Johann von Weiss' Bank Account


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    Johann von Weiss' Bank Account

    Post by Johann on 5th September 2017, 4:30 am

    Johann von Weiss' Bank

    Ancient Scroll (used)
    1x Time's Heart (January 2018 IotM)
    2x Doses of Extra EXP Doubler
    2x Doses of Moar EXP
    2x Doses of Extra EXP Doubler
    ● Satan Slayer Lacrima (unused) as a prize from this raffle

    Master of Runes

    Tactical Runes

    Sword of War
    Raijū (Artorias')

    Njord's Heart
    Ventums Conduit
    Energized Amber (Artorias')

    Rune of Shielding
    Rune of Protection
    Rune of Survival
    Tempest Shield Rune (Artorias')

    Artorias von Weiss

    Clockwork: Information
    So a God, Two Saints and a Sinner walked into the Cursed Lands ...

    Getting a Passport
    Passing through town
    Anchor's Away!
    Making Potions
    The Plague [1/5]
    The Plague [2/5]

    The Plague [3/5]
    The Plague [4/5]
    The Plague [5/5]
    Trained by an old knight
    Liberation of Slaves
    Eradicate the enemy (Event)

    King of Thieves
    Blow away those pirates
    Maiden Snatcher
    Of Ninjas and other oddities
    Masks vs Masks
    Purge the Invader (Event)

    Through Hell and High Waters
    Sized Circumstances

    Clear the Trade Route
    Clockwork Invasion
    Under the Black Moon (Event)
    Witness Protection
    The Day of Reckoning
    The World of Demons

    Beach event
    Amalie's Intro
    Winter Masquerade Ball
    Fairy Festival - Johann vs Mura
    Yona's S Rank Exam

    Time to find a job
    Enter the Stowaway
    Looking for a new home
    A shipment of Wine
    The alcoholic mage's guild intro
    A well deserved punishment
    A journey to a new place
    Intro to Demons
    Death of an Ace
    Field test or Field Fear ?
    Berg's Intro
    Autumn Jamboree

    Escort to Hell
    A Familiar Heist
    Wrath on the Calm Sea
    I looked and beheld
    Demon Dancing
    Sushi and all that jazz
    Making an appearance


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    Re: Johann von Weiss' Bank Account

    Post by Aspen on 22nd August 2018, 1:24 pm

    Aspen's Bank

    ●  Ancient Scroll (used)
    ● 1x Dragon Slayer Lacrima from this purchase (used)
    2x Doses of Moar EXP

    Paladin of Blood and Iron

    The Iron Key

    Chains of the Iron Key

    Iron Ring

    Guild Scale

    A New Beginning



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