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    Desirée the Waitress ♥ Solo Job ♥ Empty Desirée the Waitress ♥ Solo Job ♥

    Post by desirée 16th August 2017, 3:33 pm


    It had been a gloomy Thursday afternoon, and the sun began to set. This sunset stretched far into the sky, forming a beautiful pink color. Today, Desirée had been asked to assist her guild's hall, working as a bartender and waitress for customers. Desirée had accepted this request, and not because of the 2,000 jewel reward, but because she wanted to give back to her guild. Her guild had always done things for her, and she wanted to give back to them. Desirée had headed home to dress in an adorably fashionable outfit, which would make her look "official," due to the fact that she was waiting tables and bar-tending. As she arrived back, she realized that the guild hall filled up very quickly in the short time she was gone. What seemed to be fifteen people turned into fifty, and while this is good for the guild, waiters and waitresses were running around the guild hall trying to deliver people their food and drinks. Desirée ran back to the staff room, clocked in, and grabbed a notepad for orders.

    Desirée approached a table of a family of four. There was the father, which looked to be pretty young, and the mother, which looked similar. They had a daughter and a son, each with pink hair. "Hi, I'm Desirée, what would you like to order?" she asked, happily. "I would like to have four chocolate milkshakes, each with extra whipped cream please," the woman asked, twirling her hair. "Certainly! I will be right back with the shakes!" Desirée exclaimed, walking back to the bar in a quick manor. Lining the back of the bar were drink machines everywhere, holding any type of drink you could ask for. On the side wall were some milkshake machines, each with a million different options. She grabbed four long, glass drinking cups hanging upside down from the bar, and pressed the chocolate option. Each glass began to fill with a beautiful double chocolate swirl, each being infused with edible magic that made it taste even better than it already was. She put all four of the milkshakes on a tray, and delivered them to the customers. As she walked back to the bar to return the tray, another guild member approached Desirée. "Hi Desirée! My shift is over at the bar, so would you mind bar-tending?" the man asked, and Desirée accepted his offer.

    Desirée walked towards the bar, and realized it was almost completely empty. There was a woman sitting there, which had green hair, glasses, and was wearing a beret and a dress. She was waiting for a server, so Desirée approached her. "Hi miss, would you like anything to drink?" she asked. "Yes. I would like an extra large mimosa, as well as a dozen glazed donuts please!" the woman asked, and began to write in her notebook. Her notebook was also green, and was bedazzled with crystals. She ran over to the chef's window and said: "A dozen glazed donuts, please!" The chefs nodded, and began to make them. Desirée walked over to the alcohol fridge, and pulled out the champagne. She got the biggest glass cup size at the bar, and filled it halfway with champagne. The champagne bubbled in the glass, which produced a small fizz in the air above the glass. She then went to the regular fridge and pulled out the orange juice, and filled the cup up until full. She got a mixing stick, and began to mix it. The clear champagne with the orange juice combined, producing a vibrant orange color. She put an orange slice on the rim of the glass, and slid it over to the customer. She returned to the chef's window, and picked up the box of glazed donuts. They smelled extremely fresh, and the bottom of the box was very warm. She gave them to the woman, and she payed and left.

    Despite feeling as if she just begun her shift, she looked at the clock and it struck 9:00. That was the time she was supposed to clock out, so she headed back to the work-room. Lying near her bags was a sack of 2,000 Jewel, which had a note attached to the string. It read: "Thank you for working today! Here is your pay. We would love you to come back and work sometime!" Desirée blushed, and put the jewel inside her bag. She clocked out, and headed home to get a good night's rest.

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