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    Vincent Puck Cross.

    Vincent Puck Cross

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    Vincent Puck Cross.

    Post by Vincent Puck Cross on 21st July 2017, 11:34 am

    Name:Vincent Puck Cross
    Age: Looks the age of 18
    Sexuality:Get to know him, and you can find out.
    Special Characteristics:Being born with blood red gaze and wonderful talent in playing the violin with a wonderful melody to come from it. He dress at times very old world style in clothing or even punk in style as well. Along his back is a tattoo given to him by this father, letting the vampire know he will forever be a Cross till the day he dies. The tattoo, lays across the in between his shoulder blades, in the middle of them. The marking upon his skin, is a Crescent moon a cross placed over it with bat wings coming from each side. It is not something he enjoys talking about to many.
    Personality: Vincent is arrogant, headstrong and very stubborn about many things. Upon meeting most people he gives a wide cat like grin showing he has some interest with the individual. Until he becomes bored, or sees no real need to keep them about any more. He would either kill them or give them freedom if so needed in away. At time's he will find things adorable take them with to see how it would fair in keeping him entertained, it would lead to the same thing of either killing it or using it for it's own means. Vincent never likes it when people point things out to him if he is wrong in some way.

    He would play it off, as something he didn't care for and just ignore the person for a long while still he is ready to speak with them again. Bring up any family past is something of angering for him as his father had used him and sister in a sick twist of fate to see if he could make something more then human or vampire it was not a grand childhood feeling for him. Catching him in a good mood means, less sass and less arrogance to follow, but finding a mellowed Vincent would be he would have to be with one person he enjoys being around that is not his sister.

    Advent, that is the only other person who would see the vampire in a true state calm but it is few in between at times, as they spend so much time around each other then disappear from one other only to reunite several millennials later as if nothing had happen. It takes a lot to really even get past Vincent's hard shell he had built over time. Even though he is not the same as he was then, Vincent wait's for him to wake up in away or regain who he was, then. But he is always happy to just find Advent regardless of what is happening.

    When Vincent his pushed to his limits, and placed into a corner in away he will get angry. When he is angry his eyes glow brightly. Unable to keep his strength in check along with some other skills in check. Calming him down takes a while, but knowing what to say is the key. Unless you know nothing about it then you are stuck till he can calm him self down.

    Placing him in different roles matters on what is happening, in a lead is quiet thinking, trying to see what moves to make. It's like playing a game of chess to him. Either he will be rash or irrational in making movements. But being told to do something, he wont do in the way he is told but would do it in away to get the task done being it his own way. But will follow what is give to him when needed.

    Out side of all of this, Vincent enjoys reading and keeping to him self unless it is a few chosen set of people that he would be around. It takes time for him to really enjoy anthers company, who know's he may even liking new people he may meet.  
    - Music, Books, art.
    - His sister, Advent, Mother (the only set of people he ever enjoyed the company of in his life)
    -Video games, setting things on fire, cats
    -People, cause he finds them annoying and loud.
    -Dogs, for again he finds them annoying and loud.
    -Children for they are to needy and annoying very, very loud.
    -Looking for his sister.
    -Wanting to know the truth about his mother. When he was child he was told his mother had died, but was never allowed to see at death. But once he was older he had gotten a letter saying she was alive and well but couldn't tell him anything more.
    -Advent for he is his partner in crime a yin to his yang.
    -Losing the only set of people he already knows.
    -Allowing his past to come and take a hold of him, dragging him back to the hell he once lived before.
    -Corruption tainting the person he cares about the most in the world.
    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 157p
    Eyes:Blood Red/Crimson
    Skin Tone:Pale white
    Appearance: Please look above


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    Re: Vincent Puck Cross.

    Post by Tamashi on 21st July 2017, 12:10 pm


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