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    The Secrets Once Buried! [Mitsuo/Job]

    Anon Brier
    Anon Brier

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    The Secrets Once Buried! [Mitsuo/Job] Empty The Secrets Once Buried! [Mitsuo/Job]

    Post by Anon Brier 30th July 2017, 2:58 am

    Black sneakers hit the dirt as steps were taken in time with what seemed to be an inward rhythm of he who was walking. Not much could be said from the appearance of the male, other than his skin was the brightest white, like porcelain that had absorbed the rays of the sun. Black dress pants were worn upon the legs leading up to a white tee shirt that had a black jacket over it. The jacket was left open to keep the wearer from over heating on such a nice day. As he walked, his arms swung and if one looked at the back of his left hand, they would see the symbol for a guild upon it. The symbol being in the shape of what could only be described as a sort of avian creature, ink of the blackest night. The male stopped and his eyes stared up at the sky, taking in the full glory of it. His eyes were blue and green, with flecks of red, almost like flames dancing within a lake with portions of algae upon it. He seemed to be in an excited and happy mood, as though he fully expected something good to come his way soon enough. The male couldn't help but to continue smiling as he stared at the sky, his hands drifting into the pockets of his dress pants, causing bulges to form in them. He was now waiting outside of Terra Ignis, as though he had something special planned. This man was one of the heroes of this story: Anon Brier of the Fairy Tail guild.

    Anon took great pride in his guild and his demeanor. He was waiting on a good friend of his, one he hoped shared such pride. The name of his friend was Mitsuo, a member of the same guild and his team mate. Not only his team mate, he supposed, but the leader of their rag tag duo. The two were near polar opposites at times, but morally they lined up incredibly well. It was probably for this reason that Mitsuo had signed them up for the job they were currently supposed to be undergoing. It seemed that since the two shared the same moral disposition that they should stick together, and so they had for such a long time that the young mage couldn't remember a time they weren't friends. It wouldn't be long now before the contact for the job would be arriving, and he hoped that Mitsuo would arrive before this.. "Guy Stratus" so that they could brief before the job got underway. Anon yawned a bit and let his mind wander, watching as the rays of sunshine danced behind the clouds in the sky.



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