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    Kane Sion's House

    Kane Sion

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    Kane Sion's House

    Post by Kane Sion on 25th July 2017, 2:20 pm

    Basilisk Fang, the righteous evil guild that resides within Fiore. Held up in a fortress surrounded by ice this guild much like its surroundings take no mercy on the weak.

    Basilisk Fang base have a little room was Kane lived. It had enough things for a person to live in, a kitchen, a dining room, etc. It was a really fancy place. With a big kitchen, a pool in front of the T.V. with video games. It was one of the biggest rooms of the guild. It had the best technology of all Fiore. It had feather pillows and 2 beds, one was a water bed and the other one was a really comfortable queen size bed.

    Kane never liked his room. He only liked his rooftop, there was a pool and a Jacuzzi there. Next to the pool, there was a bar attended by robots. The pool had a big water slide that was perfect for parties.
    Also in the kitchen, the refrigerator made ice and give water so when you are thirsty you drink water. The room had enough space for 10 persons, but Kane never liked to be with other people.



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