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    Heeding the Call of Dragons


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    Heeding the Call of Dragons

    Post by Lilim on 24th August 2017, 7:24 am

    Sky Tower. I had seen this magnificent tower from a fair distance amidst the ever clouded skies, it's baby blue and white striped exterior visible among the greens and grey of the area, and is quite notable as it rises a fair distance into the sky itself, getting itself dubbed, of course, "Sky Tower." I walked along the path leading up to the Sky Tower, and awaiting Chili and his attendee, friend, or something along that line. The firebrand, as I've taken to calling him after we first met, even though I don't fully understand why, said he wanted to bring a friend to help out with the mission, and I agreed, for reasons that are not only unbeknownst to me, but also baffling to my mind. Why would I ever even allow these mortals to accompany me? "Maybe you crave their company, like a lonely little moron?" my other self intoned with a sarcastic drawling, their snark laudable in their tone, even if they're inside my brain. I ignored him, wearing my usual clothing, much to the dismay of my employers. Lucky for me, I dress differently on other jobs then I do for jobs like these, jobs that don't bolster my power at all. "Yes, your power. The power of blood, body, and the macabre. Get over it, you edgy freak." the voice intoned aggravatedly,  leaving me alone again after it decided to input again. I mumbled to myself, under my breath, before halting before the great arching doorways that marked the entrance of the tower. I turned back to see the path that I followed here, and waited, standing stock still before the building, with my eerie appearance making it seem like my body vibrated, quantum shifting in the space I stood in, while I stood stock still, never moving. The breeze shook around me, and the people came and went around me as I stood there, eyes unmoved from the horizon, awaiting two figures. Awaiting two things I never thought I would have again, even if temporary: allies. I left those who I knew and loved like family, to protect them, months ago. The people of my new guild operated under their own flags, even while under one banner, and acted merrily enough sure, but I stayed distant, because I knew I would end up hurting them too. I waited inside my own mind for a little while longer, before seeing another shape or two coming down the straight, and walking to the tower.

    (I took the beginning, because I thought I wanted to. Lucky for me, I had an idea on how to start it, so have fun!)
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    Chili Thompson
    Chili Thompson

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    Re: Heeding the Call of Dragons

    Post by Chili Thompson on 24th August 2017, 3:22 pm

    Chili had been resting the back of his head in his hands as he walked through the slightly crowded streets that lay before the ginormous Sky Tower. Like any tourist spot, there were places to eat and relax to soak up the culture so to speak. Kenna was a few steps behind him, ever since he encountered the fellow Sabertooth member he had felt a bond of friendship between them. Though he'd never say it aloud it was nice to have her around as company on jobs. Not to mention she can throw a nasty punch, so to speak. Deciding to try and start a small conversation as they walked Chili spoke up, "So how have you been since that whole imugi incident?" Letting silence follow as to give her time to reply Chili thought about why they were currently here at this tourist location.

    The reason they were even before the giant tower was due to the fact that he had received a letter designating him to meet at the base of the tower with his fellow team member Lynnette. Who he had the chance to meet a few days before. She was definitely an interesting person, to say the least, though he found her personality to be interesting though she seemed to distance herself from others. Chili may be what some call a goofball but he was an observant goofball and anyone.  
    As he remembered the meeting Chili couldn't help but humorously think to himself "I should have made a joke about how she's good at winging it. Though like most people she would have probably stared at me like I grew a second head."
    A small chuckled escaped his lips as they passed a pastry shop, stopping for a second, Chili turned on his heels and stared through the glass for a second. Seeing a cake that caught his eye, Chili quickly turned his head a little to talk over his shoulder to Kenna.
    "Hey, I'm gonna pop in here real quick. You can follow me or continue to the meetup spot. I'll be out in a second."
    Extending his hand to the door, he opened it and walked in. As he let the door close behind him Chili, unzipped the single strap yellowish orange carrier pack he always had with him and took out his note book as well as a pencil. Walking over to the glass counter that displayed all the currently available sweets, Chili put a small grin on his face as he asked kindly to the lady behind it.
    "May I ask what that red and brown cake in the window is?"
    The lady turned to look at him and then turned to look at the cake displayed in the window, before turning back and saying with a gleam in her eye.
    "That's our special red velvet chocolate lava cake. Would you like to order one?"

    Chili politely shook his head no, as he opened his note book to a page marked "Recipes" and inquired to the lady.
    "No thank you, I was wondering if you could maybe divulge how you make it though?"
    The lady simply nodded and replied back.
    "Well normally I wouldn't but you are not a normal customer, so I shall. We use a special grain to make the mix for both the chocolate and velvet but anyone will work. In the place of sugar, we use honey. The chocolate is sweetened with it as well. After getting the batter and honey in a bowl add almond milk not regular. Then mix it all together till you got a nice swirl of black and red. Then pour the batter into two pans and pop them into the oven. Once done you can take it out. Now stack the second layer on top of the first, cut a small circle into the center of it. Now with the unsweetened chocolate now melted and mixed with honey to sweeten it, pour it into the center hole you made and then cover the hole back up with half of what you cut out. Let it sit and solidify a little bit. Then serve it."
    While she talked Chili was taking notes, once he finished she gave him the measurements for everything which he also took down. Once all this was done she disappeared into the back of the shop. A few seconds passed before she reappeared with a bag of cake mix. Tossing it to him Chili caught it and gave her a quizzing look.
    "That's premixed batter all you need to do is add the milk and chocolate. It should be enough to make at least three cakes. Consider it on the house for being so interested in my cooking." The lady commented after seeing the look.
    Nodding his head in thanks, Chili proceeded to put the cake mix in his pack along with his pencil and note pad.

    Turning he left the shop, happy to have added his first cake recipe to the list of things he was learning to make in his own image. Having spent enough time in the shop, he sped through the slightly bustling streets before finally making it to the tower's base where he could see, Aera and Kenna waiting for him. Scratching his head sheepishly as he approached Chili, smiled at the two before introducing them to each other.
    "Kenna this is Lynnette and Lynnette this is Kenna. Hope I didn't keep you'll waiting too long. I got a little side tracked on my way here."
    A nervous chuckle escaped his lips as a realization hit him. One of these women had powers of a demon while the other held ones of a goddess. Pissing them both off would literally be the stupidest thing he could do so Chili took a mental note "Next time you have to meet either of these ladies somewhere don't take the time to grab a recipe. You freaking food mongering eejit."
    Now out of his thoughts, Chili grinned as the nervousness left and the excitement of beginning this job set in as he spoke. "So shall we climb this tower and see who was kind enough to invite us to the top. Maybe they want us to help rename this place, Big Ben." Chuckling at his own joke knowing that the two would probably not understand it Chili had to make himself laugh other wise then that would be admitting his own jokes were terrible.

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