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    Just a piece of the pie

    Casus Belli
    Casus Belli

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    Just a piece of the pie Empty Just a piece of the pie

    Post by Casus Belli 7th September 2017, 2:15 pm

    ''job description'':

    Lineage used for a 100% bonus in jewels reward

    Motor City wasn't Casus's favorite place to walk. Of course it offered him a lot of opportunity but all the iron made his senses go crazy at some points. It took a little while to get used to it walking the streets until he finally ended up at a sleezy office at the center of the city. Entering the office it reminded him of all the other places like it. Everything was grey, black brown. Whatever color depressed you more. And sitting behind his desk which was of course way too big was just another intimidating looking fatso with a cigar in his mouth. Hell this guy hadn't even lit it. The explanation was short but sweet, there were two shops that wouldn't pay up because one of his best men who took to those streets got shanked a couple of weeks ago. Apparently they thought that they could solely change the way things were in this city. Casus had seen it one too many times, and knew it didn't serve them well to try to go against the tide on their own. That wasn't a rebellion, that was plain disobedience. But times had changed. He wasn't here to support failing ideologies anymore. If you didn't have the strength to step up you might as well give up. And this time? This time he was the judge jury and prosecutor in his mind.

    The loanshark did him the 'favor' to accompany Casus as they walked towards the shops. With 'favor' he of course meant that he's pretty much forced to show his face for the extra intimidation factor and to send a message to the others. But, a job was a job. If it wasn't, the loanshark would be on the same list as those shop owners. It didn't take long to arrive at the shops, they were a bit off from the city center and fairy low key. The first one was a used parts shop, and the guy running it was a fairly bulky guy. At first he wasn't really complicit, and Casus expected him to be the biggest trouble maker, but after some 'convincing' , which came down to showing the fellow Casus's power by throwing some stuff around that contained even the slightest traces of Iron. The shop owner quickly came to realize he was dealing with a mage, and not just a thug. And the fact that Casus displayed that anything in his shop was his he didn't feel like he had any other choice. He paid up and hoped Casus wouldn't deal any real damage. But he should have known better. Bent pipes, broken motor blocks and the car lift in two was what the sentence became. The man wasn't pleased but knew better as to cause a bigger ruckus.

    On the way to the second shop the loanshark took the time to compliment Casus on his ruthlessness, but Casus saw through the ass kissing and deemed it appropriate to ignore the guy for now. Berfore the two could reach the next stop they were stopped in one of the alleys that was a supposed shortcut. Three thugs, fairly big and muscled stood in their way. Casus calmy asked the loanshark 'They your guys?'' but the loanshark could only shake his head nervously. Now this was something that Casus thought was rather inexcusable. The verdict was already in and the next shopowner had something waiting for him. If there was one thing Casus hated more than people who weren't strong enough to stand up it would be people who ordered others to do it for them. ''How much is he paying you anyways?'' asked Casus in a taunting matter. But the muscleheads didn't seem amused in the slightest. Casus sighed as he looked left and right at the alley walls. Brick. Just his luck. But he hadn't run out of luck quite yet as he looked up and saw ventilation pipes and sewage running above them. Using his sensory ability he also noticed one of the guys had a rather large knife in his pocket, something he would come to regret.

    Casus was just about done with the stand-off when he used his ability to levitate and bring to him the knife in the thugs pocket. The thug in question could only look on as it happened too quickly for him to comprehend. They weren't expecting a mage, but they didn't seem fazed enough to just give up like the last shop owner did, a shame for them. When the first thug put his first foot forward Casus replied by putting an arm up, creating a magic circle and saying ''Pain of the Iron lord''. The thug that had his foot forward noticed the magic circle, and even though he didn't know much about magic he knew enough to know he couldn't just stand still and let it happen. The thug started charging at him before the other two knew what was going on, seemed they weren't as smart as he was. The charging thug was quickly stopped in his tracks as two knifes, originating from the iron in the ventilation duct embedded their selves in his calves, with three more hitting him in the back. The man stumbled, seemingly willing to take more steps before collapsing on his knees. The man must have been a professional because he kept his voice low and his cry of pain silent. The two others quickly approached, but it was clear they had lost the intention of engaging Casus. They grabbed their downed comrade, pulled him on one of their shoulders and walked away, looking back once probably expected Casus to lash out again. But Casus didn't deem it necessary. They weren't the prime offenders in his eyes. The man who hired them was.

    It didn't take long to arrive at the shop. Casus had already increased his pace and the loanshark had trouble keeping up. Enough so that the loanshark was left out of breath once they arrived, and so left the talking up to Casus. Exactly according to plan. Casus didn't waste a moment and before the small thin shopkeeper could react he was already lifted up by the neck and smacked against the wall by Casus. Before the man could stand up Casus widened his eye and shouted under his breath 'judgement'. The man that had tried to get up was suddenly weighed down enough to stay put, as the sitting position he fell in was enough for Casus's cubic meter of effect to take care of his clothes and change them into pure iron. ''Now you're going to listen here. The guy you send had three knifes in his back, two in his calves. Now I wonder, if that's what I did to people who simply did what they were paid for, what should I do with you? I'm being paid as well you see. But not because this fatso there is too weak to deal with it himself. No. It is to send a message against weak little shits like you.'' Casus spoke with anger, not even necessarily because of the man himself but because he reminded him of how weak he at one time was. How careless he was in  taking care of things and how it cost him everything. Well, this time he was the executioner, and the man should be thankful for the lesson he was about to give him.

    Casus was making sure to keep his hand on the man's mouth as he gave his 'lesson' with the very same knife he send someone after him. His screams would have been loud, but after hours of work his sobbing was quiet. His throat had gone dry, his face wet of sweat and tears and Casus made sure not to leave a single inch of his shop untouched. The shop was decorated with broken inventory, and Casus had even taken the liberty of messing up his storage. Before he was done with the interior there came a point where the loanshark stopped him, saying that if he continued the man wouldn't have a way to keep paying them anymore. 'Fair enough' thought Casus as he had calmed down considerably.

    Walking away from all of this, the walk back to the shark's office, it was all a bit depressing in Casus's eyes. There was a time when he fought for justice. When people looked at him and sought him to lead revolutions. But after years of fighting those fights he had grown a hatred for types like that shopowner. People who only sought other people's strengths to accomplish something but then, when that powered disappeared just as quickly they would lose controls. The monarchy's overthrown would return or even worse a dictator would be installed.

    Arriving at the office of the loanshark he told Casus to wait for a moment before he came back packing a large envelope. Casus counted the bills inside, and whilst doing so heard the loanshark talk;''Y-you know if you're ever looking for more work.. erm.. More consistent work here keeping those fools in check we could always use a guy like you..''. As soon as Casus confirmed the content of the envelope he couldn't help but laugh, turn around and wave the man one last goodbye. He wasn't in this business to feel better than others like that shark, he was here to get paid. And people pay best when they're in a bind, like  today. Just another day in the life of a man living from paycheck to paycheck he guessed.
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