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    The Most Dangerous Game


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    The Most Dangerous Game Empty The Most Dangerous Game

    Post by Baobhan on 7th September 2017, 5:49 pm

    'Nothing worth having comes easy...'

    Eileen had been travelling the wastes of this area for some time, she had managed to get a good amount of information from people pertaining to this world and how it seemed to be run. The answers, were far more dire than she could have possibly anticipated. Having met a mage who flagrantly used their magic with absolute disregard to the consequences, Eileen had a meeting with him and educated him on his error before dropping him back off in the middle of town so that he could better relay the message to others. Little more than half the man that he used to be, but, such was life. One must live and live with the consequences of those actions, but, as Eileen left the Rose Gardens a week later, she was confident that the tasks she intended to undergo were the right ones. There were no signs of the entropy of magic yet, but, should her father be right about his ramblings, it would not be long until she saw a couple of signs...

    'Then she reached the Canyon.'

    Eileen had undertaken a job to locate and attain a document that was being guarded en route through this mysterious canyon. She'd had no idea of the barren wasteland that was sprawled out before her. A vast craggy desert that expanded as far as the eye could see. Eileen could not help but think for a moment that this was the fate that awaited the rest of the world soon enough should magic be held in the same regard as always. For the first time there was a sense of urgency about her mission. Yet the trials and tribulations of the world had gotten in her way. The world seemed to operate with a form of currency, one that she had none of and that her skills in alchemy weren't up to par to simulate. Nor did she have the materials required. It had been said that she was to meet another Magus whom had undertaken the task upon her arrival, though scanning the horizon whomever the person was, they were yet to be in view.

    While she stood and waited, the small leviathan at her side coughed in the cold. Night had fallen which had put Eileen at a lot more ease without the blazing sun above them. ''I know, dust and sand are not kind to one such as you my darling Nilkanta, however, soon we will find a source of water for you to play in. Hold fast for now, as a daughter of Daedelus, I believe in you.'' Eileen would smile warmly, the look gratifying and contagious as Nilkanta would in turn mewl. Her form not yet developed to the point beyond that of a fiercely intelligent animal. Though she was learning far faster than Eileen could have imagined. Within an hour of her hatching Nilkanta was able to walk and was more than a meter long. In the period of about a week, Nilkanta had doubled in size and was able to fight and hunt on par with that of a large cat and even began to develop her breath weapon. Daedelus must have been amazing if this was the product of his spawn.

    Settling down at the rendevous location, Eileen as well as Nilkanta built themselves a campfire with wood they had packed from the spooky forest they had had to travel through to get this far. Drawing her sword and placing it to her side with her bandoleer of vials that came with it, Eileen would feed the pine to the flames as they would crackle warmly, her mask laying next to her pack as well as her heavy cloak and leathers. Letting drip a single drop of the Arcanum Simulactum... the crimson vitae of magic that ran through her veins, a substance of primal curses that was as close to recreating the one magic as her father was able to attain. Taking that drop, she hurled it onto the fire which roared into a pillar of crimson flame before settling down.

    'Fire was always known to cleanse evil, in some form...'


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