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    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)

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    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)  Empty Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)

    Post by Lemon Lime 22nd August 2017, 10:18 pm

    Ashleen woke calmly, her eyes slowly flitting open as she sat, reclined slightly in the back of an old wooden cart. She had been resting against a large sack of flour. Not exactly the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements, but it was better than walking the final dozen or so miles to Hargeon. She could see the city now, just ahead. It would only take anothet 10, perhaps 15 minutes to arrive at the snail-like pace provided by the tired old pair of mules pulling the cart.

    Ashleen had hitched a ride from an old farmer by the name of Wessel to get to Hargeon. The man seemed nice enough, but more than willing to sit in silence. He either didn't have much to say, or want much for saying anything. In fact, now that she thought about it, Ashleen couldn't remember if he had actually spoken at all when she requested a ride on his cart, or if he had simply grumbled approvingly.

    While see was lost in thought, Ashleen failed to notice a small group of 4 thieves waiting on the sides of the road not too far ahead. Old Wessel didn't have very good eyesight, so by the time he noticed them, they were already stepping into the road, brandishing spears and crude swords. "Hold on right there, old man. You know the deal, right? Give us whatever cash you got, then you can move along your way. Nice and easy, now."

    Wessel seemed to regard the thieves with a sense of jaded exasperation, as though he had been through this a million times. In reality, he had been running into this exact group of bandits on nearly every occasion that he traveled to Hargeon to sell his flour and herbs. He grunted defiantly, and the bandits laughed at his stubborn attitude. "C'mon, old timer. Don't make this any harder than it has to be. Just fork over the dough."

    By now, Ashleen had finished waking up, and let out a loud yawn while stretching her arms and legs. She rolled to one side, pushing herself off the floor of the cart and dusting herself off with her hands, before looking up to see the thieves and their weapons over the top of Wessel's head. She mused, now, that Wessel must have spoken to her after all, since she seemed to remember his name.

    Ashleen hadn't heard much of the bandits words, but she knew well enough that their intentions were not good ones. She was confident enough in her ability to fight, but she was still a little tired, and didn't like the odds of 4 to 1. No matter how weak the 4 looked, their weapons were still undoubtedly dangerous for someone like her. She decided she'd try scaring them off, instead of taking them on.

    With a nod, more to herself than anything else, Ashleen calmly stepped onto the front edge of the cart, then around Wessel, hopping to the ground and raising her hand in front of her, summoning a large, 2 meter tall key. It looked like one of those old fashioned brass keys with two large teeth and an ornate hoop at the other end. "Back off, guys! Wessel here is protected. You don't want to mess with a guild mage, do you?" She asked boldly, one hand still holding the large key while the other rested on her hip, a smile on her lips and a cheery air to her words and posture.

    Of course she was bluffing. In reality, she had been traveling to Hargeon in search of entry into a guild, but she figured that the bandits wouldn't have the mind to check for a mark. And if they did, perhaps they would be fool enough to mistake the red tattoo on her face as some unknown guild's mark, which would only be more frightening to their ilk.

    It didn't take long for her ploy to have a noticeable effect on the thieves, two of the men wielding swords turning to flee without another word between them. The two holding spears remained however, confident in the reach of their spears. "Guild mage? Nah, don't buy it. That's a nice trick, doll face, but I don't see no guild mark, I ain't ever seen you around here before, and most of all, there's no way in hell old Wessel was able to afford protection. So why don't you back off, little miss 'guild mage'?"

    Ashleen's light hearted attitude didn't falter for a second as she approached the bandits, sighing quietly and generating a small, translucent blue key in the hand that had been resting on her hip, pushing the key quickly into her chest, right in the sternum. Her muscles seemed to tense and bulk up ever so slightly, but still noticeably, immediately after the key disappeared into her. She let go of the single larger key that she had used for intimidation and generated another, smaller key about a meter in length in her right hand.

    Rather anticlimacticly, that was all it took to scare off the remaining bandits, and they immediately turned tail and fled into the woods, crying out after the others. With another sigh,  and a shrug, Ashleen let her keys dissipate into the air, turning around and climbing back up onto the cart. "Alright, then, Wessel! Let's get to Hargeon!"

    With an agreeable grunt, Wessel cracked the reins and the cart began to move again. After 20 minutes, the cart would arrive in Hargeon, with Ashleen sitting on the back. Her legs dangling off the back of the cart, kicking at the air as she lost herself in thought, a surprisingly somber expression betraying her true nature.

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    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)  Empty Re: Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)

    Post by ○Kaori 23rd August 2017, 10:06 am

    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)  Ukar8e11

    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)  Nviajx11

    Sitting in what would be the helm of her ship that was still largely under construction, Kaori watched a variety of monitors that were being connected and synced to a variety of lacrima through out the port on the eastern shore. Some of the feeds were choppy at best, needing to be tuned to get a better connection, and others were flawless; some were simply non-existent. Through one of the feeds, Kaori could see someone entering the city; an old farmer man who she'd seen in the markets several times. He seemed to be carrying cargo of a different variety, something that caused a bit of alarm in the young woman since she knew him to be a less sociable sort of man.

    Vanishing from her office, if one could call it that with its missing walls and all, Kaori reappeared elsewhere in the city. Her naturally silent movements made it so not even the most skittish of rats had batted an eyelash at her sudden appearance. Though her mask, Kaori could see the target only fifty or so meters away; but she couldn't see the person who was in the cart through the crowd. Kaori let out a sigh and changed her form to match one of the city guard. In the new form, Kaori was a five foot, nine inch man with a steel helmet and armor to match. The form was equipped with a broad sword, and a sage colored cloak. Kaori walked through the streets, gently nudging people out of his way rather than shoving them. The people, recognizing the captains outfit, kindly moved with little to no resistance; some even greeting him.

    Kaori had locked in on the true target as he got closer to her, but not before a group of guardsmen had stopped her, accusing her of being a mugger. The guardsmen would tell her a quartet of young men came to the guard station without even their underwear and described her in great detail, down to the tattoo, as the theif. Kaori had stopped and rested her gauntlet covered hand on the woman's shoulder, the three guards all turning rigid. "S-Sir!" they all screamed with gusto. "At ease men, I heard the situation." Kaori said in a deep, powerful tone. "There's a fight between a few degenerates over in the market, go take care of that. Too many people for just me to handle. Make sure to lock them up and tell the naked guys in our office to visit the returns desk to find some clothes, I'm sure something was confiscated they could use." he added, the four men saluting the armored man before running off to take care of the fight.

    "As for you..." the grim male voice came out, promising some form of punishment. "You're new here. I see every comer and go'er that walks through this port, and I've never seen you before. Explain this situation please." the captain said while looking her up and down. "So, those guys tried to mug you and turned the story... You don't look like much of a bandit anyways. What's your name, and what business have you in Hargeon, citizen?" the captain's voice was more friendly than before, but still quite powerful at the same time. Even if she didn't say it, the 'captain' would be able to figure it out on his own- she really didn't look the type.

    Arriving In Hargeon (Open; Lamia Scale Intro Thread)  J6q08l11

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