Arsonist (A pyro manic at heart)

    Vincent Puck Cross

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    Arsonist (A pyro manic at heart)

    Post by Vincent Puck Cross on 2nd August 2017, 11:53 am


    Primary Magic: Fire, Vampiric Arsonist Flame.
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Caster [Lost]
    Description: Having the gift of flame bestowed upon him, by his father. Vincent was pleased to gave gained such a skill as he was more desired for telepathy/telekinesis was more suited for him but that was just not the case. His affinity with fire burns hot depending on what it is an what is triggering in making him angry. At the best it normal color of fire of a orange red glow. But angered enough it will glow blue for the real heat to be felt. As another issues is setting things a flame to ease his boredom.
    Strengths: Vincent's ability with is fire has some strong points, for him its a great deference and good offence in helping him fight. He can move about when needed to and help him get around. It's AOE casting fire around him when in a pinch against an opponent. Even though ice is not his favorite he can hold up against.  
    Weaknesses: Water is not Vincent friend, it is something he struggles against as it douses his flames quickly making it harder for him to rekindle the fire soon as he could. When he is far to cold he will have a difficult time summoning the flames which make it harder on him to gain warmth. Another problem he would have is the magic being eaten by other beings, but if not careful he can harm others around him.
    Lineage: Aspect of Terra
    Unique Abilities: Vincent has magic to heal, but he heals poorly on the account he didn't listen to his mother on how to do it right. But he can do it either way.

    Spell Template

    Name: Arsonist
    Rank: D
    Type: Fire
    Duration: 3 to 4 rounds.
    Cooldown: three post cool down as they are not instant (I don't think)


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    Re: Arsonist (A pyro manic at heart)

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 6:51 pm


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