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    Post by Baobhan on 2nd August 2017, 9:15 pm


    Name: Eileen Leanann
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Birthday: 31/10
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Special Characteristics: Eileen is a pallid, gaunt specter of a woman that would look sickly and malnourished to the point of requiring some form of urgent medical aid simply due to the dramatically scarce amount that she eats. Her skin is bone pale with borderline translucent features allowing one to clearly see her sapphire veins lain across it like marked leylines, due to having barely seen the graceful touch of sunlight. Across her pale exterior Eileen appears to have scarified symbols lovingly crafted across the canvas of her skin in such a manner as they would seem to have been done with impeccable or even surgical care. The symbols to the onlooker would appear Gaelic in design, though they are as of yet unknown in origin... although, some individual symbols and characters bare come characteristics which would incline more knowledgeable wizards to assume that the symbols were infernal in nature, though their purpose is yet to be determined. 


    • Standard:
      Eileen is often a somber, soft spoken woman whom is known widely to be exceedingly polite to the greater world as well as those she would happen to come across in her daily life. As a doctor and more notably a physician she is known to, and sworn to care greatly for all life and living beings on a whole. Albeit she does so in her own unique manner through a course betwixt bizarre machinations and thought forms that would seem alien to most. Outwardly Eileen appears to be more or less a kind and courteous soul, giving and alive with charm and social grace which any parent would be proud to claim as sourced by them. To the population at large, she would be, and is considered a polished jewel beyond reproach to be cherished and protected so long as she walks the straight and narrow path... Though Eileens' appearances outwardly could paint her as a messianic while her tone simultaneously portrays a saint, the truth, as always lies suspiciously somewhere outside of that conception, lost in the aether like a summer blossom on a winter breeze. Eerily perfect gives way to supremely Machiavellian, as such Eileen is a darwinist to her very core, depending wildly on the perspective of the observer she can either be considered meritable of canonisation or one of the more grossly malevolent people to walk the face of this blasted earth. In truth, Eileen is equal parts conniving and meticulous, a shark bearing its grin like the devils strung pearls across a pristine porcelain mask. Every action she takes is often to further her goals which few would intend to impede. It simply stands to reason that in the world and large a practiced smile, supple frame, sweet word, soft touch and a sultry voice will allow one to tread so deeply into the lives of others, gaining leagues more trust than mere diploma or station alone.

      "It is simply better to exist in this manner, than fight for every inch of power."

    • In Combat:
      Eileen in combat however is an agent of pure unadulterated chaos and a supporting mage with some skill and finesse. Though her opponents would quickly seem to realize that regardless of pain inflicted upon herself, or conversely pain inflicted on others, like a stalwart simulacrum she still bears her signature smile and caring demeanor without so much as a falter. It's here, within the sway of battle, shoals of blood, the cries of the dying and bodies of the lost that people would truly begin to truly understand the depths of her Machiavellian nature and depravity. In truth, others would come to see that Eileen is emotionally null, void and empty... feeling nothing, a sociopath in the truest extent of the term that is not only apathetic but incapable of empathy on a fundamental level... yet she seems to wear it immaculately as an endearing mask to better interact with the world at large, and the people that she wishes to sway. Having trained herself to pristinely resemble honest emotions, Eileen reveals herself to be little more than mechanically minded and binary at the root of her complex formulated persona. While she seems to be nothing but a doll wrapped in layers, there is a living person beneath them all, like a spider coiled within its many webs. Yet the closest one could ever see Eileen to her true self, is but the occasional flash of robotic neutrality that is able to cross her face in times of extreme surprise. Such times exist only when Eileen is shocked to such an extent that she is required to 'recalibrate' her mood from scratch and recenter herself entirely. But such flashes often last little more than a fraction of a moment, and are seldom seen by the same person on more than one occasion.

      "At least, the last thing you'll see is a smile..."

    • Leadership:
      When it comes to leadership affinity Eileen is a fantastic planner and strategist while away from the spontaneous and often random tides of events as they come to pass. Leading Eileen to be a useful asset going into a scenario, but due to her methodical and somewhat strict thinking processes, she finds it very hard to improvise plans on the spot, which limits her usefulness as an active leader in a campaign. Often lending her more to following orders while in a scenario, yet giving them before-hand. However, on the flip-side, as a follower, Eileens nature shines a little obviously. Whether it be feigning her passions or pursuing her goals, Eileen will often seek to twist any scenario in such a way that it will benefit her in some manner, allowing a partner to be struck, whether it be in order to heal them and gather favor or use them as a distraction to seek a rare matarial off the beaten path. This nature to be out for herself at the heart of her actions often splits her focus save for scenarios where her lack of attention would be personally disastrous.

    • Life:
      Eileen enjoys living things, they calm and sedate her, whether they be plant or animal or even microbiotic, so long as they are a growing organism they bring an amount of inner peace to Eileen. What helps even more is touching said organisms, petting and handling entities of any sort is a sort of active meditation for the Canite, where she need not think and actions come naturally. Due to her often over-analytical mind which acts constantly to cohabitate in the world, the simplicity and almost barbaric existence of nature can be a sweet relief to the swift working machinations of the sociopathic brain.

    • Socialization:
      Eileen seems to enjoy other people, though too much exposure to others can often tire her reserves. To many it would appear that she enjoys the conversation and company of other people in a social context. Although in truth the experience is a little different for her and fundamentally more complex... What Eileen truly enjoys is building usable connections with others and twisting people to her side through her guises. Whether this be by acting friendly or whatever other means, the result is often the same in most cases.

    • Accomplishment:
      Like others, Eileen truly revels in the success of her escapades, though to what extent would baffle some. Often finding pleasure in both failures and breakthroughs, Eileen likes to 'know' things. Considering the knowledge that something doesn't work in many ways just as exciting that something does. In a way, potentially voiding or altering her personal meaning of what it is to truly succeed.

    • Sunlight:
      Eileen loathes the sun, in every form, often going to far as to cover herself from heat to toe, the feeling of direct heat on her skin to her feels like fire as soon as she becomes conscious of it and it is one of the many reasons that she would be seen wearing full covering clothing or wrapped material over her in the open. No-one quite knows where this psychotic avoidance stems from, whether its just a mental meledy or simply a character flaw, but whatever it seems to be, she believes it to be true.

    • Loss:
      For something to be destroyed it has to end, and ending without purpose Eileen sees as an almost inexcusable waste. Though it does not take much to credit the destruction of something and have it reasoned away, this leads Eileen to not enjoy the company of other 'mad' wizards in the darker sphere of the political spectrum. Considering it more of a distaste and likely due to her field as an alchemist, she attempts to see use in anything, no matter how small.

    • Conservation:
      Though, just as angering, if something were to end, one must allow it to end, breaking the natural laws for the sake of morality alone Eileen thinks to be highly selfish and illogical on a grand level. Because were that extended to everything there would be no livable ecological climate remaining on Earth-land. If it is the time for a creature to die, and its reasons lay valid... let it die, and learn from its death.

    • Altruism:
      Ironically enough, Eileen does very little for herself, her goals largely do not benefit her, but rather those around her in a somewhat obscure way. Eileen, although her mind is warped with darkness and cruel manipulations, wants to save the world, but she wants to save it from itself and preserve the balance of nature. Though she is a Doctor, she knows that sometimes it is best to remove a limb to save the host... and there are oh so many wizards in this world draining it for all she's worth.

    • Preservation:
      Eileen believes she has been chosen to save the world. Believing herself as a visionary and that it is her appointed task to put measures into place to allow the natural course of life to continue she would like to return the world to its natural state, believing a world of free magic the final intended goal. This fact alone sets her aside from others, but where she differs from the heroic is that Eileen is willing to make any sacrifice and whatever means to attain her ultimate destination.

    • Immortality:
      However, what's the point if you're not accredited? Eileen should she be successful want's to be immortalized as the dragons were, her portrait hung across the heavens forever as children are told of her as if she were legend. An appealing thought to any wizard...

    • Heliophobia:
      Eileens dislike of the feeling of the sun is one thing, but specifically the feeling of the sun being in her eyes is entirely another. She dreads the zenith of the sun touching her eyes in any-way, likely due to the sensitivity of her eyes as well as a slightly irrational fear of blindness. Her eyes are a focal point of her persona with the sun is an eternal enemy which rises every-day to finally set at the end of every night. So long as the sun is up, Eileen will 'always' be seen wearing a mask of some-kind, though it is usually the bird crafted mask of her station as a physician.

    • Somniphobia:
      While not incarnating as the fear of sleep entirely, Eileens Somniphobia is the fear of loosing control to her Canite frenzy should she taste blood and enter the undying demonic fury of her lineage. It is the fear of being in the torpor where she feels her personality is overridden by that of another that calls her to this particular phobia. This in many ways is why she appears as she does, avoiding eating blood or flesh for days on end to evade the sensation. Partaking only enough that she can survive in moderate health and developing plasma based substitutes to consume in the mean time, though they tend to be short in nutrition and little more than water to her in many cases.

    • Thanatophobia:
      Eileen doesn't want to die. Like most organisms she accepts that she would fight tooth and nail with desperation to avoid death. Although, unlike most she lives quite closely with death as an aspect with her career, seeing the ins and outs of death as a physician has given her a great understanding of it, allowing her in many ways to avoid its embrace. But still, should she find herself standing at the foot of the reaper, she would feel the cold sweat of terror like any other.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'10" || 1.75m
    Weight: 130Ibs || 59kg
    Hair: Silver & Platinum
    Eyes: Bright Celeste
    Skin Tone: Bone White

    • General:
      Eileens general attire is that not unlike that of a Plague Doctor, wearing a white cracked porcelain bird mask representing that of an avian skull underneath a wide brimmed hat. The mask operates much like that of a gas-mask in that it covers most of her face and head including tinted caps over her eyes to hide them from the sun. Much of her outfit is treated leather and covers 99% of her body from head to toe in layers of oiled clothing and under-dressings so that she would not be exposed to sickness of her patients or the burning agony of the suns embrace... On her body she wears a long double breasted leather coat that hangs to the backs of her knees as a dress which boasts sleeves that travel to just past her elbows as well as a mantle over the top which falls back into two thin grey feathered capes to either side giving off the visage of slack vestigial wings to many. Her hands are fitted with thin leather surgical gloves that have been treated with oil so not to attract or hold moisture while she wears bandaged leggings wound across her shins up to her hips over her buckled leather boots.

    • Night:
      Should Eileen not be on the job however, and so long as the sun has waned for the remainder of the night, Eileen is not against allowing her face to show in the starlight. Still covering herself for the most part she wears bandages wound over her arms and legs tightly to cover the symbols and also in case of needing to work as well as her thin leather gloves. She wears a silver-touched porcelain mask over her eyes as an accessory, though she's more than capable of seeing through some of the one way glass that seals the gaps of the momento. A white silk short dress falls to just above her knees that is embroided with all sorts of interesting imagery as she completed the set with the same buckled boots and gloves as her day attire atop her bandaged arms and leggings.

    • Infernal:
      Finally, should Eileen taste blood or attempt to heal with living vitae, her Canite frenzy takes over and the demon within is drawn to the surface. The sight for those not prepared for it can be somewhat harrowing to behold as her form cracks and snaps to lengthen and grow with a surge of fell magic emanating from her. Deer-like antlers springing from the sides of her head, growing back just over a foot long, arcing backwards while her hair hardens into needle-like fibers, arcing back like sharp pinions. Her teeth as she shifts becoming fang-like to the point of being considered vampyric and razor sharp. Eileens' skin becomes rough and scaly while her hands and feet almost become raptor-like and talonous, extending to become lanky and almost avian in nature... lastly, and perhaps almost horrifically, the grey feathered mantle at her back, revealing itself to likely made of her own feathers at one point, in this state becomes white as opposed to grey, and able to move independently and flow as if they were limbs of their own like phantom limbs that had long been torn from their person.

    Guild/Council N/A

    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: The Brand of the Simulacrum, an arcane tattoo which seems to radiate malevolance when looked at directly at the side of her neck. The mark appears as a mat black overlapping runic design which reflects no light, making it seem more like a hole than a marking.
    Rank: D Rank

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