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    Johann von Weiss' Bank Account


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    Johann von Weiss' Bank Account

    Post by Johann on 5th September 2017, 4:30 am

    Johann von Weiss' Bank

    Special Items:
    - Ancient Scroll (used)
    - 1 dose of Lacrima Milk

    Approved Weapons:
    - Fancy Rapier
    - Storms Interceptor
    - Raijū
    - Azure Silver

    Approved Items:
    - Njord's Heart
    - Ventums Conduit
    - Energized Amber

    Approved Armors:
    - Rune of Shielding

    Approved Pets:
    - Artorias von Weiss

    Ongoing Missions (4/6):
    - No one can hide from the hunters
    - Clearing the Trade Route
    - Sized Circumstances
    - Balance Core

    Finished Missions at D-rank:
    - Getting a Passport
    - Passing through town
    - Anchor's Away!
    - Making Potions
    - The Plague [1/5]
    - The Plague [2/5]

    Finished Missions at C-rank:
    - The Plague [3/5]
    - The Plague [4/5]
    - The Plague [5/5]
    - Trained by an old knight
    - Liberation of Slaves
    - Eradicate the enemy (Event)

    Finished Missions at B-rank:
    - King of Thieves
    - Blow away those pirates
    - Maiden Snatcher
    - Of Ninjas and other oddities
    - Masks vs Masks
    - Purge the Invader (Event)

    Finished Missions at A-rank:
    - Through Hell and High Waters

    Ongoing Socials:
    - Tolgalen's Devil
    - A new challenger approaches
    - Making an appearance
    - Nightly job hunting
    - A well deserved punishment
    - A journey to a new place

    Finished Socials:
    - Time to find a job
    - Enter the Stowaway
    - Looking for a new home
    - A shipment of Wine
    - The alcoholic mage's guild intro


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