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    A bit of r&r

    Vincent Puck Cross
    Vincent Puck Cross

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    A bit of r&r Empty A bit of r&r

    Post by Vincent Puck Cross on 2nd August 2017, 3:57 pm

    Vincent walked through the crowed streets running hand though his short locks, crimson gaze looking for the sea of people as they stood about and talked while others sat pointed at what was looking lovely. Holding the violin case at his side, adjusting the bag on his shoulder, he stood before one of the inn's seeing if he wanted to say here for the time being. It had been a long while since he stayed any where that was worth his time and money. This looks as if it would be good for the time being.

    Entering the building he headed to the front desk speaking to one of the workers to get a room for the time being and set his things down. Letting out a low sigh, the vampire looked around the area taking everything in to see what was about it was small, quaint and had a relaxed feeling to this inn. How strange it was to be in such a place to him, it wasn't something he him self was used to in away. Being dragged away from the thoughts, gaze shifting back to the keeper he smiled some at the other nodding.

    Following after a different individual down the hall to a room. "Thank you..." Vincent said quietly watching them leave as he headed into the room, setting all of his belongings down. 'Alright I suppose I should look about here more and see if there is some place I can have something easy to eat.' pondering to him self making for the door and leaving to head back into the crowed streets of the area.


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