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    Precise Digging [Job/Solo]

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

    The Shadow King

    The Shadow King

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    Precise Digging [Job/Solo] Empty Precise Digging [Job/Solo]

    Post by Aiden Ainsley on 19th August 2017, 7:38 pm

    Job Details:
    Job: Archaeological Excavation!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 - 3 Mages. 10 post minimum. 160 words min per post.
    Job Requirements: You have to be at least a D rank mage. Find the remains of the ancient creature and bring them to the professor.
    Job Location: Forgotten Desert.
    Job Description: An archaeological professor has stumbled on a dig site in the Forgotten Desert. Somewhere burried in the sand are the remains of an ancient creature. The professor asked for capable mages who can help him excavate the creature.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each.


    The sun blazed down on the young boy as he made his way through Clover Town. Hailing from Desierto, the sultan-like man came to Fiore after being chased out of his own town, watching his wife get murdered, and being branded a thief by the people he grew up with. In all honesty the man was a street rat through and through but witnessing his wife dying set him off the rails a little bit. What once was a man who thirsted for adventure and treasure had now become a man who willed death on humanity and had a greed for treasure. One thing was for sure, he had to find a way to earn some cash before he ended up on the streets again, stealing whatever he could to survive. He was used to the heat but without any food or water for days it was kind of tiring so he sat down and leaned his back up against the wall as he closed his eyes to breath.

    Shortly after he closed his eyes he felt a light, shadowy figure fall onto his face. Upon opening his eyes he found a flier for a job. The job was posted by an archaeologist who recently uncovered something in the Forgotten Deserts. The flier didn't really give much detail into what the professor supposedly had dug up but it spoke a sort of adventure into Ahmose so he decided that it would be best to at least go check it out since he had nothing better to do but sit around and wait.

    And thus the young Desierto man set out on his first adventure in Fiore as he boarded the train to Forgotten Dessert.


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