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    Rosey Cheeks (Solo Job)

    Desirée Blooms

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    Rosey Cheeks (Solo Job)

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 6th August 2017, 8:37 am

    Besides having everyone packed on-board like sardines, you could say that the boat ride to Lavanitir was lovely. The salty-fresh breeze, the seagulls flocking over the boat, the waves crashing against the ships... it was different then Desirée's usual setting, but it was equally as nice. But why was Desirée on her way to Lavanitir, you may ask? Earlier that day, when Desirée was taking a stroll through Rose Garden eating her daily croissant with melted cheese, a man stopped her with a strange, but simple request: to go pick up a shipment of lacrima roses. Desirée was also told that they were incapable of death, and radiate a color that resonates with the moon.

    Desirée was as excited as she was nervous. "I know the man said this was 100% legal, but what if he was lying and wanted to put the task on me to avoid arrest?" Desirée thought to herself. "He seemed genuine, so I will go into this with an open mind and heart!" This was Desirée's first job besides music gigs, so she had the right to be nervous. "Aye! Port 1B exits here!" said a voice over the ship's microphone. "This is my stop!" exclaimed Desirée.

    Desirée hopped off of the boat, and began to walk towards the gate, where security makes sure nobody is entering that shouldn't. "Name, lass?" the security officer asked. Desirée removed her traveling sunglasses, and whispered "Desirée Blooms, dear." Immediately the officer perked up and opened the gate. "Desirée! Come on in!" he shouted. "Pipe it down, will you?" Desirée asked the man, and slipped her shades back on.

    Now that Desirée had made it past the gate, she began to walk down the street to find the flower shop. "Now where could it be?" wondered Desirée. She began to walk farther down the street, with the wind blowing in her hair. The wind began to pick up speed, and blew her white hat off of her head. "Oh no, my hat!" Desirée shouted, and began to chase it down the opposite direction of the street. The hat eventually got caught on a sign for a store, and it read "Lavanitir flowers." "A blessing and a curse!" Desirée exclaimed, happily.

    Once she walked into the flower store, there were rows upon rows of flowers lined on the walls. She gasped in awe, "These flowers are magnificent!," and ran toward the displays to smell the overwhelming but beautiful scents of the flowers mixing together. If you needed a special type of flower, then this is where you would want to go.

    "You must be Desirée." A young woman with blonde hair said, rather fondly. "I am! Do you need something, ma'am?" Desirée asked nicely. "I got a message that you were coming to pick up a package for Sir Lance today, is that correct?" the woman asked Desirée. "The Job! Yes Ma'am, that is what I am here for!" Desirée exclaimed.

    The woman walked to the back of the store and brought out a large case that had designs all over the sides and was faintly glowing a beautiful purple color from inside. "Here you are! Tell Lance I said thank you!" the woman exclaimed. "Of course, ma'am!" Desirée said, happily. The time must have got the best of Desirée, because when she exited the store the sun was setting. She passed through the ticket gate for the boat, sat by herself on the bow of the boat, took off her sunglasses and hat, and embraced the sunset. "This is the life." Desirée exclaimed, with a sigh of relaxation.

    "Ma'am... Ma'am... please wake up," she heard beside her, "This is your stop." "GAH! I fell asleep!" Desirée exclaimed. However, the roses were still cradled in her arms. "Thank you sir!" Desirée exclaimed to the man operating the ship, hopped off, and ran to the customer's house to deliver the shipment. The customer was pleased with his delivery, and offered Desirée one of the roses to take home with her due to her delivery being so fast.

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