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    Mailwoman for the Day! (Job)


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    Mailwoman for the Day! (Job) Empty Mailwoman for the Day! (Job)

    Post by Tuesday 16th August 2017, 8:50 pm


    “Another day, another job.” Dradali sighed, looking at the job board unenthusiastically. “If I didn’t need the jewel so badly, I would just be training or mingling with my guild members. Oh well… Let’s see what we’ve got here.” She looked carefully up and down the board until she saw something that caught her eye. “A magicless delivery truck, eh? Well that’s no good. The pay isn’t the best but I should probably help out. I don’t want the poor guy to get fired because of an incident like this.” She quickly grabbed her things before sprinting out of the guild hall towards the meeting place the mailman had given on the job request.

    Once she got there, she saw a smaller man next to a sad and old looking truck. “Hi there! You must be a wizard responding to my request for help! That was awfully quick, I only posted it about 20 minutes ago!” he chuckled. Dradali smiled and nodded. “We Fairy Tail wizards are always prepared to help out! My name is Dradali.” she responded, reaching her hand out towards him. He gladly took her hand and shook it. “Well nice to meet you Dradali! My name is Craig and I’m the mailman here in Magnolia. As you probably figured out from my request, my truck has run out of magic and I need someone to deliver these last few letters for me. I would do it, but I just recently injured my leg, and walking for too long really isn’t good for it.” he explained. “It won’t be a problem, sir! Just let me know where you need me to go and I’ll deliver these letters before the end of today!” Dradali replied. The man smiled, “Just finish up delivering to the houses on this block, and then the next block over. That should be all of them!” he said, pointing to the places he mentioned as he mentioned them. “Okay! I’m off then!” Dradali exclaimed, beginning to run towards the first house.

    She tossed the mail in the mailbox and kept running, trying to make this delivery as fast and easy as she possibly could. Once she had finished delivering the mail to the last house she sighed and wiped the sweat off of her forehead. “It sure is a scorcher today” she mumbled to herself, looking up at the sky. “At least I’m done with this job!” she said, beginning to walk towards the guild hall. “Wait!” she heard a voice exclaim from behind her. She turned around and saw an older woman jogging over to her. “What’s the matter, ma’am?” Dradali enquired. “This isn’t my mail! Where’s Craig? He’s usually the one who delivers our mail.” The woman snapped. “I… I’m sorry.” She stuttered, looking behind the woman to see more angry people coming out of their homes. ‘Oh dear’ Dradali thought to herself. ‘I must have mixed up everyone’s mail because I was in such a hurry. Dradali quickly grabbed the mail out of the woman’s hands and did the same with the rest of the people who she delivered to. After she had collected every piece of mail again, she made her way back around the blocks, making sure that she gave the correct mail to the correct address. By the time she finished, it was really late at night and she was exhausted. “Well I guess that teaches me not to rush things…” she mumbled to herself, making her way back to where she left Craig. He was asleep in his broke down truck by the time she got there. “Craig… I did it.” She said, shaking him lightly. “Huh? Norma?” he muttered, his eyes half open. “No, it’s me Dradali. I finished delivering the mail!” she said. “K…” Craig mumbled and fell back asleep. Dradali sighed and started to walk back home, a slight smile on her face. “I guess I’ll just contact him tomorrow to get my payment.”

    Word Count: 660


    Mailwoman for the Day! (Job) UBtJMoH

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