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    Road Fighter Tournament (Job/Chil Thompson/Ruvel)


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    Re: Road Fighter Tournament (Job/Chil Thompson/Ruvel)

    Post by Ruvel on 12th August 2017, 4:51 am

    Ruvel was hurt and that was from only two of his opponents attacks, he knew that if he was hurt again then it was game over and he couldn't allow such a thing to happen, for now however he had Shindara with him though no one could see him given that he was located within Ruvel's shadow. Ruvel blinked as the woman fell to her knees screaming holding on to her head. It made him wonder just what she was seeing but had absolutely no intention of going into her mind to find out given how he was treated when the other was just trying to be kind towards her given the weather that was forecast for the day. Even over the cheering of the other arenas he could hear the heavy rain it was both refreshing and frightening to the youth but for now he couldn't worry about either thing "I guess Chili won" he said to himself scratching the side of his head looking to the suffering woman unsure what to do.

    The arena fell silent as they watched as the woman screamed and begged for mercy for tears falling down her cheeks. He moved forward squatting in front of her "Yield and end your suffering" he said quietly, he hated seeing anyone suffer but the woman shook her head clenching it as she screamed out more. His eyes moved to the referee in the hopes that he would end this but seen him shake his head showing that he wouldn't be allowed to end it unless things was severe. Standing he sighed not sure on how to proceed 'What are you showing her Shindara?' he asked his hidden summon 'I am showing her the mistake she done in the past, it was not pretty' he found as a reply 'Mistake?' he was confused at what he was being told 'She was was in charge of an operation which ended with the slaughter of innocent men, women and children' he explained 'she was fed fake intelligence and without checking it out moved ahead with the strike' he finished allowing Ruvel to sigh thinking of how to end this.

    "You didn't know miss" he said kneeling once more "Let go of your guilt and anger, learn from your mistakes and move forward growing" he said holding out his hand forgetting that woman done grapples only seeing the woman that was suffering before him and feeling horrible given that he knew he was the one causing it. At the point he realised that he knew what was doing it normally would have been to much 'What are you doing my summoner? You remember this enemy grapples' he reminded him. Ruvel nodded he remembered but right now she wasn't in the correct state of mind to concentrate on anything other than what she was being forced to relive her biggest mistake. 'Still she's in pain...' he commented back 'Then end her pain my summoner' he replied making Ruvel sigh he couldn't bring himself to hit someone when they couldn't defend themselves "Withdraw miss, you will be forced to relive this over and over again until you do... by then your mind could be broken and you'd be but a shadow of yourself" he explained his voice was sincere, her eyes reached his "I.. I.. I concede" she called out Ruvel helped her up 'Shindara, please rest' he sent to his summon his shadow bowing almost as if it had a mind of his own 'of course my summoner, if you require my assistance again do not hesitate to summon me' with that his shadow returned to what it should be and Ruvel began to walk off "What the hell are you?" Cam called to him her voice trembling, he stopped for a moment hearing her words but continued without replying heading out of the arena and back to the wall he normally leaned against after what had just happened the other fighters seemed to move away from him to the other side of the room, he didn't care he just hoped that Cam didn't have any lasting psychological damage.

    After the two matches his eyes went to the board to see who would be his next match but to his surprise he seen that Hibiki had withdrawn, he couldn't blame the man given what he had just done and likely what had been seen from Chili. He then looked to see if either he or Chili had any further matches today, much to his relief neither did so it meant they could go eat and rest but he looked at the people whom still remained knowing they wouldn't be a walk in the park "I wonder if they still expect us to go solo or if they will places us both against each one" he said before closing his eyes since the matches for tomorrow hadn't been announced. 'I still feel full from last night how am I going to eat tonight' he though to himself knowing that the other had noticed he hadn't eaten the whole day and only had a glass of water this morning, it wasn't exactly like he could tell the other that he had over eaten given how little he had ate the day before; last time he tried to tell someone this they thought he was making excuses for an eating disorder and tried to force him to eat a full meal it didn't work out well for the youth.

    Opening his right eye a little he turned it to the shadow where he felt the now familiar gaze of the two hellish hounds 'So your master still has you keeping an eye on me' he thought as he closed his eye once more, he had no idea why such a strong mage would want to keep an eye on him but at the same time he felt thankful for it. He knew that Dahau was a dark mage and though he scared him to no end he was the first person to show him kindness so it made him feel as if he wasn't so alone or abnormal, even then he suspected the elder battle hardened mage had a motive of his own and for now seen no reason to question it for now he just waited for his partner in this farce so they could get out of there for the rest of the day.

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    Re: Road Fighter Tournament (Job/Chil Thompson/Ruvel)

    Post by Chili Thompson Today at 3:34 pm

    Chili had been watching Ruvel's match, as the women screamed and cried, Chili was quiet, studying the match as best he could. Which was well, he had arrived late however once the screaming began Chili noticed a couple distinctive differences. Chili recalled how his partner came into the room late the night before, one thing he saw even if it was unintentional was Ruvel's shadow, tho combined with the fairy's shadow who sat upon his head at the time. Ruvel's shadow alone was still easy to distinguish. Now though Chili could swear it looked different despite the distance he was sitting at was close enough to easily see both fighters shadows clearly and that leads to the next thing he noticed. Compared to Cam's shadow, Ruvel's was maybe a shade or two darker barely noticeable if you were some stunned spectator. Chili didn't notice any other distinctions, but he was still able to put and two together.
    "So he's using a summon......now the question is what type it is and what it is doing to her? Although it's interesting I rather not find myself on the other end of that attack." Chili calmly made a mental note as the round came to an end with Cam conceding, as he saw Ruvel approaching the ramp Chili sprung from his seat. making his way down the steps Chili was at the ground floor within a few seconds. He was only a few meters from Ruvel when he noticed that he was looking at something out of the corner of his eye. Turning to look in the direction Chili could have sworn he saw what looked like the shadow of a hound as it backed away into the darkness of the arena's corners. Not even sure if that was what he saw definitively CHili decided to not bring that up as he made it to his partner.

    "Well we survived today no all we got do is make it through tomorrow and we can kiss this place good bye." Chili said all of his fake enthusiasm for the tournament gone, replaced by the ever impending need to get back on a trail that was growing colder every day. However until the tournament was won, he couldn't go anywhere. Now with an expression of deep thought on his face Chili was trying to recall all the books he'd read about cults on his travels. Not a whole lot that stuck out at the current moment, however, now he had a lead. Shaking his head Chili realized he had been absent mindedly making his way to the door. Stopping at it Chili pondered on a different matter, "Well I'm not that hungry, that fast food is making me just want to sleep. I should say something."
    With that Chili turned to Ruvel and commented "Hey I'm not feeling all that hungry so you can just make whatever you feel like, Ruvel. I'm probably gonna just chill up in the room once we get back to the inn, I might go for a walk haven't really decided fully on that yet. So if ya need to make a stop at the market let me know cause I might just head for the inn. Unless I decide to get something while we pass it real quick."

    Now outside Chili walked a little in front of Ruvel, considering the market was on the way to the inn Chili was pondering whether or not he might want to stop himself and grab something to at least snack on for dinner instead of just skipping the whole meal due to an upset stomach.
    "The inn has bread......so all I'd need is a couple fresh cucumbers and some mustard which the inn also already has sooooo yeah I'll just grab some cucumbers. Make myself a few sandwiches for dinner. Ruvel can fend for himself so I don't need to worry about that."

    Having had his player in his pocket the entire time Chili finally reached in and brought the ear bud for his left ear. Putting it in Chili began flipping through his music till he found one that had a nice steady beat. Tapping his finger against his leg in rhythm with the beat of the song Chili looked up at the sky. It was getting dark however you could still make out the clouds in the sky over head. As he watched the following thoughts stirred.
    "So entering the tournament was a good idea after all......now I just need to get through it. Then what? More seemingly mindless wandering from place to place trying to find pieces of the puzzle. The answer is yes, since I got a new piece, just wish it wasn't taking me so long. On the other hand, I can't wait to get to the inn and just sit down for a bit."

    Coming out of the clouds as they approached the market Chili quickly piped up to Ruvel and said "I'm gonna grab some fresh cucumbers, so I can make myself a few sandwiches when we get back to the inn. You grab anything you need if you plan on making something yourself if not then you can just head on ahead."
    Not giving Ruvel time to respond fully Chili chose to turn and walk towards where he remembered seeing cucumbers for sale the day before. Hoping that this time his market adventure was nothing like it was yesterday. Luckily the crowd was thin and that enabled Chili to get in and out with his cucumbers in a matter of four minutes. Now back at the front of the market Chili decided to start slowly walking toward the inn.

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