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    Can we read instead of Tag? Solo Job ♥

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    Can we read instead of Tag? Solo Job ♥ Empty Can we read instead of Tag? Solo Job ♥

    Post by Claire Apollyon on 27th August 2017, 8:48 pm

    Can we read instead of Tag? Solo Job ♥ 271e1c8c3b84d0e3997c4b0ee46cdb5d--patchouli-knowledge

    It was a warm, sunny day in Magnolia, where Tia had decided to vacation for knowledge. She had been wearing purple and red attire, which was unlike her typical everyday clothing. She had decided to switch it up a bit, and throw in a hint of crimson red to spice up things. Sure, it was different, but she felt like fitting in with the flashy wizards that reside in Magnolia. These wizards were part of the Fairy Tail guild, which was a very popular guild among younger wizards. Tia had been actually debating to join this guild, but she felt as though Golden Phoenix would be the right guild for her rather than Fairy Tail. She had arrived in this city a few hours ago, as she had recently aided a mail-man with a situation he was in, regarding him needing help delivering the rest of his mail. This excited Tia, since it was her first ever paying job, despite the pay being so low. Ever since then, she had been writing down things she had seen in Magnolia, to document her trip for educational reasons. She had always valued her education, as she wished it would someday reveal her past to her. This had never happened, but she had never stopped trying. She was in the garden district of Magnolia, which had beautiful fields of forested flowers. She had been sketching every type of flower she had seen, as well as picking one of each so she could dry them and attach them to a page inside. She always had a very floral and neat aesthetic to herself, especially in her writings and notebooks.

    "Excuse me, miss? Would you like to play some tag?" a young voice asked Tia behind her, resulting in Tia turning around to face a few young children. "Um.. I guess." Tia said, with a blank mannerism. However, on the inside, she was jumping around in joy. "Tag is my favorite game! Yay! Yay!" She thought to herself, expressing no joy on her exterior. "Okay, I will count, the rest of you hide!" the little girl said, turning around and counting to fifty. "Now time to choose a spot." Tia thought to herself, running toward a giant tree in the center of the field. She began to climb it, and isolated herself in the tree branches. "She will never find me!" She thought, grinning. "I'm coming to find you!" the young girl exclaimed, and began to search the fields for the hiders. She found the first out of two boys, which was hiding behind a rock near the edges of the field. She found the second boy, hiding behind a tree. However, she had a hard time finding Tia. This made Tia extremely happy, considering she thought of herself as a great hider. Immediately after smirking, thinking she won, she heard a voice behind her in the branches. "I found ya!" the little girl exclaimed, pulling Tia down to the ground. "That was a good game." Tia said, but she was really thinking "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" "We would like you to have this pretty magnolia flower for playing! It's just a normal flower, but we want you to remember us!" the little girl exclaimed, giving Tia the flower. "Thank you!" Tia exclaimed, hugging them. She walked back to the train station, as the flower fields were her last stop in Magnolia.

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