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    Hishi Raiden's Jinkai


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    Hishi Raiden's Jinkai Empty Hishi Raiden's Jinkai

    Post by Amalia on 8th August 2017, 12:53 pm


    Primary Magic: Elemental Requip Card Magic
    Secondary Magic: The Magical Jinkai of the Hishi
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Description: (Describe your magic in detail: First being a description of what the magic he/she is using, and then a second paragraph of how he/she uses it.)

    The Hishi clan posseses a special Jinkai, a trumpet made of a large conch shell, and only those that posses the ability of magic can use it. The Hishi Cronciles tell of only one person, the one who made it who's name was Hishi Raiden, who had used it a few hundreds of years ago. The Horagai can summon summons that aid in battle.

    The user blows a certain notes on the Jinkai and then it will summon what is ment to be summoned.


    • The user can call upon a varity of summons.


    • The summons don't use magic them selfs.

    • The horn is needed to summon the summons.


    Name: ( Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Duration:(How long does the spell last?)
    Cooldown:( How long does it take for the spell to be usable again? Usually one post extra than your duration.)
    Description: ( How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. Make sure to get into detail. You are required to list a given Speed,  Range,  Area of Effect,  and any applicable measurements (such as the size of a created barrier).  All of these are as appropriate.  Some spells wont have a speed,  some wont have an AoE. But include all that apply. Please make sure that all of these measurements are easily identifiable)
    Strengths: ( List all the positive aspects of the spell Like above, list all of the strengths of the spell. Remember to separate each individually and bullet point them. These strengths much represent your spell, and not the over-all strength of the magic.)
    Weaknesses: ( List all the negative aspects of the spell and all the weaknesses like above as well. You must have at least one more weakness than strengths. Remember to separate them individually and bullet point them. These weaknesses must represent your spell, and not the over-all weakness of the magic)


    Hishi Raiden's Jinkai Test_710

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