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    Why is Peter Pan always flying?

    Xiao Jing
    Xiao Jing

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    Why is Peter Pan always flying? Empty Why is Peter Pan always flying?

    Post by Xiao Jing 2nd August 2017, 5:17 am

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    Following the lengths of his current line of adventurism, one could easily poke fun at how Xiao Jing's week was slow to advance into anything other than uneventful, and although his usual response to teases was to do so in kind, this time had him more lenient to whoever thought his first days as an official wizard were starting off as a bore - at this point, Xiao Jing couldn't find the pride to consider them wrong.

    His third day would have been the butt of the bad morning jokes because of how it opted to steadily shake off his plans and take him elsewhere. Take breakfast, for example; because the shops he frequented in the area were all closed due to some random bomb threat the day before, Jing resolved to travel across various distances to eat anything mildly satisfying for his morning stomach, tiring both him and Meilin in the process. Later, when he was determined to purchase his first box of ship parts, he was also conveniently informed of the existence of Ishval countries and issues of territory that didn't permit outsiders from freely waning over their boundaries.

    In other words, the ginger was ultimately bound to this country unless he obtained a passport, which permitted his legal travels between borders who were on good terms with Fiore. And, much to his disappointment, it would only mean going through the paper-driven process that involved waiting, and standing in line, and waiting and - by the gods, could there perhaps be an even more dismal combination for an absolutely boring morning ahead of him?

    Perhaps not.

    "Habubahahabuffpssffsshhaaa..." came the unnatural sounding sigh from Xiao Jing's person, his eyes unfocused as they droop into thin slits. His exceed, Meilin, took to her master's strange reaction with a daunting pause, her face a mix between confusion and shock.

    "What the heck was that?" she spoke, in clear common language that the humans behind Jing stood abruptly baffled in their place, "I didn't know you could speak Vulcan master Jing."

    The ginger resisted a comeback, his energy sapped by the minutes wasted on conforming to the dull human invention which is the line. Instead, Jing threw his companion a lungful of some more inhumane sounding sighs, his shoes scratching the ground underneath him like a restless, vermilion chicken.

    Meilin furrowed her feline brows into a frustrated angle, her fangs barred as she snarled at the noises Jing manifested from his intense boredom. It was bad enough that she didn't get enough rest to compensate for their crazy morning cuisine hunting earlier that day, but to be out in the sun at noon where the bright ball of gas was at its ungodliest, coupled with the vast amount of mimicry Jing could create with his lips, irked her to a definitive point.

    "Nnnggg, can we please just resort to one of your party bombs like we did last time?!" she snapped, coaxing her master to dig through his pockets by clawing at his braid.

    The tugging immediately caused the man to jerk in an unpleasant manner, like a puppet lurching upward after its strings were pulled. Perhaps if it had been a stranger to do so, there would have been an ensuing display of violence because of his extreme distaste for the action, but because this was Meilin, who did this regularly to pester him, mind you, all she received was a Jing's signature indifferent smile that reeked of something vengeful.

    "Hate to break it to you," he started, snatching his hair from the exceed, "But our funds are reaching the bottom of the barrel and I can't afford to experiment right now after you broke one of my glass beacons."

    In a burst of both rage and the urge to rub her sass into his face, Meilin began to claw at her master's hair more definitely, scratching at the curve of his skull. "Don't make it sound like you're a scientist or something and...WAIT- that was an accident! How come you're bringing this up again?! You...you...you chicken butt!"

    His smile twitched, a visible vein manifesting on his forehead, "Is that the best you can come up with? Resulting to petty teases? You're nothing better than a glorified furball who knocked down most of my glass carvings!" he snapped, blood trickling from his scalp from his companion's rather heartfelt treatment of his hair follicles.

    Meilin puffed her cheeks in pure, unbridled frustration, beads of tears clinging to her eyes as she thrashed about violently, like a child with terrible anger management issues, "..W...wa...nggggg...I hate you! I hate you Jing!" she screamed, her tiny chin trembling from an overhaul of negative emotions, "Idiot! Idiot! I HATE YOU!"

    The exceed made a move that implied her choice to run, abandon the redhead and search for a safe place to relieve herself of the rest of her burdens that were her tears, yet her master was far too reflexive for his own good, and already had his nimble fingers grasping for her small body before she could leap, holding her by the scruff of her neck.

    Because of Jing's extensive history with cats, there was a certain amount of cat biology hard-wired into his brain. He knew most of their quirks and whimsies, and understood their behavioral patterns that otherwise eluded some less experienced with the feline mind. Although he hadn't truly tested his knowledge on exceeds, who were part cat to begin with, Xiao Jing appeared pleased as Meilin fell limp at his fingers, her eyes avoiding his.

    Whether or not this only applied to his exceed due to her being a little bit more cat than her fellow folk, it felt like an achievement for him. "I didn't know this worked on your kind, Meimei."

    Him cooing her pet name appeared to deal a good number on Meilin as she recoiled from surprise, mouth lingering between a hesitant smile and a resisting scowl. Jing pursed his lips, breathing in gently before relaxing in a sigh, this time sounding much more humane than what he was doing earlier that day.

    "...I'm sorry ta xiao, my head's in a mess after everything that's happened." he whispered, "How many cups of mint chocolate ice cream do you want?"

    The exceed seemed to deflate as an after-effect of Jing's piercing blue gaze, staring at her intently as if edging her affectionate side out of all the muddled irk that clouded both their judgement. Many a cats like her were always fond of Xiao Jing because of his off-handed gentleness at the most unexpected intervals, as if he had some sort of charm that allured felines to a point even beyond their own understanding. In the end, her fondness for the red-headed dork took her over, her resistance waning.

    "Make it two and we're even." she huffed, feigning anger to make her look merciful in a way.

    Meilin immediately felt her paws hitting the road underneath, her master putting her down before easing the ruffles in her fur with a pet. "Alright alright princess, your footman can't catch a break when he's with you~"

    Behind their sweet display of a rather anti-climatic resolution to their trivial conflict minutes before, the line for the passports began to increase in length, and, because the first few after them were enamored with the scene, it took the efforts of the staff behind the passport process to shake them out of their reverie.

    What broke the atmosphere was the loud jab of metallic heels against concrete, a woman with golden-trimmed glasses and olive-green hair staring them down with an air of authority, "Please, sir, you've been holding up the line for several minutes now. We request you move to get your passport to let the others proceed." she said, the monotone in her voice sending disturbing chills into Jing's consciousness, who shied from all things dull.

    "Y-yes ma'am!" he responded, tactfully, latching unto his exceed as he bolted for the first desk that required you to fill in some papers.

    - - - -

    Fortunately for him, the office at Hargeon acquired themselves some fancy devices to automate most of their services, hence providing him with a tiny book with Fiore's national insignia embellished unto the front. As he inspected the object, he'd find all his personal information an awkwardly looking ID picture, where the women with the classes forced him to slick his hair back to prevent his ridiculously long bangs from hiding his face. 'As is with every formal picture and document.' she explained.

    He felt extremely exposed, and had to wash out the gel out of his follicles as soon as he left the dreary place.

    "Pfftt~" giggled Meilin as she observed the passport with her master, her eyes spotting his mechanical smile in the picture, "What's with that? You look stupid."

    The redhead breathed in a lungful of the summer breeze, stretching his shoulders as he promptly pocketed the thing. "You know what's dumb? Us not getting that ice-cream right now."

    A quaint pair of feathered wings unraveled from Meilin's back as soon as she understood her master's words, a smile budding through her face, brighter than the sun that ravished them in intense mid-noon, sun-ray kisses.  

    "ON IT!" she said, taking Jing by the material of his cloak and darting through the sky with an enthusiasm unmatched.

    Both left the ground with faces that adorned large, happy smiles, foretelling their lack of regret for their whimsical decisions.
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