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    Quackers for a passport. [Job]


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    Quackers for a passport. [Job] Empty Quackers for a passport. [Job]

    Post by Duck 6th September 2017, 4:57 pm

    Duck was still in the town of Rose Garden after meeting some very questionable and odd beings on complete accident. Due it's strange in counter with these beings, duck had shown its humanoid form to them an after quiet some time with both them freaking out and chatting with one another. They had ended up inviting Eilam to their guild, Eilam Kangis was the name that the duck took on while in it's humanoid form and Black Rose was the guild that both Duck an Eilam were now a part of. Oddly enough that main reason that duck had agreed to be part of the guild was due to the fact there were so many other animals and half animal like beings was there. This had made duck feel like it was a good place for him to be and could have some fun messing with the humans that were also a part of the guild. Shortly after joining the guild of Black Rose, Eilam and the members were chatting about random things. Then the topic of needing a passport to be able to travel around with and was needed to take on some jobs. Those Eilam could simply shifted into that of a duck and could fly to where ever it would need to go. But to not cause much trouble for it's self it desired that it would be best to go along with the idea of getting one of these things called a passport. Next thing Eilam did was ask where it would be able to obtain a passport, lucky for it there were people giving them out today at the docks. There was a downside that was only a limited amount of them left to be given out at this time. Those who didn't get a passport today would have to wait a hold another year to obtain one. Eilam could easily wait but there is many places he needs to go and learn more things about, so getting the passport was a must for him at this time.

    Eilam had quickly shifted into it's duck form and took off in flight right though one of the open windows to find the docks. The duck had flow around for quiet some time looking for the right part of the docks. After a little while it spotted that one of the docks was very crowed with people. That had to be the one that it was looking for at this time. It had flown down closer to the docks and landed on the should of a being that was in a line that headed for the end of the dock. Where it was mostly the place that the passports were being handed out. The being that the duck had landed on noticed that a duck was on it's should and began to freak out. "What the hell! Go! Get off me!" The being had swatted at the duck in a motion to get it to go away without hurting it. This was not something that the duck took to well so it quacked loudly an had bitten the being's hand and then hopped to the should of the next being in front of the other being. One by one they all tried to get the duck to leave from their shoulder but was bitten in the process each time. This happened all the way till it had hopped from the one being that was in the front of the line and had face planted onto a table that someone was sitting at. It was most likely that this being had to be the one handing out the passports.

    The being that had been sitting at the table was shocked that a duck had landed on the table right in front of it. Within a few moments later the shock had wean off and that being to had swatted at the duck. Those this time it didn't bite the being but in stand hopped down from the table and shifted into that of it's humanoid form right in front of everyone. A large amount fo gasps had came from the line and a single gasp from the one sitting at the table. "Who are you? and What are you?" The female being before Eilam had ask it questions that were the same as most everyone else that had seen it change shapes before. "My name is Eilam Kangis. As to what I am there is a label that I found among the many books over the years is that of a Shapeshifter. Those unlike most of the race known by that name that could shift into many different forms, I have only been about to change from that of a duck to that of this humanoid form you see before you." The information that Eilam had given to the female being in front of it was so blunt that it cause her to be in a shocked state again. After finally getting her self back together a few moments later. "Wow, never thought the day would come that I would see a Shapeshifter in person. Anyway, I would like to ask why is that you have come here." The female being had asked Eilam in a calm voice and a normal tone as to not seem hustle towards it. "I have recently joined the guild of Black Rose, the members their had told me that I would need a passport to travel from here to other lands and be aloud to do jobs within their boarders. So I have come here to obtain one of those things." Eilam replied to the female being in same kind of voice and tone for the same reason. "Well that should be simple enough, all I would need to see is that of your guild mark and I will fill out the the papers for you. Then all you will need to do is sign your name on the bottom of this little booklet I will show to you in a moment." Not even a moment had passed from the time that the female being had stop speaking. Eilam had jumped towards the table while shifting back into it's duck form and landed on the table. Then the duck sat down and shook its left leg at the female being so she could noticed the guild mark of Black Rose on the bottom of it's left foot. The female being did see it and began filling out all of the papers for the shapeshifter. Then when she was done filling out the papers and had pushed a small booklet over to the duck with a pen for it to be signed. The duck got up and jumped down from the table shifting back into its humanoid form so that it could sign the booklet. "There you go, its all done so here is your passport. Now do be careful with it and don't loss it because once lost you may not get another one. An hope to hear great things about the shapeshifter that got a passport from me." The female being had said to Eilam while smiling and handing the passport to Eilam. "Thank you, I will do my best to shine." Eilam quickly tucked the passport into it's pants before shifting into that of a duck once more and flow away back towards the guild of Black Rose.
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