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    Wizard Saints Treasure Trove (Job/Chili Thompson/Ruvel)

    Chili Thompson
    Chili Thompson

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    Wizard Saints Treasure Trove (Job/Chili Thompson/Ruvel) Empty Wizard Saints Treasure Trove (Job/Chili Thompson/Ruvel)

    Post by Chili Thompson 27th August 2017, 3:45 am

    (Enemies fought in this post do not contribute to job requirement)

    "Well, I hope I run into someone soon cause I'm starting to actually get bored." Chili nonchalantly thought to himself as he tried to figure how long he'd been lost in this place. "Being able to stop a powerful artifact from being misused and I also get to keep a piece of gear from the vault of the ten wizards saints is not a bad deal. Though my uncle would be getting on to me for even thinking this was a good idea. Him being one to claim that the ten wizards saints were nothing to gawk at and could eventually be surpassed with enough hard work. He may have been right, however, I still would like to stop this treasure hunter even if the artifacts turn out to be a bust." He continued to self-dialogue to himself as he walked the stone hall of the ruins. Chili had entered them with a crudely drawn map that he had purchased from an explorer that he had bumped into about a mile from the ruins, which he was now holding up to his face and was trying to pinpoint his current location.
    "So I took a left turn here........then a right one there, took another left then a right. Argh even with this map I'm still having trouble finding where I am!" Chili annoyingly thought as he ruffled his hair. The problem was that even with the map, Chili had navigated easily until he came to areas that were not marked. That's when he began adding to the map as he went, as to try and keep track of where he'd been.

    It had been going and still was it just was taking a long time to navigate the labyrinth that was the Ancient Ruins. Adding this new location to the map Chili continued forward, scribbling as he went to make sure the path he was taking was documented. About thirty minutes past when Chili came to what appeared to be buildings. Each one was designed with magnificently well-crafted stonework for how old they probably were. Stopping to jot down the location on the ever-growing map, he then folded it up and reached behind him to unzip his pack. Placing the map into it, he withdrew his notebook flipped to one of the ever decreasing numbers of blank pages and began to sketch the buildings. Taking his time to get every single detail, the way the pillars were indented sorta of looking Roman in a sense, the arches that sat atop the doorways, and how each stone that made up the buildings was placed with such care. While he was doing this a strange looking rabbit ram-like creature came scurrying out of one of the buildings. Stopping it sat on its haunches and turned its head to look at Chili. Freezing for a second, Chili slowly flipped to the next page and started to sketch the creature as carefully as he could as to not scare it off. The thing came closer to him seeming to not be afraid, once it was close enough if let out a weird squeaking noise. Making sure to get the weird pointed elf-like ears and then the small ram horns that were protruding from its head, Chili barely had time to react as he heard footsteps approaching.

    Quickly darting into a building Chili scared the creature off. Peering from around the corner of the entrance, Chili watched as the creature tried to scurry into the building across from him only to be hit by a throwing knife right as it was about to make it in. Hearing the thing let out a squeak of anguish before going silent Chili soon heard voices.
    "Ha! Did you see that throw! I nailed that little bugger right in the heart! Damn rodents make great target practice don't' ya think!"
    As the comment ended Chili saw a blonde haired male around the age of mid-twenties approach the creature as it squirmed and writhed in agony. Smiling as the thing struggle for a bit before finally dying the man began crouching down and ripping his knife from the thing. Two others appeared and they seemed to agree with their friend's comment as he continued to brag about his aiming skills. Chili had heard enough, he may kill animals for food but he hated it when people let the animal suffer longer than it needed to. Coming out of the shadows of the building he delivered a heavy kick into the side of the blonde sending him tumbling into the building that the animal had been trying to escape into. One of the men now on Chili's right drew his sword and took a slash at Chili who jumped back a little as it slashed across his chest barely clipping his tie and cut it in half. That was the only damage taken, not giving the guy a chance to take another swing Chili sped toward him and slammed an uppercut into the bottom of the man's chin. Grabbing him by his collar Chili spun both him and the man to last standing hunter who drove his sword into his allies gut while trying to stab Chili who used the guy he held as a shield. As the one he held let go of his sword Chili caught it mid-air with his right hand while simultaneously kicking the impaled man further onto the sword throwing his companion off balance.

    Chili gritted his teeth as he felt and heard a "thud" as a throwing knife drove itself about halfway into his left mid back. It didn't help that the knife was driven even further by a well-placed heel kick to where it had stuck. Stumbling forward he spun on his heels, swinging the sword upward diagonally to block another throwing knife. Still stumbling back now facing the blonde man Chili felt another knife hit his shoulder. Growling as he ducked to avoid yet another knife, he swung sideways and sliced the man's stomach about a few inches deep. The one who had impaled his friend was now recovered and running further into the ruins to escape the fight while the one with the throwing knives had now drawn his sword and was advancing holding his stomach with one hand while he did so. Dropping the sword he held Chili dodged an upward swing while stepping to the left side of his opponent and shot a bone breaking kick into the weak spot on the side of the knee. Letting out a yelp the man fell to his knees before he recovers Chili pivoted on one leg and slammed his foot into the man's face. Laying on his back unable to really move, Chili proceeded to step on his throat. After a few seconds of applying pressure, Chili heard a sickening crunch as the guy's windpipe caved in and blood started to flow out of his mouth. Watching the life leave his eyes Chili stepped back from him and looked over to where the rabbit ram lay slain. Chili knew all too well he was a hypocrite though he had lived with that fact for a while and it had become less of a bother to him by now. The mixture of emotions that started to go through him as he remembered every kill he'd committed may it be human or animal. The one thing that stuck was the look in their eyes as they went to the next life. He knew it may contradict with his high regard for life however when you choose to walk the path he was on you have to make peace that you will end up breaking your own beliefs ever now and then. Best you can do is not falter once you have chosen it. Shaking the thoughts from his head he reached behind his back with his left hand and felt for the knife. A low growl was in his throat as he pulled it out, followed by another one as he yanked out the other knife in his shoulder. Dropping both to the ground he unzipped his pack and withdrew the map from it before zipping it back up. Staining the map a little bit with his now slightly bloody hands he continued forward into the ruins unsure of how the rest of the day would go all he knew was that whatever happened he would make peace with what he had to do.

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