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    Aoi Mitsurugi


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    Aoi Mitsurugi

    Post by Mitsurugi on 4th August 2017, 7:37 am

    Name: Aoi Mitsurugi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Birthday: June 07
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Special Characteristics: Controlled Blindness: Aoi is blind due to an accident she suffered as a child. She knows a number of things and have remembered them over the years, but not seeing them for so long makes it harder for her to fully understand something being described to her. Over the years of her magic, Aoi has been able to gain temporary sight at her own will, it will fade over time.
    Vivid imagination: Due to years and years of blindness, Aoi learned to adapt to such disability by using the memories of the descriptions made to paint herself a bit of a picture to the best of her mental ability.
    Pact-Sight: Anyone whom is contracted to Eris or in GH, so long as Aoi is becomes visible to an extent to her. They are but a transparent silhouette, being shown to be there, but not fully recognized to be anything but.
    Cat-cent: When Aoi speaks, she will either have one of two forms of speech depending on the one of two appearances she takes; Her main appearance will be that of a normal speech pattern, however some of her words tend to relate to the form of a cat. (For example: "Purrfect", "Amewsing", "Apawling", and so on.) Her other is Elizabethan. It's one of Aoi's favorite forms of literature as a child, and she had adapted the remainder of such a thing for her secondary appearance to fit toward what she believes to be the best suited thing for her.

    Personality: To describe Aoi is a very complicated thing to do in very few words. Each part of her personality plays a crucial part to her entirety of a character and she would very much so dislike the idea of having to change for any reason. Firstly, we'll begin with her normal everyday type of "vibe". She is very laid back and tends to drift off into naps at times when there's nothing for her to do. Of course, reading a book in braile in a reasonable option, it's not something that she cares to do as the thought of doing so seems more depressing than it actually is. She has a very casual attitude and tends to be just very blunt and forth coming with the details she describes or the opinions she has. There's no sense of care or filter on her mouth, though no temper runs high unless she's previously been provoked somehow. Respect is a big deal for her as well. Even for those in a legal guild by any means could have her respect, if they even live. It all depends on the honor she is given both socially and combat wise, because there will be combat should she come across a legal mage of any kind. When she's given respect, there is a hint of which she takes a liking to the ones she can't stand but to despise, and those from which she is allied with can only count on the faithfulness of loyalty from which she has as well.

    That brings us to the next part in her personality; Loyalty. To Aoi, loyalty is everything. She needs to know that whomever is on her side she can be dependant on as many things could become dangerous for someone without their sight. Loyalty also works as a two way street with her. When she puts her life in someone elses hands, she would never turn her back on an ally either. Her goal is to be able to keep trust in the things in her life, to keep bettering herself from the rut of life she was reborn from. With loyalty, Aoi is able to determine how trustful she can be with others and how far outside of those she is pact-bound with to have her reach out with. To break her trust means the end of your life as you know it. The second she finds out she's been double-crossed is the second from which the traitor has to run. She'd chase someone to the ends of the earth in order to exact the revenge needed to calm herself and regain that lost trust. Next up, is funny enough; trust. This mainly is for allies, though closely viewed to be the same as respect, trust stretches far more with others. Guild members are viewed as trusting people, but none more than Eris herself. Not to say she could work with someone whom is against her likes, but there's a level in which she will set aside rivalries with comrades for the benefit of her Keepers wishes or orders.

    Combat is a whole other ball game for Aoi. This particular girl is a thrillseeker for combat, but wouldn't really go out of her way to find it. The act comes more to when combat is there and it's already begun, does it very much so become intoxicating for her. While in combat, Aoi tends to become more sadistic than anything. She gets off hearing the screams of those she inlicts pain to, and would never stop even if someone were to plead for it. The only time she would ever do that would be if she were ordered by someone higher than her or her Keeper herself. Regardless, she takes joy in the way she fights and causes harm to others when it's necessary. However, even in such a case, there is no way at all that Aoi would ever go out of her way to shed unneeded blood. Everything to her must be a just cause in her mind or it wouldn't be effective at all. As a leader in a group, the strategics of placing and actual movements in combat are harder to come across because of her lack of knowdlge of people and obstruction placements. As a subordinate, she's the ultimate tool to have. Her capabilities on the battlefield surpass what she thought she could ever commit to, and as such becomes a much more unstable person to her enemies, while stacking the odds in her allies favor.


    • Music: Music had become a big part of Aoi's life after becoming blind. She loves to be able to use her imagination to give herself a picture of the lyrics purpose or scenes they describe, or simply just to keep herself isolated from contact.
    • Animals: The attention animals give to her, or vice versa means a lot to Aoi. Though humans can benefit her in many ways, animals have been a big supporter of her life as well.
    • Her Magic: Her particular form of magic allows her to keep the very basics of things from which she can circle around her disbility, but still having no premise of what anything outside of her "objects" can show her.
    • Acting Normal: Aoi loves to do things as though she were normal. Be it simple girly things like brushing or styling a persons hair, picking out outfits (with the help of them being described to her), shopping, and tons more. The concept of becoming normal again or even having moments of it make even those she despises "friends". At least.. for the time being.


    • Loud noises: The louder the music can be, the less focus Aoi can keep in trying to complete even the simplest of tasks. The longer the music persists, the more agitated and pissed she becomes, enough so to lash out and attack allies as well as enemies.
    • Failing her "Keeper": Since her 'revival', Aoi has kept a vow to herself to keep her "Keeper" safe and fulfil her wishes. Failing her makes her feel useless, depressed, and agitated as well. While in front of her, she would beg to make her happier.
    • Dogs: While she is a cat girl, she has a fond hatred of dogs and generally all forms of the canine species, though a cute boy or girl with them... may be an exception.


    • Fulfil her Keepers Wishes: Eris is the very reason that Aoi has power, and in such she would do whatever she asked when ordered to do so. Even should the woman be gone, the very desires she would want could live on in Aoi.
    • Obliterate All Legal Guilds: Though only one guild caused her suffering, the fact of the matter is that all guilds need to be wiped off the face of the earth and rid of their sinical ways.
    • Regain her permanent Sight: Through her own corrupt magic, Aoi wishes to make a goal from which she may not actually be able to fulfil; permanent sight once more. She believes if she were to grow stronger and become a more substantially powerful being, her magic would unlock her the ability to see once more.


    • Losing her other senses: To lose another sense, and already without her site would very well destroy her very spirit and confidence entirely.
    • Being Alienated From Her Keeper: Should her Keeper decide she was no longer of use, but not killed because of it, Aoi would beome something of a wandering spirit, so to speak. Without her own cause or help, there would be no way she could grant the needs from which her Keeper wants.
    • Getting Weak: This applies to solely ending up breaking away from her Keeper, for whatever reason that may be. Aoi fears weakness in terms of joining into another guild, especially one of which being a legal guild. There's no way at all from which she could ever see a way in blending into a group of neanderthals that they are.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5' 10" (170 cm)
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Hair: Aoi has extremely long hair, which she tends to religiously. Normally, her hair left into twintails and even in such an updo, will still reach down to her knees in legnth. When left down, the length of her hair can be almost to her ankles.
    Eyes: Her eyes are much similar in hue to Amber. Because of her feline attributes, the pupils of her eyes are often slit and resembling a cats eyes. Much like a cats eyes in the light, the less there is, the more visible the pupils are, and vice versa to the addition of more light.
    Skin Tone: Much more complimentary to her hair color, Aoi's skin is more pale than anything else. This however doesn't make her more exposed to sun burn or anything, however she is very much less caring for it.
    Appearance: From an astute standing, Aoi Mitsurugi is a very proper statured woman when it comes to her appearance. Though her attitude and sarcasm may come off as nothing but a street child, the childhood and the royal position she holds does nothing less for her than what it already does do for her. Her hair is longer than most would ever want it to be, however the number of ways Aoi knows to counteract the hair being in the way is enough for her to never want to cut it if she so chose. The raven black hue is almost as dark as the shadows themselves, but to the touch would feel as though it were made of the finest silk in the universe from constant tending. Her preferred manners of hairstyles are mostly twintails, any singular type of braid in a single or in twintails, and occasionally a bun.

    Clothing for Aoi is a little harder to pin down for her type of personality, however she does love to stick towards very few fashion genre's no matter what. Her favorites are dresses firstly, though not the form of overly fancy styled ones, she loves more casual, cutsey forms of them that she can not worry about it being an issue at any point that combat could happen or become an issue of. Above all, the types of causal forms of dresses would have to be more selective for her blindness not to be a part of making a clumsy error in possible tripping on it, having it trampled on by the masses of heathenous mortals that she is around, or ruining it through combative instances.  Another form of dress that Aoi will appear in at times would be anything with a skirt and matching top. Much like dresses, she loves the freedom of leg movement that for her disability, tends to find perfect to get around in without any paranoid feelings of restriction that would stretch to her fears of losing her other senses. Lastly, we come to Aoi's second adored thing; her collar. A light pink collar is always worn around her neck when she appears as a neko in public. However, depending on the attire will adjust what adorns the collar, if anything. Plainly, she likes to keep a tag with her name on it, and other times she will attach a cute bell with a bow attached between the bell and the collar to simulate a more adorable feature.


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    Re: Aoi Mitsurugi

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