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    Wanting To Travel Legally [Job/Solo]

    Grema Fen
    Grema Fen

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    Wanting To Travel Legally [Job/Solo] Empty Wanting To Travel Legally [Job/Solo]

    Post by Grema Fen 16th August 2017, 5:33 pm

    Grema was waiting. In a line. A very long line. What the hell was she waiting for? It was simple, a passport that will allow her to visit some of the other countries in Earthland. To her it was a necessity, who knows when a job might take her away from her now homeland? Or what if her guild goes on some expedition or send her on another stupid chore? Because if those things happened she would have to cross the border illegally, which would be much to bothersome to do, and even worse to deal with if she ever got caught.

    So she was making things legal. But even after getting this passport, the women couldn’t go back to Bosco. A banishment was a banishment. She could never return to her true homeland, not without the Techno Councils permission or official escort by a Peacemaker. She still missed the rumbling

    But the nice thing about being as ugly as she is, is that nobody paid her much mind. They glanced at her, then usually quickly looked away when spotting her deformities, not looking back. Thus she had gone generally unnoticed within the line itself. To all except one shameless child in from of her, clutching his mothers skirt and unabashedly staring at him. Grema attempted to ignore the child. She hadn’t dealt with kids since she was a kid herself, and did not want to. The mother had good tastes to ignore Grema after her first glance, probably attempting to be more polite than anything else, but was unfortunately not keeping an eye of her spawn, since she had another baby version to fuss over while it wailed.

    The boy wandered over to Grema and promptly stuffed a bit of her cloak into his mouth. Grema had to revisits the urge to show any negative reaction to this. What? She was grumpy, not a jerk. She knew children were easily impressionable, and a negative reaction from an adult could really mess them up. She read it in a book once.

    Anyways, the child’s dirty hand had grabbed hold of her cloak and stuffed it into his slobbery mouth. He then looked up to her with the most innocent and doleful green eyes, then attempted to smile at her through the cloth in his mouth. Grema was suddenly grateful she was wearing a set of goggles, obscuring her mechanical eye that might have scarred the child and send him into a wailing fit, and tried not to fidget. They could sense fear.

    Finally the mother of the child noticed Grema’s plight and first coughed back a laugh, then a scream at realizing how scary the cyborg looked, and rushed forward to take her child with a rushed apology. Grema accepted it graciously, soggy cloak and all. The boy didn’t seem to like this turn of events though, and continued to cry, reaching toward Grema to continue his attack in her clothes. The mother kept sending her apologetic glances until they all got what they came for and Grema could go home.

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    Wanting To Travel Legally [Job/Solo] GOuA0G4

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