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    Paperwork [D-Rank][Job]


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    Paperwork [D-Rank][Job] Empty Paperwork [D-Rank][Job]

    Post by Evan 2nd August 2017, 5:05 pm

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    The phrase 'beggars can't be choosers' is an age old saying that has never been more relevant today for the young water dragon slayer. She has lived in Fiore for all of her life but due to growing up in a very obscure village, she was never really hit with official kingdom paperwork until recently. Joining a guild proved to be a fairly hard effort when you essentially didn't have an identity within the known 'government'.
    Evie was able to get away with a lot of things solely due to the fact that she was essentially nobody within the system. So, when the time came for her to finally get her passport, she tried to beg her other guild members to simply pick it up for her and come back as she really didn't want to go in any sort of stuffy office space where there was most likely a lot of people there.

    People. The one thing she was horrible with dealing with. Growing up in a village that had a size of under a hundred, it's a miracle Evie knows how to have a normal conversation at all. The girl was trudging through Hargeon with her hood up, and eyes glazed down, finding the pattern of the floor surprisingly interesting. Her slayer hearing helped her in this case as she heard (and saw) people's footsteps and stayed out of everyone's way. It was surprisingly easy for the girl to remain as a nobody. So, each step she got closer to the docks, she was curious as to why she was still going. I... thought I was fine with being alone? I've gotten used to it at this point. So, why am I really going here still?

    The brunette waited in line, patiently, near a child that was with her father and a rather elderly looking woman. Daddy, are we going somewhere? The father gazed at his little girl and while smiling, No pumpkin. We just need to do this to have you become known by the powerful people of Fiore! The father was clearly exaggerating but it was kind of endearing for him to maintain the girl's innocence. The girl's eyes widened with excitement as she tugged on her dad's sleeve, Then why are we waiting! We need to hurry! He chuckled and lifted her onto her shoulders, We can't force the people who want to be famous too. But you can tell me when we get to the front of the line from up there right? The child smiled and nodded as she gazed over the heads of the people in the line. Evie turned her head and simply looked towards the front, not really paying attention. Until she heard a voice, And you dear, what's your reason for being here? The brunette's neck turned so quickly that she was surprised she didn't manage to hurt herself. She glanced at the elderly woman, trying to make out a response, but as always, the words became jumbled messes that made her stumble and stutter like she didn't know how to talk. And to be frank, she barely did. The elderly lady chuckled lightly, Honestly, at my age, you notice people's emotions fairly easily. It makes it easier that you wear yours as clear as day. Evie looked down at the ground more in embarrassment that someone she literally has never seen before can already tell what she is doing, when not even she knows. You want to experience what it is like to be with those you can consider family. The slayer's eyes widened as she took a moment to process the information. She... had always really been at outcast. Never with her own true identity. And getting this passport would give it to her. At least legally, but it's a matter if she will find herself emotionally. This will be a step in the right direction at least.

    After a long amount of time, the newly-registered citizen had finally completed all her paperwork. She had a lot to do, considering she had nothing to work with but she was quite happy with results. Smiling to herself as her eyes glanced over the name, written in all capital letters, EVIE MELLONA, she felt her heart feeling lighter. She had gotten over the feeling of dread from earlier and it turned itself into eagerness. To be with others. Together.

    Together. A word that would take some time to getting used to.


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