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    Lucian Arashi


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    Lucian Arashi

    Post by Lucian on 19th August 2017, 7:25 pm

    Character Profile

    Name: Lucian Arashi
    Race: Undine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: 10/31
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Because of Lucian being a Undine, his eyes always look like they are moving, and the blue in his eyes is alive.

    Personality: Lucian can be explained as being a very simple person. He is generally very laid back, kind, open, and pretty playful. He doesn’t like to get serious unless there is no other option. Lucian prefers to take the simple and easy way whenever he can. Lucian can even come across as lazy, but he is far from it. He will go above and beyond when needed, but he feels that a life full of work and trying hard all the time leaves no room for fun. Lucian needs and loves fun above all else, and refuses to let anything take it away from him. To him, fun represents freedom and his freedom is represented by the ocean, and that is the most important thing to him in his entire life, always has been, and ways will be.

    Lucian acts in combat just like he acts most of the time, laid back and easy going. Lucian prefers to take a simple approach to combat, and spends most of his time in the back, or at a distance. He uses water very defensively and only is offensive when his opponent forces him to have to be offensive. Lucian prefers to play assist in combat and lets other take the lead on attacking. However, when he is the only member in a combat he will go full attack and try to end the combat as quickly as possible. He hates to see combat draw out, and knows that the longer combat takes the better your chances to make a mistake. He does tend to talk a lot during combat, and likes to bait his opponents into making mistakes.

    When it comes to leading a team, Lucian more of a strategist and prefers to utilize people’s strengths and makes use of their various powers to allow for the quickest resolution in combat. He tends to lead from the back lines so he can better assess the situation and make the better calls. It is not that he is afraid to get hurt, far from it. Lucian will lead an attack if he has to, but it is not his strong point. However, he would rather himself get hurt than others so even if he is leading from the back, he will try to focus attacks on himself and keep the enemy busy.

    As a member of a team he is one of the easiest going people ever, and will always do as he is commanded to do. He almost prefers to be led, rather than lead as it is a lot easier on him personally. He has no issues taking commands and loves to back up others, so being a member of a team is his preferred type of way to tackle both combat and jobs. Wolfe tends to use his natural defensive type of fighting to protect others and back them up rather than lead an attack himself. However, the thing that doesn’t change whether he is a leader or follower is that he prefers to make himself the target and would rather have himself as risk than others.

    *Water/Ocean: Lucian loves water, and the open ocean, and everything they stand for.
    *Music: Lucian loves music, and the allure of the sweet sounds that blend together to create it.
    *Storms: As a creature of water himself, and his love of the ocean, he has come to love storms and the power and force they command upon those on the open sea.
    *Heat/Deserts: As a creature of water, and with his home being the open sea, he hates Deserts and very hot conditions.
    *Angry/Rude People: Lucian being a very laid back, and easy going person, hates angry and ruse people.
    *Bad Food/Alcohol: Lucian loves good food and Alcohol, and for that reason bad food and drink ruins his day.
    *Ascend as a Slayer: Lucian hopes to master and ascend as a water slayer and become something more.
    *Enjoy Life: Lucian wants to enjoy life and is driven to embrace all that life has to offer him.
    *Seeing all of World and the Sea: Lucian is driven to see all the world and sail every inch of the seas before he dies.
    *Merinthophobia: Lucian fears being contained and locked away, the idea of not being able to move about and explore scares him to his very core.
    *His Uncle: Lucian fears his uncle as he is a water god, and hates Lucian.He would give anything to kill Lucian
    *Losing the Sea: Lucian fears his uncle, and being contained, but more than either of thoses he fears losing the sea. He would rather die than nenver be able to be upon open waters again.

    General Appearance Lucian is a handsome young man with dark silver hair and hazel eyes. His hair is fairly short on the back; however, it gets longer toward the front as it hangs out past his face. He has an average, but lean build for someone of his height. At over six feet tall, he is taller than the average man.

    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Hair: Dark Silver
    Eyes: Ocean Blue
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Lucian can often be seen wearing a dark green V-neck shirt with a high-collared black leather jacket over it. He also wears burgundy jeans with a silver chain drooping down over them and black leather chaps with three bands encircling his right calf, and black shoes with black buckles.
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    Guild: Black Sails
    Tattoo: Front Left Hip, It is made of magical water, and it moves.
    Rank: D Rank
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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    Re: Lucian Arashi

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