably could, she does have comparable appetite to Itazura after all.
    He'd actually just finished eating and drinking some alcohol he didn't bother learn the name of, saying his complaints through intelligible groans he got the bartender to fill his glass again. He drank the glass as if it was a shot glass, when it was a lot bigger then that. Releasing a breath after drinking, he back flipped off his seat, the bartender just rolled their eyes at him showing off for no reason. He stretched up his arms before bringing them back down to pull his hood over his dirty blond hair. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he started to head towards the exit on the far side of the room from where he was. Suddenly a bird the ayakashi believed to be a duck, landed on his shoulder. Which was no easy task considering how small his shoulders were.
    Confused but amused that something was happening to ease him from his complete boredom. Even though the duck got his attention from landing on him, they tried to get a message across by rapidly hitting him in his face with some sort of flyer a good twenty times. The avian then flew up from his shoulder and dropped the paper a top his black hood with three spots on two sides of it. He laughed, grabbing the paper from his head he looked at it. Of course the paper had words, being illiterate he couldn't read or write. But a picture showed off a picture of a puppy, a large word across the top of it. Though he couldn't read it, he got the general gist of it.  Usually any flyer that he has seen, that people have told him what it meant, was some event going on at some place in Rose Garden. Or, there was a job offer, he assumed it was that, the latter I mean. So of course, considering his immense boredom, followed after the bird to hopefully they knew the way. Because he sure didn't.

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    Quacking fun with a weasel. [Job with Itazura] DsdPc3p


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